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23rd Jul 2010, 09:55
Have you read her experience about her Open Day in Brisbane? She wrote everything down in detail a couple days ago. Click on her name and click on "more posts" and you will find the post quickly.

If you read back, you will find more posts with detailed information about the ODs/ADs including essay topics and group discussion topics and FI questions.

When you write the essay, you need to be careful with the TIME. Plan ahead, write 1 page. You might only have 20 minutes after finishing the English Test.

Your story needs to have a beginning and an end. Don't write only general things but write specifics as well. You need to watch your grammar and spelling. If you don't know how to write an essay: google 'essay writing'.

My topic was: The mistake I made once and what I have learnt from it.

23rd Jul 2010, 09:58
Hi Mari,

Its been more than 9months I went for CV drop can I go again because its is written only for arabic speakers.What to do Please let me know.

23rd Jul 2010, 10:04
If you can speak and write in Arabic, drop your cv.

23rd Jul 2010, 10:16
what?! You were told to write that? Wow thats random.i'll have to prepare enough and be ready for any topic they throw at me (yes,i'm that optimist that i'll get to that stage and even further.lol!) and polish up my english.:}

23rd Jul 2010, 10:24
Unfortunately Mari I dont know arabic. But the next venue is still 16 july in the web site . no changes.

23rd Jul 2010, 10:50
Hi Mari,

Sorry to hear you are having a down month. It's good for us newbies to see though that things like this do happen. I also wonder why they don't use the enthusiastic, excited ones but maybe they do not want to scare them off too soon? For those who have not been cabin crew before the lifestyle can be a little bit scary until you are used to it.

Though as you say, once the newly trained crew come on line it should make it easier for you seniors who have full rosters of flying and/or training.

Everyone waiting on start dates, final approvals, accommodation details etc, BE PATIENT! I know it is difficult, it was for me too but remember that you are not the only one being processed nor the only one working in the company. As well as processing the new joiners the people in the offices are also recruiting other jobs and also looking after the every day running of the airline plus the crew who are already flying. It's amazing just how much goes on there every day to keep things going smoothly.

The training subjects are not hard but please be serious about it, if you are just going to come here and party all through training think about the people who missed out on the FI and would dearly love to be in your shoes. There is all the time in the world to party later once you have passed and you have days off. It's really disrespectful to your trainers, colleagues and those who missed out to treat this like a game or a holiday, yes Dubai is fun but you are also here to work!!! Ok! So watch yourself and you will be fine. Follow the rules and have your fun on weekends. (Don't forget to study though) Of course there is nothing wrong with some fun but keep in perspective, save the Serious Partying for after training :P

Mari hope you get some proper rest and hopefully we'll see you around soon. (You are A380 right?) It's nice to have helpful seniors.

(And to the newbies please don't backchat the seniors even if you think they are wrong, they have been here longer than us, there's a respectful way to point out something they missed, I have seen some ab intios being awful and it really does make me cringe!!!)

23rd Jul 2010, 10:58
Hi Mari,

Hope you're well. Your schedule looks intense to say the least, but I hope it goes smooth :) I wish I was in a position to offer you to alleviate some of your back-to-back days :)

My essay topic was: What are your two strong points and two weaknesses and how do they benefit and/or hinder you in your life.

23rd Jul 2010, 11:34
Ok I feel like giving up, can anybody give me ANY advice on my casual photos?I have sent in photos 5 times, now they are going to change it all again, because I don't look the same on my photos.

23rd Jul 2010, 11:40
When you take your 'formal' pictures, then go and change to casual clothes and go to a park or beach or something, just maybe with your hair down but still with a bit of makeup, and take some more pictures. Seems that you look TOO different.

Professional photos are not necessary, I took mine at home. The RO said it is fine so long as it is PLAIN background with no furniture, pictures etc and you have the required appearance and stance.

I submitted pictures from holidays but I was not wearing bikini etc, I had 3/4 pants and a t-shirt and the other I had a knee length dress and cardigan on in Paris photos. They accepted it. Whatever they ask, do it!

23rd Jul 2010, 15:16
Hey tfran!

My FI was on the 22nd of June and I still haven't had the call either. Our recruiters went from Sydney to you in NZ.

My status is still 'approval in progress' and the other girls have got their calls...

On Wednesday when they got their GCs someone rang me to check a detail (my annual leave destination) and said it would be written in my contract... Good sign...

