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30th May 2001, 08:41
Anyone out there heard anything from CX's interview rumours or news ...
where is it gonna be and when ?

anyone applied to them recently ?

what did you get in reply ?

how long do you have to wait ?

what kind of people are they looking for ?

do they accept FAA ATP's ?

any tips or site to visit regarding CX interview process ?

where's the interview held and how many ?

how's the life in CX (HK) ?

what's the pay like ? (s/o)

are they hiring ?

thanks for the answers from all of you ... heard a lot of diffrent answers from various people . i just wanna make sure i get the right ones .

thanks ..

I've already transferred your duplicate of this one up into Fragrant Harbour, A330. That is the proper home for these questions. The moderators would appreciate it if you don't duplicate threads in multiple forums, but pick the most appropriate. Good luck, anyhow.

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