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Jerry Lee
21st Jun 2010, 22:57
Just tried to search a topic about my question, but I haven't found anything.

I know this university only for its name and its great feeds, but I'd like to know the price as well.

I've already been interested in this university but I haven't found their price, but in these day I tried again to search on the web and the prices that I found were very very high! 150k and 200k $!!!:eek:
Is that true???

I'm interested in Bachelor of Science, but does anybody know its average price?

I hope it won't be expensive like those price...

Many thanks in advance!:ok:

22nd Jun 2010, 02:28
Hello Jerry lee,

I'm new on this forum, so let me introduce myself briefly:
My name is Antoine, from France. I've studied in Embry Riddle for a year now. I'm an Aerospace Engineering major with flight minor. I'm staying this summer at the Daytona campus to pass my CFI/CFII.

So, yes Embry Riddle is an expensive school. Expect to pay around 1170$ per credit hour (you have a minimum of 120 credit hour for a bachelor).
And that's not including any flying.
For the flight you can see here: Frequently asked questions about flight at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (http://www.erau.edu/db/flightdb/newfaqs.html#costs)

Happy landings,


24th Jun 2010, 15:57
ERAU is probably the top aviation oriented school in the world, but it is more expensive than Harvard. Most students take academics there and cross the field to Phoenix East for flight training, thereby saving a bundle of money. The training is just as good or better, much faster and cheaper. I did it on advice of a friend and it worked out great. Now I have references from both, the best of both worlds.

13th Jul 2010, 04:30
I dont have alot of college experience ( if any ), but how exactly can I get ground training in one school and flight in the other?


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