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16th Jul 2010, 19:13
l been looking at different schools around the world, they offer different things but i been seeing that some schools offer SE and ME included in the CPL, so was wondering if it was a waste of money to get both or if it be best to just stick with the ME license. so is it worth having a commercial SE and ME license?? or just stick to ME????

and another thing is it worth the money to take the course that has high altitude training included i haven't seen many schools offer this in their courses.
safe flying and have a great weekend.

17th Jul 2010, 03:36
A CPL is a CPL, it has nothing to do with single or multi engines. However, you can do the CPL test in a multi engined aircraft and at the same time get a MEP (multi engine piston) rating.

For the fATPL you need a multi engine IR and a CPL. You could get a SE CPL or a ME CPL first, the final result would be the same. Some people do a SE CPL because they think it's cheaper, others do the ME CPL either because they think it looks better on a CV (very little difference IMHO) or because any ME time is good and it helps prepare you for the extra workload of the ME IR. To me that's a good reason to do the ME CPL.

Either way, you'll have a SEP rating already. You don't have to do SE and ME CPL.

That is my understanding of JAR / EU Ops

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