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Ginger Beer
9th Jul 2010, 15:28
As the previous post was closed.

I'll repost. Included is the branch concerned.

"A colleague was in Morrisons in "Grimsby" when the muslim till operator asked about his H4H wrist band. When it was explained that it was H4H, a charity to support the troops, the muslim till operator refused to serve him.

The manager was duly called and explained that the till operator had every right to refuse service. The rest of the queing patrons all left in disgust, as did the queing public on adjoining till ques.

They simply left their shopping and went elsewhere.

So will I"

There, reposted and "NO" I don't need to supply further facts etc as they are of no real use to you. It is up to the individual concrened as to how they wish to proceed, if at all.

As a serving menber of HM Forces my only intention is to inform. If you think i'm making it up then fine, I don't give a ****. I do give a **** about the original post and the wider issues.

And if this gets closed then this forum isn't worth being a member of.

Get your priorities in order Mod, otherwise you may as well get a job at Morrisons.


9th Jul 2010, 15:32
It may have been closed because this is a forum for Military aviation and not a forum for shopping.

AS the MOD quite rightly stated.....

I suggest we leave this thread closed until such time as some more substantial information can be found, at which time the thread starter can start another one with some more details and perhaps some proof.

Otherwise this thread will degenerate into a fight fest that we don't need in this forum!

Ginger Beer
9th Jul 2010, 15:40
There is absolutely no need for a fight fest Vec.

I am hoping that some others on here, not just me, have a little respect for the serving members of our armed forces, which includes me and the rest of the RAF.
So, I do feel that it has a place here, for information only. That is why you will not get any more detail, as I do not want this to become anything more than information for the concerned one's amongs us.

If you don't care, then that's up to you and your concience.


9th Jul 2010, 15:42
The Moderators point is that it isn't true. There is no evidence that this happened. Its a made up story. Until you have solid evidence that this happened then you are merely defaming the good people of Grimsby.

Look here Grimsby local news | This is Grimsby (http://www.thisisgrimsby.co.uk/news)

9th Jul 2010, 15:43
This sounds suspiciously like one of those urban myths that rocks up every now and then on Arrse or in the Daily Mail. There's a rush to first parade the outrage bus and an embarrassed silence when it's discovered that the incident never happened or has been grossly distorted somehow...

The bit that always makes me suspicious is where all the general public leave/cheer/boo delete as applicable.

9th Jul 2010, 15:44
I'm with sonorguy.

Wholi - Locky locky please, this is a waste of bandwidth

9th Jul 2010, 15:45
Concur....Bring on the lock

Ginger Beer
9th Jul 2010, 15:48

Take your heads from out of your backsides. I've been a member here for 9 years. Check my old posts. I don't do tittle tattle.

There is not going to be any more detail unless the individual concerned wants it to be released. We do not want to start a witch hunt.

This is purely information for those who may be concerned. If your not concerned, then that's fine.


9th Jul 2010, 16:02
GB, do you at least have a date? How many branches do Morrisons have in Grimsby?
You need to provide more info or accept that no one will take this seriously.

9th Jul 2010, 16:13
I wonder if Morrisons are aware of these allegations - if so and they do not react by threatening legal action it might be safe to assume the allegations can be proven and they know that.

9th Jul 2010, 16:22
They would normally at least admit that a complaint has been received and say that it's being investigated. Saying nothing sounds like a coverup, hence they won't do it. However as there's absolutely nothing about it in the local press, and these allegations surface there very quickly, it's a fairly safe bet that it hasn't happened.

9th Jul 2010, 16:24
I've just sent their Customer Services a link to the story. Perhaps they'll respond here?

Mr C Hinecap
9th Jul 2010, 16:34
Fairly similar to this story:

Help for Heroes row: Asda says sorry - Manchester Evening News (http://menmedia.co.uk/news/s/1181192_help_for_heroes_row_asda_says_sorry)

A mass walk-out from a major supermarket in a major town you say? It didn't make the news? Really? How queer. :rolleyes:

PPRuNe Pop
9th Jul 2010, 16:49
We'll try that and see what happens, if anything.

Ginger Beer, you are doing yourself no favours. Don't throw service at us - we have stacks of it.

What is important, as Wholi has said, is that we HAVE to question the veracity of some stories and when we see that the Sun was running a similar story about a 'same' event at ASDA's in MANCHESTER - something is truly amiss. Same story on the same day in different places - I'll lay a bet on that being fanciful. Listen to what the regulars feel about and you will get the point. But I will do the lottery tonight!

Anyway, no-one keeps you here. Feel free to wander elsewhere anytime you wish. We mods keep matters on an even keel - that is our job.

9th Jul 2010, 16:54
Ginger Beer - thank you for your kind, nicely-worded response to my polite words in the closure of the previous thread.

I've been a mod in PPRuNe for longer than you've been a member (not that that matters at all), but I state it merely to say that if you check MY old posts, you'll see that I never do or say anything without considerable thought, and you will also find that I have always confessed that I am not infallible and am open to convincing that what I did was wrong. Sadly, you have failed to convince me by your rude outburst. As a retired chap with only 46 years service, I am afraid that I neither want nor need a job with Morrison's, nor do I think they'd want me!

The only thing that concerns me about this whole thing is that if you read the link to the Asda story in post 6 of the previous thread, it is EXACTLY the same tale, only it allegedly happened in Asda! In my experience, this usually means that the story has a certain urban myth possibility.

I am, therefore, going to close this thread too and ask that you let me know which forum you will be a member of in the future, as this one

isn't worth being a member of

Please note that this does not mean that I do not support our troops, and neither does it mean that I would not be outraged were this story to prove to be accurate. I would then be in the forefront of the protesters picketing my local Morrison's!

However, one of my duties is to protect PPRuNe from any possibility of legal action. Were this allegation proved to be false by Morrison's, they would have every right to take action against PPRuNe.

Edited to say "Sorry Pop, was posting at the same time"

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