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29th Jul 2010, 23:16
Hello everyone

I have an urgent question.

I have a JAA B737 (300-900) rating. How to get a 737 200 version included? Is it just a conversion sim session like 4 hrs or do you have to do more? Where can you get it?

Thanks in advance guys

30th Jul 2010, 02:10
Full rating I seem to remember from a conversation I once had, but dont quote me on it.
Hope that helps

30th Jul 2010, 03:04
Providing you have reasonable time on the Classics and 727 a session or two should be fine, local regs permitting.

Otherwise, it's a bit more involved than that .....

30th Jul 2010, 05:06
European Skybus have a 737 200 sim at Bournemouth, they may be able to help I think they may conduct MCC courses in it so may be able to help you with a conversion.

Spendid Cruiser
31st Jul 2010, 07:27
JAR-FCL1 says it is a completely different type rating. Hard to understand in the case of the -200 ADV.

1st Aug 2010, 12:19
Yes you are right, I checked with the TRTO that someone mentioned and it is a new type rating. They really want to make it hard for us..:ugh:

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