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28th Jul 2010, 08:14
Unfortunately Mr Azran from Malaysia is thinking of sending his airline down under as per this article AirAsia evaluating domestic Australian operation (http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2010/07/28/345422/airasia-evaluating-domestic-australian-operation.html)

If this ever happens, well then Jetstar NZ might look pretty attractive for most.

An AirAsia operation in Australian would easily have a lower cost base than Tiger and could offer cheaper fares consistently, says Azran.
Yeah, with F/O's on 50k alongside Captains on 90k :{

28th Jul 2010, 08:31
And before your CEO get's all excited you might want to point out to him that Asian Airlines pay for the ENTIRE cost of training pilots.

If any Airline CEO in this country brings up the issue of Asian wages, this fact needs to be brought to theirs and the media's attention.

28th Jul 2010, 09:02
Will they have to comply with the Air Pilots Award 2010 (http://www.fwa.gov.au/documents/modern_awards/pdf/MA000046.pdf) for domestic ops? This fly in/ Fly out third world workforce concept will be of interest beyond aviation. It could make the outcome of the AIPA/Jetconnect case quite important.

Metro man
28th Jul 2010, 09:33
Didn't Indonesias Lion Air have the same idea a while back ? :}

Air Asia operate out of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, all have a far lower cost base than Australia. Assuming they employ Australians their labour costs
would be similar to Tiger/Jetstar. Back office stuff could be done from KL, but JQ are outsourcing to Manila, and Tiger to Singapore so little advantage. Yet another three airline battle.:confused:

Extensive international network out of KL so possibly BNE, SYD, CNS could be served with the A330 and DRW with the A320.

Absolutely gorgeous flight attendents, worth flying on just for them.:ok:

28th Jul 2010, 09:43
hmmm I smell the 'fever'

1a sound asleep
28th Jul 2010, 09:47
I thought they were part owned by SRB? Seems a bit of a conflict to me

28th Jul 2010, 10:10
Beaver, your fever is @ KBL. You're the man.:ok:

Metro man
28th Jul 2010, 10:47
Now do you see what I'm talking about ?:p


28th Jul 2010, 10:52

Could NOT possibly be the would's best LCC, surely.

I thought Jetstar was the best LCC ,best this, best that, best everything!!!!!

After all that's all I ever see in the papers and on the box. Bombarded by the crap.

Metro man
28th Jul 2010, 11:14

You'd come back for this ? :E

28th Jul 2010, 11:19

28th Jul 2010, 12:58
Metro man
When can they be here? They can have my car spot. :ok::eek::E:E:E

28th Jul 2010, 14:06
Yuk. You would have to roll it in flour to find the wet spot............:p

Metro man
28th Jul 2010, 16:06
I think I'm in love. :p




But I'm not sure with which one.;)