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10th Jul 2010, 10:57
Hi Guys,

I am an airline pilot with 2000+ hours and I am wanting to clock 125 hours of PIC time in a light single. I have CASA Australian CPL . Any suggestions of how to build 125 hrs PIC quickest/cheapest way for the issue of my ATPL ?

11th Jul 2010, 13:56
Hey mate, are you willing to fly in Australia? I just figure that with a CASA CPL that would be easiest for you.

I know of a couple of places that can give a pretty decent block-hire rate for hour building.

12th Jul 2010, 10:52
Hi karam2fly

You mentioned that you need an extra 125 pic Hours to get your atpl in oz.

the easiest way you can do this is to simply upgrade you current type rating from Copilot to Command. all that is required is a few sim sessions.

after doing this, make sure your australian Command instrument rating is valid and that will allow you to log ICUS on the current aircraft that you are flying.

I Reckon thats your best option in the long run because you will have an unrestricted Aircraft Endorsement and you will not need to take a break from your paying job to do 125 Hours in a C152.

check out Appendix III of CAO 40.1.0 for the CASA requirements regarding what you need to do in the Sim in order to unrestrict your Aircraft Endorsement


12th Jul 2010, 17:19
hi yes pls if u could give me the places where they sell block hours !

12th Jul 2010, 17:21
yes this is exactly what i was thinking since i currently hv a co pilot a320 rating and if i upgrade that i can log all of my flying as ICUS.

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