Just thought I'd let you know that you're not the only slowy and that it appears cogs are turning...

Hope we both hear soon!!! :)

23rd Jul 2010, 16:45
Hi there you are really nervous,but donot worry we shall make it this time around,am coming to nairobi from kampala on wednesday.

Representing Uganda.:D

23rd Jul 2010, 18:33
Welcome to nairobi...
My attitude is prepare for anything and everything,have fun,make friends and finally hope for the best and prepare for the worst...after all life is never that serious plus there's always next time.

CC Wannabe
24th Jul 2010, 06:03
thanks a lot kindly. Enjoy Australia before you head to the desert;) I visited Dubai once and knew how hot it is. However, the malls are really cool, you may not even want an icecream:}

I'm wondering how much you involved during the group discussion. Is that really true that EK recruiters don't like people over talking others or being too quiet? curious about it

As for the photos, you mentioned that really paid attention to details, so will they specifically point out one's hair, dress, posture,etc?

Something like you didn't mention the essay thing. I guess they don't do this part so long as the candidates speak English as their first language?

Keep you busy during your waiting.... Cheers

24th Jul 2010, 12:20
So after almost one month from my OD in Prague and a week since my status changed to "You will be contacted...." I received the Golden Call this morning. Was a little confused as I thought that they dont work on saturdays in the HR Department. Anyhow...the lady said they dont have many free slots for the DOJ and the earliest one she could give me is 25 of october. So I guess I have plenty of time to do my medicals:)
To those of you waiting for the GC I am keeping my fingers crossed for you:ok:

24th Jul 2010, 13:19
Congratulations Koncho!!!

If you find some time, could you write down your experience from OD. What do you think you did differently from the others, your experience from group disscusions, your preparations for all this (professional photos, your cv, your background etc.)...
I think it would be very helpful and appreciated by all of us who are still unsuccessful.

24th Jul 2010, 13:56
I am waiting also for more info about yourS OD

24th Jul 2010, 15:29
For those having problems downloading the pre-employment medical form, i've uploaded it on here: Pre-employment Medical Examination Form.zip (http://www.mediafire.com/?8pabzgabc04b94t)

25th Jul 2010, 02:13
Well yes being Australian I don't think I had to do essay? Not sure? And yes right at the very end the interviewer told us exactly what to fix on ourselves....
What we wore and how we had our hair, what jewelry to removed etc,
And they definately like when you listen in the discussions and yes definitely don't talk over people, however definitely voice your opinion is a possitive way, don't make conflict, hope this helps, jessi x

25th Jul 2010, 06:51

FYI you need to get your medicals done within two weeks of receiving your contract. Which means the minute you can get into that candidate portal you have two weeks, so even though your doj is not till october you still have to get medicals done within two weeks. It's under the questions section of the homepage. I got this info from the portal but also from this forum.
Good luck :)

25th Jul 2010, 07:51
To all:
Just wanting to know those who were all successful, how long after your final interview did you receive the call or be contacted to do your medicals?
Thank you

25th Jul 2010, 07:54
I had mi FI 6 weeks ago and still no answer do i have to contact theme?
I do not want to interfere...
6 weeks without call or Email its a bad sign isnt it?!

25th Jul 2010, 08:05
I'm not too sure, I definately know in my interview they said if I haven't heard within six weeks I will be unsuccessful...? But to contact them on the details provided by them

25th Jul 2010, 08:27
Thank you, Im so disapointed, im afraid to Heard what i won't... But i have to!

25th Jul 2010, 10:22

My status changed to approval in progress after 3 weeks. I got the call 4 weeks from my final interview.

Its hard but you have to be patient! It was a very tense month!! Good Luck


25th Jul 2010, 12:57
By status, what do you mean? I'm just not too sure what this is I haven't been told? Thankyou

25th Jul 2010, 13:22
Hello Everyone just wanted to share with you my Open Day here in Briabne Australia. 17th July 2010.

So day started around 09:00am at Avaition Australia there was a turn out of about 350 people. All so Glamerous...
We were all taken up stairs and sat down, were had these two beautiful ladies Louise and Allanha, who would be interviewing us.
We were then shown a Viedo on Emirates and the culture.
After this we were asked what we new about Emirates etc... Then we watched another Video and then we had to ask the ladies questions...

