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18th Jul 2010, 14:02
Hi everybody

I have the following licenses: JAA PPL,Night rating, JAA ATPL exams passed from UK CAA.

It is my intentions to take a FAA SEIR and JAA CPL in the US, after that i will go to Eu to convert the SEIR to JAA

My Q is:

i a FAA MEp taken in USA the same as a JAA MEP.....? I mean do I need to take my MEP in US or can I wait until i come to Eu for converting the licenses???



18th Jul 2010, 14:23
Since you are intend to do your JAA CPL in the US you might as well do the JAA MEP as well.
Assuming that the school you have selected has a twin also.
The airplane rental cost should be significantly less.

3rd Aug 2010, 22:36
Hi brs

what school in the US will you be doing your JAA CPL as im thinking of doing mine in the US possible if not then do FAA.
also this is for B2N2 or anyone else that can answer it. i thought in order to do your ATPL exams you need to also at the time do your cpl flight hours? am i wrong? can you just get your PPL and then go do the ATPL exams with out any flying?

reason why is im planning to do my training in the US get my CPL SE/ME +intruments FAA though and then go over to europe and do my JAA ATPL exams.
Is this possible or would i need to get a JAA CPL and do the CPL exams :uhoh: or even better just have to do a check ride or couple with an instructor for the CPL as i have already done the CPL flying in the US and just go do the ATPL exams as the CPL is incorporated in them already because i wouldn't see a problem doing it the way i had intended to because as i said i mean the cpl is anyways incorporated in the ATPL and it be JAA, right??

thanks for your time

safe flying

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