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14th Jul 2010, 08:28
Gday all,

Im looking at undertaking the study etc to convert my Australian ATPL to a UK ATPL.

As I understand it, I need to do the following:

Get a JAA Class 1 medical
Have a log book inspection at Gatwick to determine if im eligible for an exemption on the skills test
Complete the 14 subjects
Do the IR test

Anyone else on here done the same??


14th Jul 2010, 13:39
Exemption may be on the Theory subject if you have more than 3000 hours on Aircraft above 30 000 kg and at least 1500 hours is as Captain.

Otherwise 14 ATPL Theory Exams.
Class 1 Medical
CPL Skills Test *
Instrument Rating Skills Test*

* As an alternative you may do a Type Rating on a CS25 Aircraft and skills test observed by the UK CAA Examiner. You can be exempt the Type Rating course depending on how many hours you have on the Type.

Remember you need to have at least 500 hours on a CS25 Aircraft for a JAA ATPL.

15th Jul 2010, 08:49
Gday W1,

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I dont have 1500 PIC on anything over 30T, however I do have a few thousand hours copilot on the 744, and am soon to be moving to the 737.

As far as a cs25 aircraft goes, all I can find on that is a classification as a 'heavy aeroplane', so I assume both the 737 and 744 will meet that requirement.


15th Jul 2010, 13:38
Ok, I have done what you want to do.

You do not need to submit your log book to the CAA to see what you need to do. Give them the least opportunity to lose stuff. Don't worry, they'll get a chance to look at it later.

Medical. You won't need to do the full initial class 1. The Medical branch is quite helpful and friendly.

Before shifting to the UK, I would get 500 hours on the 737 - especially if someone else is paying for you to do so. You can add sim time, but, to keep it easy, I'd just get the 500 hours flying time. Is it the NG? Easier if it is.
Also, I would get a letter from your employer on letter head paper stating your dates of employment and logged time with them. (I did this, CAA accepted it)

While you're enjoying all that fun, do the Bristol Ground School theory for those wonderful fun 14 EASA/JAA exams. You'll love them. They are just so much fun.

Now all you need to do is an observed LST (licence skills test) with a TRE and a CAA inspector. As you have 500 hours on the B737, this is the ideal type. Believe it or not, this is the hard part.
You have to arrange all of this yourself. I would definitely get practice in for the LST, the UK have slightly different speeds for the Non precision approach than Australia.

If you want to use a different aircraft type, you'll need to do the full type rating followed by the LST with the CAA observing. (Ironically, this is definitely easier to arrange)

Once you have this done, you can then open a EASA/JAA ATPL.

I haven't seen the abbreviation CS25 but it looks equivalent to JAR 25/FAR 25 or as we know (knew?) it CAO 20.7.1b.

17th Jul 2010, 14:21
Yes CS25 is the new name for what was JAR25.
The 737 and 747 both qualify.
Yes agree with Redsnail get the 500 hours on the 737 before you leave for the UK. Will make life easier and equally importantly cheaper. You can start the exam study at any time.
As you hold an ATPL you are exempt the requirement to attend a ground school.

Good Luck


17th Jul 2010, 22:53
You may still be able to be exempt the initial issue Class 1 bullshit. I was for my UK ATPL in '99. Contact medical branch to confirm.

I had to bring with me:

* a current ICAO class one (mine was from Oz),
* an opthalmologist's report (not optometrist)
* Chest xray
* blood test
* Some other things too, as I recall but those were the biggies.

If this routine is still available it can save you a good few quid and a day at Gatwick getting probed. Medical branch will be able to give you the details.

NB: I got my DAME in Oz to give me a referral for these things so it was done on Medicare.

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