After everything the ladies then told us the process and what would be expected over the next few days.. we were also told to removed any un-nessary paper work from our resume's as they had weight restirctions on their luggage when returning and to also attach one photo.

As time went by we were seen one at a time, and we had about 60secs to sell ourselves to the ladies and answer any questions they through at us.. Allanha did one side of the room as Louise did the other..

From this the ladies informed us that if we were successful to the next stage we would recieve a phone call by 05:00pm that day...

By the time i left it was around 01:30pm.. The rest of the day went soooo slow. Around 05:35pm i recieved a call asking for me to please return the following day @<hidden> 10:30am. And please wear exactly what i wore that day... being( a light gray suit with dark blue pinstripes, white under business shirt, full face of make-up, hair pulled back, i had it up and in a hair doungh-nutt with hair net, hair sprayed so no wispy bits showed, skin coloured stockings with court shoes+polished, red lip stick.

Arriving the next day i got there early just in case10:00am, once inside i found out that there was in fact three other groups one @<hidden> 09:00am mine @<hidden> 10:30 and another @<hidden> 11:00am... there was about 20 people in each group, so aroung 60 i think made it at this stage.

Once the first group had all the cuts there wasnt many that made it .... It was my time to shine ... So first up we were split up into 2groups, two circles of chairs, in each group we were told to talk amounced each other until they were ready.. we were then told to discuss with each person on our left their most embarrassing moment in life. Then we had to discuss it to the group clockwise. After this we were then called one by one up for a reach test, and asked if we had any tatoos or scars any where and if so where??? we then were told to wait down stairs until called back up..

We waited down stairs for about 6mins, onced called back up we were told to just come in stand around and one at a time we would be called up and given a slip of paper, on this paper it would state if we were successful or non successful... Me being #40, i got called and as i walked out i was terrified to look, but yay i had made it through again i was so happy....

Eventually we were then called back up to the room, being left in our group there was about 7 of us .. We then had to sit again in a circle and were given a topic to talk about. Our Topic this time was: We are all a commitee from the IOC. International Olympic Commitee and we had to discuss the next 2 up comming olympics, the london and the Brazil....

From these to games we had to take out 5sports from each, all 10 being different ones, due to the Golbal Financial Crises, we had to discuss which sports and why they were needed to be taken out??? throughout the whole discusions the ladies were watching all of us like hawlks.

After this we then went back down stairs and waited to be called up again... Second time round we were also given a slip of paper like the first and in this slip was the same information.. And once again i had been successful.. i was over the moon and also one of the gals in whom i had made friends with had made it all the way as well.. her being #41

So after this we were told to come back @<hidden> 01:00pm for another assessment. whislt group3 did there cuts..
A few of us headed out for a coffee and some lunch. when we returned the 3rd group was running way behind.. we ended up going back in around 1:50pm.,,

At this stage there were only 21 of us left out of 350.. WOW...
We were all then asked to come back up stairs and into a different room.. We were all then informed that we had all made it to the final interviews yay

We were all handed DVD's and alot of paper work, this all needed to be filled in so perfectly it wasn't funny...
We were then all told wat to wear the to the next interview, right down to the point, i'm serious it was full on, the lady used me as a example of what to look like i was like omg so embarrassed. After this we were all given 3 sheets of paper to choose our interview time for the next three days, Monday the 19th, Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st..
We all came to a decission that people who travelled to Brisbane from other states would go first and ten fill up anything after that,, i was placed on the Tuesday sheet @<hidden> 12:15...

After all of this We then had to do a test, it was a personality test and it took about 45mins to do, once finished this we gave it to the ladies and headed home for the day, "4:30pm".

Tuesday the 20th had finally come and i arrived quite early to my interview as thats what the ladies requested we do.
I got there aronf 11.30 and was seen very shortly after . Once inside we sat at the bigest table i have ever seen in my life, the sat accross from me while Louise asked me question Allanha wrote rappidly my answers, they were very impressed that i had all my documents and photos to profection and that they had all the boxes ticked on my application form. Some of the things i had to bring were one full legnth business attire photo, standing with feet together with left foot slightly back, hair up and very very neat. 2Casual photos smiling in all, as well as 6 pasport photo's so perfect as this would get us a yes or no for the job). ALso copies of every Cert i have ever gotten, Year`12 Cert, Letter of employment, all our application form's and 2 coloured copies of our Passport.

