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Electric Sky
16th Jul 2001, 21:42
www.airliners.net/news/redirect.main?id=18782 (http://www.airliners.net/news/redirect.main?id=18782)



17th Jul 2001, 00:14
First of all, there may be a question mark whether Airflop can raise the GBP 300 million to purchase Aer Lingus.

Second, taking into account Airflop's horrendous customer relations record and certainly it's questionable safety record, would we really want to fly on Ruski Lingus.

Third, they may just want to pick up the Shannon base, repaint the planes in white with blue stripes with the Russian flag on the tail, and use Shannon as a jumping off point for the Americas, and run cheapie flights to tthe continent.

Not a bad business practice, but somehow the name "Aeroflot", in my opinion, does not mix nicely with customer confidence.

17th Jul 2001, 02:46
Sorry, she's changed her mind again. It's not for sale anymore...the IPO is back on again...and off again...and on again...

The Government remains in favour of floating Aer Lingus on the Stock Exchange, the Minister for Public Enterprise said yesterday. Speaking ahead of a report from advisers on the national airline's future Ms O'Rourke told RTÉ the firm would only be floated "when the market is right".
She added that the international environment was negative for airline stocks, and that it would be a "very bad time to go to market". The Minister said the general aviation industry internationally has deteriorated. The Minister still insisted the Government had taken a formal decision to float the airline and that would not change.

(Full text from Irish Times 16th July HERE (http://www.ireland.com/business/news/2001/0716/news5.htm) )

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5 APU's captain
17th Jul 2001, 10:43
Just for info:
After Mr. Berezovsky has left Russia - AEROFLOT profit is increased by 11 times! (2000 against 1999)