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The Prisoner
17th Jul 2001, 09:02
Refering to Singapore Airlines SQ006 crash last year.

SIA have removed SQ006 permanently from their timetable. The flight number
is now replaced by SQ030. The return flight of SQ005 is now SQ029.From now on SQ006 is history. The flight number were changed after SIA investigating team and management found something spooky happened on SQ006 final flight.

If you recall, exactly one year before the date that SQ006 crashed, there was a Taiwanese SIA stewardess who was murdered in the SQ hotel in LA. The murder suspect was her fellow colleague, an Eurasian guy.


Her naked body was dismembered and hidden in a cupboard. Do you know that she was wearing red when she was flown back to Singapore on SQ005 via Taipei and wore red when she was buried. Her mother wore red too to receive herbody at Changi Airport.

Exactly one year (31 October) later on her death anniversary, the SQ006 plane crashed in Chang Kai Shek Airport. Coincidentally, this was also the day the Eurasian steward was released from prison.

The SQ006 TPE>LAX sector was schedule to leave TPE at 10:55pm. As there was an approaching typhoon, SQ006 captain and flight officers decided to board the plane and depart 15 minutes early. The L1 and L2 doors were not closed till 10:55pm (the original departure time). Reason being the number of pax do not tally with the passenger lists in economy section.

One of the junior stewardess counted 5 times and advised her colleague that she cannot tally the pax in the economy section. Both
of them then counted the pax again and confirmed an extra pax in the cabin.

When they recounted the pax with the chief stewardess again the number of pax were
correct. The junior stewardess advised her chief stewardess that one of the lady
pax sitting in 40A (front section of the economy class) was not there and they cannot locate her in the lavatories either.

The flight gets push back as schedule. The two junior stewardess were among the casualties in SQ006 and none of the pax in the front economy section survived the crash.
The chief stewardess suffered slight injuries as she was sitting in the business class section.

While preparing the flight for LAX in the business class section, one of the
male inflight supervisor who can "see things" happens to see a lady flipping
through the pax listing which was placed on one of the first class cabin table. As there were cleaners in the cabin vacuuming, he did not shout to her, but when he walked to up the first class section, there were no signs of this lady. The male inflight supervisor was among the survivors
unscratched as he was sitting in the back section of the economy class.

This story was brought up during an investigation interview with
the SQ006 crews. There was suspicion that the murder a year ago could have involved
more than one person but they were let off.
It was belief that the (Eurasian guy who is also an SIA steward) accomplices could have been in the SQ006 flight. It was understood that one of the male inflight stewards who died in this crash is a buddy of the Eurasian guy.

The flight number was immediately changed after this interview.


Lurk R
17th Jul 2001, 10:25
And your thoughts on TWA800 are....

17th Jul 2001, 11:08
And another pale-looking junior steward was actually marshalling the plane onto the runway.......
And he bought his fluorescent jacket in........LAX !


17th Jul 2001, 11:53
Prisoner, I am shocked to see that they let you out. Get back to the asylum and report to the gohst of flight 401, then take your pills and get back in the padded room.

17th Jul 2001, 12:12
How about a book of airline ghost stories - I bet there already is one somewhere. I remember that when I started work at LHR, the old guys told a story about a DC-3 crash at the airport where the firemen and rescue workers kept getting pestered by one of the passengers who wasn't injured but wanted them to look for his brief case. He kept getting in the way and they suggested he go wait in one of the ambulances. Eventually, about the time they got all the bodies out, he disappearted. The problem was that there were no survivors in the crash.

Another, more recent one was the Dutch DC-3 which crashed on a mud bank in Holland a couple of years ago. The story goes that when the first rescuers got to it they found foot prints leading from the back of the aircraft all the way round it and back again as if some one had got out of the aircraft and walked round it before going back in. All occupants died on impact.

Ramp van
17th Jul 2001, 12:32
While on the subject of ghosts can somebody give me the full "story" on the reports of a ghost swan that flies down the centre line of the runways at LHR. Lots of people have told me about this but nobody seems to know the story behind it!!

17th Jul 2001, 13:49
Ahh, that'd be the KLM shuttle, Ramp Van. Over.