Some of the questions they asked me were to do with my currant job ( Checkin agent for VirginBlue).. from the questions they asked me the give spicific examples and what i said and as to what other said.. Some were

1.Have i ever had a conflict situation with a team member if so what was it?
2. Can you give us an example of when you went up and behond for a guest?
3. Can you give us an example of, have you ever suggested anything to better your team environment if yes what was it and was it implimented?
There was some more but i cannot really remember anymore...
From this the ladies then told me that i were successful and if i could take another test,

They lead me into another room and there Louise sat me down, told me i would be doing a aptitude test, there were about 180 questions i think all in sections, i had 30mins to do it but 45 if i needed it... when 30mins hit i would have to mark where i was up to, and continue... i finished it in 25mins .. i then went back and said my good buys ... all now i have to do is wait up to 6weeks,,, i hope this helps other.s thanks guys cause i now all your post's helped me x

25th Jul 2010, 17:26
What type of US visa does apply for cabin crew? The RO asked about US visa but didn't specify what type is required, I'm just curious if I need to get extra photos for this purpose if I already have one (B1/B2 type).


26th Jul 2010, 06:55
Hi Jess,

It just means the status when you log into the emirates website. At the start it is 'under review', then it changes to 'approval in progress', if they are going to approve you. If not your status will stay under review.

But im not sure if this is a 100% rule that it happens this way, it just seems like most people have a similar thing happen, but the waiting time between each change can be different.

Hope that helps!

26th Jul 2010, 07:55
Hey guys boring medical question...

When they ask for your haemoglobin level is that all they want? or do they want red blood cell count.. white blood cell count etc etc?

sorry if it seems like a silly question, I'm confused.

26th Jul 2010, 10:18
I've just got the rejection Email after six week just disapointed...

26th Jul 2010, 10:53
Nairobi AD.
tik you are very welcome to nairobi, i still feel nervous though am taking the advise here seriously, last time i tried a walk in they did not allow me however they took my c.v's en photos, i talked to the lady who was picking them( c.v en photos) and told her that that was my fourth time to give them my c.v and i have never recieved an invitation, she took my c.v en photo and looked at it and wrote down something........ and this time i got the invite.
from what i saw last time.... (i actually sat out there to wait and hear from those who were being intervied), the biggest group was dropped at the first round after the video. A lady who went through told me that some people asked about maternity leaves, pay, leaves and were all dropped. actually that lady who went through did not ask any question, and was very brief with her introduction. about looks i remember another lady (model) who also went through had a "mow hawk" and had cut her hair half way, but seemed very confident and composed.really you can't tell exactly what they look for. so be yourself and be confident....that am telling myself too :ok::ok:, as am also trying. lets hope we all make it.


26th Jul 2010, 14:46
Hi amin-for-emirates,

I am very sorry to read this. Don't give. Try again. We must be strong and believe in that one day we will achieve it. Think positive.

26th Jul 2010, 14:54
Can someone please elaborate on the medicals required to obtain a residence visa once we have arrived in Dubai? Also, how long do they hold your passport for? It just feels a bit weird that you will have to surrender your passport to someone for an extended period of time...


26th Jul 2010, 14:59
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of this Forum.

26th Jul 2010, 17:34
Leaving for Dubai in the morning, getting nervous now. Good Luck to all you guys still waiting to attend interviews or your golden calls. My advise .... dont try too hard, be relaxed as much as possible smile, laugh, enjoy and dont talk too much let the others lead and just go with the flow. I never thought i would make it but here i go. :ok:

26th Jul 2010, 22:55
Hey test, thank you for uploading the medical forms!

The O.D. in México city is a month away, I'm so nervous though!!

27th Jul 2010, 02:31
Hello everyone
Just a question for all who have gotten through to medicals?
As I am still awaiting my GC! Just wanted to know for your dental if you have teeth missing like I do on the top of my mouth does this matter? The gap is not visible unless I fully tilt my head back and open widely? I'm just a bit concerned as I know you need perfect teeth?

To hiflierEK:
congratulations on leaving tomorrow so happy for you..... I really hope I'm in the same position as your self shortly... I'm so excited just hoping for the call :) best of luck and please stay in touch

27th Jul 2010, 02:44
Hey guys!! Im so excited!! :eek: my status changed to approval in progress JUST 6 DAYS AFTER MY FI!!!!!!! :eek::eek:
I thought my status was never going to change!!
I dont want to get too excited but this IS something!!!!!!!!!!
I had my FI in Mar del Plata, Argentina, anyone here on the same boat?? :} yey yey yeyyyY!!

ps.: my status never went to "under review", it was always "applied" (well, always, just for 6 days!!:p), do you think this is a mistake???? :confused: hope it is not!!! :confused:

27th Jul 2010, 02:59
They take your passport right after arrival and hold it for 4 weeks.

