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26th Jun 2010, 18:03
Hi guys
I was hoping someone has some mumbai IFR charts handy on pdf file, in particular the VOR and ILS approaches if any. Ive tried the AAI website but it doesnt seem to work. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks

cheers newagebird

26th Jun 2010, 18:58
here is the link http://paf.virtuelle.free.fr/pdf/vabb.pdf

but mind you these are quite quite old charts ... but you can get a fair idea about the approaches , not much has changed ....

26th Jun 2010, 22:08
well u can download jeppview...and install it on ur computer and print the charts via cutepdf . and offcorse you will get all charts of worldwide airports along with mumbai....

happy landings

27th Jun 2010, 04:12
cheers guys thanks
much appreciated.


27th Jun 2010, 11:33
Hope this helps...these are not official charts but are pretty helpful..They are produced by the AAI..You can use them on flight Simulator for practice...

http://www.vatind.net/airports/airportframe.htm (http://www.vatind.net/airports/airportframe.htm)

Can anybody guide me as to where I can find info on progonistic charts and a few samples to understand them ?

16th Jan 2011, 23:21
anybody around delhi having an expired IFR enroute jeppesen chart of India.
needed for reference only.

16th Jan 2011, 23:39
Not sure about expired charts but you can get current High Altitude charts for about 700 rupees a piece from the English Book Store .

Ask around and they might be able to sell you expired charts for discount ;)

17th Jan 2011, 07:39
try this link:

Airports Authority of India (http://www.aai.aero/public_notices/Mumbai.jsp)

It is not in Jeppessen format but it is published by the airport authorities of India and it is up to date.

Good luck.

28th Jan 2011, 09:07
tried English Book Store today. +1 year expired IFR enroute charts for INR 800.:mad:

28th Jan 2011, 09:09
english bookstore = daylight robbery

29th Jan 2011, 10:47
@<hidden> To All Aviators

Download the Jeppessen software JEPPVIEW...
you'll have all the charts(including Airport chart , Sids, Stars, Hi En-route and Low En-route charts) with you. ;)
this software also issues update aka '' Update Cycle" every 28 days :cool::cool:
i tried it..itz really an awesome software.

13th May 2016, 14:40
How to download the jeppview ?
tried through the jeppesen website but i was unsuccessful..plz help

14th May 2016, 14:52
Don't know about approach plates but for general references I use skyvector.com

14th May 2016, 17:30
but the jet interviewers ask from jeppesen charts

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