F/O Junior
17th Jul 2001, 14:18
After we lost our SR111 you could find lots of 'spooky' stories on the net, lots of math with T/O time, flight number etc. Which star was where and had which influence and lots of crap like that.
As mentioned, we changed also the flight numbers from SR110/SR111 to SR112/SR113 until some weirdo with too much time at hands found out that if you add the new flight numbers, you get the exact number of victims on SR111 ... It's now SR138/SR139

17th Jul 2001, 15:21
A couple of things not quite correct with the fascinating story by the prisoner.

The murder of the Taiwanese stewardess happened few years before the SQ 6 crash. Not sure whether it is the correct date but it was certainly more than a year back.

The other thing is that the girl was from Taiwan, so why bring the body to Changi ?
May be he meant Taipei.

And the accused was a Malay If I recall correctly.
I am not judging the story, just clarifying.

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The Prisoner
17th Jul 2001, 21:16
So obviously no one watched the Blair Witch last year? Or the excorsist remake.Scary and really spooky, esp the SIA references.Unreal.

18th Jul 2001, 02:27
I heard Elvis was on that flight as well and was reportedly having predeparture drinks with JFK. :rolleyes:

18th Jul 2001, 02:40
The Eastern L1011 that crashed in the Everglades (you know the one - all airline pilots will have covered it in some CRM course) had a number of parts salvaged from it - things like ovens ect. Anyway, N236EA, was one of the aircraft that got some of the ovens, and it ended up with CX. From the day it arrived the local cabin crew would constantly report seeing faces in the lower lobe galley ovens.

casual observer
18th Jul 2001, 05:02
Civet25 is correct. I believe the murder took place in 1995. Prisoner is way off!

Bunty Boy
18th Jul 2001, 14:22
We are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy! :D :D :D :D :D

18th Jul 2001, 15:36
Aiyo, The Prisoner, I've read the forwared e-mails that have made the rounds with even more spooky stories and tales to add about the crash. I can't send it to you cause I delete junk mail.

Norman Stanley Fletcher
18th Jul 2001, 17:40
Sometimes I think I am going mad too. But fortunately I have the pink rabbit to speak to, and I always feel so much better afterwards. :mad:

Kaptin M
18th Jul 2001, 18:42
As amusing as you guys find this, you'll discover that if you dig deeper, SQ THRIVES on this type of stuff...haunted aircraft, haunted hotel rooms, unlucky addresses, parking spots, seat numbers, etc.

If you enquire, you'll find that SIA crew have certain "no-no" rooms at almost every hotel in their network (chances are it starts or ends with a '4') that are not to be allocated to SQ crew!

Tongue-in-cheek, our Prisoner has alluded to many reasons that SQ staff in general probably now believe this was the accident that "had to happen".
Divide the Captain's birthday by the number of rostered days the ATC'er who gave the "cleared for take-off" clearance to SQ006, then add the runway number minus the month, and add the ISA deviation +8, and any fool can see that the flight was doomed!

It's true tho', SQ crew are a very aware lot, always looking for that "auspicious" number or sign that will indicate (that) the supernatural might intervene at any time.

19th Jul 2001, 05:02
Anybody working in the Business Class section would not be able to see much of the First Class section.

Did you actually believe what you posted?

19th Jul 2001, 06:05

I think that most Singaporeans or Asians love all this horror s h i t thing, unlucky number, crappy superstitions !

Maybe someone had wished for SQ006 to crashed or make that silly turn onto the wrong runway. Maybe someone cast a spell, BOMOH. :eek:

Well, we will never know but these are just plain speculations and we can either choose to believe in this crap or not. But I like to read all these because some of them can be really hilarious like this particular one.

Cheers All :cool:

Just Curious
19th Jul 2001, 06:19
True or not true...I don't really care. Like Hermie said, it gave me a few minutes of amusement also.

And I don't think that superstitions and tales of the supernatural are reserved for Asian airlines only - I've heard a few good yarns told by Air NZ crew...especially about the hotel in Hawaii!! :eek:

19th Jul 2001, 06:28
Kaptin M, Hermie,
Actually some Hotel Rooms ARE haunted! :eek:
Some of my SQ friends have had unplesant experiences. Don't "pray pray" ah....

Fortunately I haven't had any encounter of the third kind myself......in fact I'm lucky if I can get ANY encounter in my hotel room on night stops, he he.

21st Jul 2001, 02:53
to the moderator.
amen ?

PPRuNe Towers
21st Jul 2001, 04:05
Amen indeed.

Sent to the little dark frightening place we call Aircrew notices.