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29th Jul 2010, 17:08
Hello! I am a current Mil pilot who will have the option to leave the services in the next year or so. I will not have enough hours to take advantage of the bridging package and thus have some questions:

1. Will the 700 mil hrs i have count for anything? I.e towards my CPL?

2. I'm assuming all you need for a frozen ATPL is a CPL, ME IR, Ground exams and MCC right...?

2. Any recommendations for ATPL ground school, online type thing? How much dosh we looking at?

3. Best place and price to do a ME IR?

4. Best place to do an MCC?

Thanks guys!

29th Jul 2010, 18:07

Look for FTE Jerez, it's expensive, but good enough comments about it.

29th Jul 2010, 22:16
I think the first advice you would get here would be if you have a flying job, don't leave just yet to go civilian.

Not sure what you need with your experience, also guess it depends where you are based, what is practical. Would think Bristol GS or Oxford Distance learning would be good options first for the ATPL's theory.

Modular option at Stapelford is quite good, and not to expensive.
CPL, ME IR - with your hours getting the CPL/ME IR will not be a problem.

However try to do your ratings, and don't leave your job just yet, as there are very few flying jobs around. But we all hope next year that has changed! :O

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