View Full Version : Misplaced CRP5 - FPL exam tomorrow! HELP!

5th Jul 2010, 19:23

Does anyone know if the CAA at Gatwick lend out CRP5's I seem to have misplaced mine on the train on the way down here.


A very gutted student right now...

5th Jul 2010, 19:49
Hi Airmagnet,

Relax mate, yes they do!

At Gatwick, they can lend you CRP-5, pencils (CAA Pen as they call it), calculators and protractors too. For the Flight Planning exam specifically, they will give you their Jappesen manuals and you will not use your own.

So basically, all you have to do is to ask the invigilator for the CRP-5 as soon as you walk into the exam hall if not prior to that. In any extreme situation, I remember that for the CRP-5 questions, in most cases there is always another method to do the calculations without using it.

Good luck mate:ok:

5th Jul 2010, 20:44
Hi 777,

Thank you so much mate, I have been in such a panic over the last hour.

That really is great news, I can relax and get some sleep now!

All the best to you,


5th Jul 2010, 20:50
Good luck buddy. Give it hell! :ok:

5th Jul 2010, 20:59
Thanks 126.9. I most certainly will.

I would like to point out that there is a guy in my hotel who has a CRP5. He is sitting OPS tomorrow (CRP not needed obviously) and refused to help me out. I offered him 20 for the trouble and he said "sorry I just don't lend my stuff out" - I can't believe a fellow ATPLer would be like that to another student. As if this game isn't hard enough, right? - Mate if you're reading, I hope karma gets you tomorrow.


Rico 25
5th Jul 2010, 21:26

this industry is full of student pilots who will step on each other to get ahead-when I started my ATPLs classes I was also under the impression that we are all in the same boat and although I realise that competition for jobs is tough I just don't see why us rookie aviators have to be so nasty to each other. You can see the difference in attitude when you mix with people at local flying clubs as opposed to commercial flight training schools. Several times I have helped other pilots and yet the backstabbing continues.

Can anyone else explain the lack of teamwork in this business?


5th Jul 2010, 21:46
Unfortunately, it can work both ways - if you've lent stuff in the past and not got it back, it makes you wary in the future.

What sort of person would refuse to lend a Crap5? And what sort of person would fail to return a Crap5?

It's not a question of backstabbing - more likely, once bitten, twice shy.



5th Jul 2010, 21:51
"Airmagnet" -

If I had a spare I would not have mind to help anyone. However for the Ops exam there a few questions, even if very unlikely to pop up, where you might have use of your CRP5.

I had my CRP5 with me for most exams, just in case there was something I could use it for. So don't be to hard to judge. It's not his fault that you mislayed your CRP5. Anyway best of luck!

6th Jul 2010, 07:06
Thank you for the support guys - Rico and Whirls yep, I have met a few spoilt brats since I started flight training! I could tell you some funny stories about a guy in my class who talks utter codswallop - lets just say, if Concord was still flying he'd be flying it on a PPL according to his lack of knowledge on the qualifications needed to be a commercial pilot.

Magic Tiger, you're right there are a couple of questions but OPS and FPL are at different times - I forgot to mention that.

Anyway, good luck to you all.


6th Jul 2010, 19:56
You know those guys who first flew concord only had ppls......

6th Jul 2010, 20:05
To be fair to the guy - i'll only lend my flying stuff out to people who I know. Far too often protractors / rulers / stuff don't get returned or get left lying around - no more malicious than that - and it's a pain in the arse getting a new one. Added to the fact that a CRP5 is about 60 to replace.

6th Jul 2010, 22:11
Airmagnet , i also knew a guy the same . He was a Royal Lemington prat :ok:

7th Jul 2010, 00:36
How did your exam go?

7th Jul 2010, 19:24
Downwind - Hello !! I had to give him a mention !! :}

EGCC - Not too bad thanks for asking. The Nav exams today however were hardcore - I should be okay though thanks to Bristol Question Bank !! Oh and my lovely, lovely valued ground instructors.

On another note, does anyone know why it takes the CAA 2 weeks to release the exam results? :ugh:- As if 6 months of pain wasn't enough they have to go and torture us some more !! Genuinely though, I would love a VALID reason. In fact, I think I deserve one at 66 per paper !!


8th Jul 2010, 05:41
Valid reason!!!

They don't start to mark ANY of the exams until the final exam is finish during exam week.

I am sure they have more then only your exams to mark, as they normally release the exam results to students on the same day! It normally took 9 working days before the letter came in your post! Considering the dinosaur method they are using is not to bad.

I am not defending the CAA, but they do actually have quite a few exams to mark.

Wait until you do your CPL skills test, first you pay 760 for the skills test, then another 235 for your license issue, and they promise you to have this back within 10 days!!!!!! (Now 18 days and counting)
(And if you partial, you pay another 500 - to go 15 minutes with the examiner to show that you can do whatever you initially failed)

So don't worry about your value for money at 66, it will get worse then that. (Prices above did not include aircraft hire for 2.5 hours) :}

However have been told by CAA examiner that in the future the exams will be done on special computers in small booths, and you will get your exam results instantly. When this will happen I don't know, and it will probably not make the exams any "cheaper" - because of the technology they have to invest in, but it will happen sooner or later.

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