27th Jul 2010, 03:40
Just wondering for the passport photo that you upload for security documents on the candidate portal. Do you need to be smiling or closed mouth? also its say 4.5x5.5....but the ones you bring with you to Dubai are different and some have open/closed mouth depending on what visa it is for. So which one do you upload?


27th Jul 2010, 08:49
Just wondering if EK crew are provided with accommodation for their full employment with the airline or are they encouraged to move out and find an apartment of their own after a certain amount of years? Just curious..:)

27th Jul 2010, 09:50

upload the smiling one with white background passport size photo.

27th Jul 2010, 10:50
Seems like it's been postponed till further notice :(

27th Jul 2010, 11:10
That's not good to hear... I felt for you... I was counting down the days till my open day... Best of luck though:)

27th Jul 2010, 12:04

crew are not really encouraged to move out. Shared accomodation is provided for new-joiners.

Standard crew apartment:

YouTube - Airboy does TECOM building in Al Barsha (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUP-sONRIr4)

If you become a leader (SFS and Purser), you can move to a one-bedroom-apartment which is also company provided. They are tiny but nice.

If you get married and your husband resides in Dubai, you have to move out. Transportation allowance and living-out allowance will be provided for you. The amount right now is appr. 45,000 dhs per year for economy, business and first class crew. It's around 65,000 dhs per year for SFSs and Pursers.

Living-out allowance is only available for married crew since March 2009!!! (Due to cost-cutting and massive drop of property prices in Dubai.) If you both are crew, you get two allowances of course. If you are a cabin crew and your husband is a flight deck crew you are not eligible for living-out allowance. (Married first officers are eligible for 3-bedroom-apartments or a villa if there is a child. Captains are eligible for a villa.)

If you get pregnant, you have to stop flying but you can take maternity leave. You must come back 5 months after child birth and attend a 6-week-training. The maternity leave is unpaid but you can keep your FACE card (discounts) and you and your family is still eligible for staff travel. You keep your seniority as well.

27th Jul 2010, 12:36
Regarding your teeth it depends on the dentist, if there is anything that needs to be done ie you may need to fill that gap because there is a section that required the dentist to say either they think that your overall teeth condition is good enough to be employed.Because when you get to Dubai i believe that they will check everything again but no worries hehe ;D
My BMI worries me a bit too eventhough im not fat but its over 25 which is considered overweight for my height.
And good luck ;) let me know my DOJ is on the 25 oct :}

27th Jul 2010, 19:42

Would any of you know if you have to take with you the birth cert of your sister in law, or is it just for your siblings, mother and father?

Thanks for help!!

27th Jul 2010, 22:11
Hi guys, it's encouraging to see you people representing Kenya and East Africa as a whole.

My Emirates story began in 2008, it was a chance occurrence, I had no interest in the aviation industry and now it's safe to say I can't stop thinking about it hehe.

In 2008, I got invited to the Nairobi AD. I was in a group of 7 males and 80 ladies. I was the only male to make it to the Final Interview, the rest were female. Suffice it to say, I was rejected.

Flash forward to 2010. Can you believe it when I tell you I was the only male to make it to the Final Interview again? Yup. This time I thought nothing would be in my way, but unfortunately it was not to be. I made a fatal error during the Final Interview when I criticized my previous employer. It was all downhill from there.

My advice is - do not stand out. Do not be aggressive. The interview starts when the recruiters walk through the door. They will be constantly watching you. Be kind to the other ladies, do not view them as competition. The aggressive ones, I remember, were eliminated the first.

Dress appropriately, and if possible try and emulate the Emirates uniform, and be gracious. Do not speak out of turn. Try and relax. Smile like your life depends on it. Do not show fatigue. It will be a long day. They need to see you as fresh as you were in the morning at the end of the day.

