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6th Nov 2000, 02:35
Forgive me if this question has bee asked many times before, this is the first time I have accessed PPRuNe.
I currently hold a Class 3 medical certificate which expires next October, I would like to upgrade to a Class 1 to continue my flying training up to ATPL, but there is a problem!! I have been classed as monocular (even though I am not). The CAA have said that I will not be given a JAA Class 1, nor a full JAA Class 2 when my current Class 3 expires. I will however be granted a "look-alike" Class 2 which in effect is the old Class 3, a Class 2 for UK only.
So here's the question, is there any truth in the rumour I have heard that the standards for visual acuity, although "unified", vary between each member state? Would I, for example, be granted a Class 1 in the Netherlands with the "monocularity" that I am supposed to suffer with?
Does anyone know where the least strict requirements apply?
I hope some kindly aviator/AME out there can help, because I am getting no help from the CAA.

6th Nov 2000, 17:19
There's a chap called Mr.Magoo who hangs around this joint, he might be able to help.
Personally, I thought that the thing with JAR was that all the participating countries were in-line with each other.
Sorry I couldn't help you further.

Take care, VFE.

Mark 1
6th Nov 2000, 18:23
I'm in a similar position, having a degree of esotropia (squint) which puts me out of Class 1 limits, even though I can better 6/6 with each eye individually.

The JAR limits are all published - http://www.jaa.nl/jar/jar.html , and are broadly the same as the CAA's, although their are moves to ease the refractive correction limits which should (have?) take effect soon.
The rules state that you must have binocular (not neccesarily stereoscopic) vision, although I'm not sure of the exact definitions.

The JARs also allow the authority discretion on some of the standards where it can be shown that safety is not compromised in the particular environment.

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