View Full Version : Harrier- common parts through the years?

14th May 2010, 14:39
Wondering what parts of the Harrier family have remained unchanged over the years? Any parts that have existed on the GR1 (or earlier pre-Harrier) through the GR9? (or AV8A to AV8B+) While much of avionics and airframe have evolved, especially the wing, surely there must be some leftovers from the early days. Puffer nozzles? Horizontal stab? airbrake? Main gear leg? Rear nozzles? Basically what could you take from the parts bin in the 1960's and use in 2010 (assuming the part was still servicable)?

14th May 2010, 15:49
The pilot?

14th May 2010, 16:59
I think the fin, fuselage rear and centre section and main gear are the same. Nothing else AFAIK.

Double Zero
15th May 2010, 16:44
The aft fuselage is one of the things guaranteed to be different, as the Harrier has various developments from acoustic vibration there; the Harrier 2+ has an aft fuse' that Brunel would be proud of !

I think you're on the right lines re. reaction control/ puffer ducts and probably rear nozzles, can't think of much else, maybe the water system ?

16th May 2010, 19:50
A lot of the washers/nuts i've unpacked in the 1990s for the engine were packaged in the 1950/60s. Rear nozzle although similar to look at were modified over the years.
Early Pegasus very similar in layout to the later Mk105, with the Mk107 it was brought into the 21 century and its modular system.

Double Zero
17th May 2010, 15:19
Re. aft nozzles was that the overall design or the vanes inside the thing ?

In my days ( GR5-7 & FRS 1 & 2, T-bird exports etc) the cold nozzles were played about with on the GR5 including the zero-scarf items they inherited from the AV-8B - when I asked the reasoning behind this I was given a typically political reply from the then head of Flight Test, " To get away from the supplier company " - nothing to do with performance !