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17th May 2010, 15:25
Hi everyone,
I am interested in all scaled down seaplane prototypes of the big flying boats, I have already found info on the following :
- Saro Shrimp, for the specification R.5/39, not produced
- PBM 162A "Tadpole Clipper", for the PBM Mariner
- FGP 227, for the BV 238
- Potez-Cams 160, for the CAMS 161

Any more than these ?

Also if you know any book or place I can find more info on these than google then I am interested.

Thanks all !

17th May 2010, 15:44
Not quite what your are looking for but the CONVAIR engineers made some pretty large flying radio control models (looks like about 10 foot wing span) for the R3Y Tradewind to test the hull form. Source is is the Naval Fighters X/R3Y book in my collection.

17th May 2010, 17:21

The german -Göppingen Gö 8 for the Dornier Do 214
- Dornier Fs I for Dornier Rs I
The french Sud-Est 1210 for the SE-1200


19th May 2010, 13:19
thanks a lot for this

19th May 2010, 15:31
PB4, the Baltimore (Maryland) Museum of Industry has on display -- or at least had, when I was last there several years ago -- an all-wood single-seat seaplane that I believe was built by Martin to test a full-scale hull design. I'm sure they'd be happy to provide you with more information: Welcome to the Baltimore Museum of Industry (http://www.thebmi.org/) .

Hope this is of some help!

19th May 2010, 15:51
A Grumman Goose was modified to test a scale Sea Master (I thinK) hull. There's a pic of it in Putnam's Grumman book.

Edit: my mistake, it was a Grumman Widgeon!

21st May 2010, 11:10
Thanks, yes Martin built a scaled originaly 1/2 then modified 3/8 of the Mariner, the model was nicknamed "Tadpole clipper" had 1x120hp engine driving (via belts) 2 propellers, it flew a bit but then belts kept on breaking so was only used for hydro research which was what they were interested in in the first place, aerodynamics can do better in a wind tunnel...
It has been restored in 1987 and is in a museum.. all this comes from the museum website..

izod tester
21st May 2010, 11:26
dH60M K2233 was fitted with a 1-2.4 scale model of the planing hull of the Short Singapore II at M.A.E.E Felixstowe in 1931. Imperial War Museum photo MH 2839 shows it.

21st May 2010, 15:00
Not just seaplanes, what about the model Short Stirling with 4 Pobjoy Niagras?

21st May 2010, 16:00

26th May 2010, 17:35
Thanks for your replies, it seems the saro shrimp could be a great source of information for me, I've ordered a 1951 issue detailing this flying boat, however, do you know if anywhere, where I could find Saro documentation, as in old design files, test reports, drawings, I hope these have been kept in a museum or something !

27th May 2010, 08:18
If you can locate it, there's an informative article in Aeroplane Monthly March 1991 on the Shrimp which was Part 12 of Phillip Jarrett's "Nothing Ventured" series...

http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/7346/shrimp.jpg (http://img249.imageshack.us/i/shrimp.jpg/)

27th May 2010, 11:28
Thanks, it's been in the post for couple days now, I should receive it soon !
Specially interesting to me as it was modified for the Shetland DX166 in 1944 from transverse step (which had very good water handling) into faired step hull form improved air drag... details in "British flying boats the second world war"

27th May 2010, 16:50
I suppose that you have seen this brief film clip of the Shrimp model on test!

YouTube - Saro Shrimp half scale flying prototype (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyMnQR4bdpY)


27th May 2010, 17:01
About 10 years ago I was in Stockholm for sim training. The museum by the airport there had a seaplane in its collection. If I remember the story properly, it had been built by a Swedish gentleman (who lived far away from any of the Swedish aviation regulators) using drawings he had made, taken from photos of his favourite seaplane (I think it may have been a Catalina, but don't remember for sure) and scaled down. He flew it, safely, for many years. After his death, his family donated it to the museum. I'm sure someone on here would have more info on it for you.

28th May 2010, 08:56
fernytickles, Fantastic ! I'm actually going to be based there this winter :eek:
will definitely popup at that museum, thanks for the info !

29th May 2010, 14:21
Short Brothers found that their tank tests were not producing accurate results so used half scale hull models on other aircraft - hence the Shrimp tests of Shetland hull forms. Prior to that they fitted a half-scale Sunderland hull to a Short Scion Senior.

File:Short Scion Senior.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Short_Scion_Senior.jpg)

Tested by MAEE Helensburgh for streamlined hull steps - as used on the MkIII Sunderland.

3rd Feb 2011, 22:01
Thank you so much for mentioning the french flying boats. I am interested in learning more about them and will definitely try to see any when I visit France.

I was able to find this page thanks to your mention of the Potaz:

French flying boats and amphibians | Let Let Let – Warplanes (http://www.letletlet-warplanes.com/2008/07/05/french-flying-boats-and-amphibians/)