View Full Version : MC-130 & HH-60 Aerial Refuelling Demo for Helidays

2nd Jun 2010, 16:13
Following three meetings at Lakenheath/Mildenhall and a successful application to the US Embassy, I am pleased to announce that the USAF has agreed to provide an MC-130 and HH-60 for Weston-super-Mare’s 20th Anniversary “Helidays” (SUBJECT TO AIRCRAFT SERVICEABILITY AND SAR CALLOUTS). At 1200 LOCAL on Friday 23 July the MC-130 and HH-60 will carry out an Aerial Refuelling Demonstration along the seafront, after which the HH-60 will break off and land on the beach lawns for the duration of the weekend. This should be the spectacular opening to a great weekend!

Squirrel 41
3rd Jun 2010, 00:15

Excellent, many thanks for you role in sorting this out.


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