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23rd Apr 2010, 08:13
I saw Squadron Leader Stapleton's obituary in the Telegraph this morning. I always find it fascinating to read about the amazing wartime characters in the services and their extraordinary skills.

Anyway I noticed in the photo that he was about to enter the cockpit of an aircraft, possibly Typhoon, from the right hand side. Given the preponderance of most newspapers to frequently print photos the wrong way round, I thought most fighter aircraft were entered from the left hand side.

Just a small point but would be interested to know the answer.


23rd Apr 2010, 08:39
Photo looks OK - his "wings" are on the correct side, the position of which is the usual give-away for a reversed photo. Cannot identify the aircraft, but my guess is a Typhoon

23rd Apr 2010, 09:29
And there is a wonderful recent photograph on a thread about him in the Military Aircrew Forum......

Compass Call
23rd Apr 2010, 22:51
Gannet Fan
I would surmise from reading the article in the Telegraph, that the aircraft is his personal Typhoon. The aircraft bears his logo.