If you are lucky to make it to the Final Interview, rehearse a few previous work experience scenarios, but not verbatim. The two recruiters will be playing a role - one will be very bubbly and friendly, and the other cold and grouchy. Pay more attention to the cold and grouchy one. If you are to land the job, most of the passengers will more often than not be grouchy. Be patient with her and don't let her bring you down with her constant questions about why you didn't bring your letter of employment, passport etc. Remember, this is a test.

In my experience, Emirates does have a certain look, or 'prototype', so to speak. Youthful looking, above average looks, dynamic, great energy, caring, great smile, smart and passive aggressive. If none of the above words describe you, not to worry. You can always fake it during the AD.

I cannot re-apply for the duration of a year. I will definitely try out next year April. Let's hope the third time will be a charm.

All in all, don't take the whole interview too seriously. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be. Good luck and God bless x

27th Jul 2010, 23:39
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

28th Jul 2010, 00:07
Birth certs: Only for parents and siblings. Reason: discounted tickets.

Your in-laws are NOT eligible for id tickets.

Although, you can have discounted tickets for other relatives: Wilder eligibelity id tickets. You will know about them later. Not important right now. Finish your probation and one year of service.

28th Jul 2010, 00:38
Hi Mari, many thanks for your prompt reply re accommodation for EK crew - very much appreciated and exactly what I needed to know! All the best:)

28th Jul 2010, 01:07
Hi All !
When you say a CV drop-off , is it implied that you need to give them cover letter too, or it is just the CV with picture they want?

28th Jul 2010, 04:20
It would be better if you also give them a cover letter as well ;D
You never know this may impresses them as the majority (im guessing) may not have a cover letter.
Go thru the job description on the advertisement and pick some of the word mentioned on the advertisement EG IF on the advertisement say we are looking for a trustworthy then you pick the word and say that im blah blah and trustworthy :p:}

28th Jul 2010, 04:43
To all just wanted to know did anyone attend Brisbane's open day?

28th Jul 2010, 05:22

I've been in airline customer service for over 6 years at the supervisor & station manager level of major international airlines and now want to take a shot at EK Cabin Crew. I am planning on attending the Vancouver Open Days on August 7th.

Does anyone have opinions on age? Of course they do not say it, but I am 32, what are my chances?

I've read many other forums and posts and am a bit confused about what photos to bring to open days. The official EK instruction says to bring "one photo" but should it be the full length? the passport size? I have just had professional photos taken so have the option to bring them.

Should I bring a cover letter even though they do not ask for one?

Thank you for your help!

28th Jul 2010, 06:21
Thanks man.thats mighty fine of you to give us all that info...well yeah eventually you will get it,the only male to get that far! mad props man!
My AD is in two days..everything is ready. Just praying for lady luck to be on my side as judging from what i have read,this people are really unpredictable.I guess if they like you they like you,if they don't,well they dont. Definately crossing my fingers...

28th Jul 2010, 07:12
PHOTOS; PROFESIONAL full length have a few to choose from and SMILE with TEETH showing.In a suit and a tie.They want to see your personality.

-However if you got through to the last stage you will be asked to bring 2 casual photos (once again full length smile with your teeth showing, doesnt have to be in a suit but not in a speedo mini skirt either 'i dont know your gender' lol) and BY YOURSELF in a picture

-Have some passport size photos smile with your teeth showing i think they want 6 im pretty sure...

-And im sure at a later stage they will ask for your passport photos (no smiling)

COVER LETTER- its good to have, you might as well take one and give i to them.

AGE? Its hard to say, if you read thru on previous comments if they like you you're in.However before they can make any judgement im sure you know whats or how to need to present yourself on the day you know, the usual smile friendly, neat tidy appearance, interact with others.Be in a middle path ie not to bossy but not too shy
And I guess believe your own instinct believe in yourself be positive blah blah im SURE you know as you're already in the industry
32 isn't old and im sure its all about impression
And GOOD luck

28th Jul 2010, 08:48
Absolutely NO NEED for cover letter. Only CV: the shorter the better.

Upper age limit: you have to be under 34 on the day of the selection.

Appropriate age and look:
YouTube - emirates graduation ceremony (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAUw2JoBgtg&feature=related)

28th Jul 2010, 16:12
Hey Jess,
I was at the Brisbane interview too. My final interview was at 10.30am on Tuesday (although it was running a little late by the time I got in there) :) I haven't heard anything at all from them yet and my status is still under review, although I have had to contact my school to acquire my year 12 certificate so I doubt I will hear from them until I get that one sent through!

28th Jul 2010, 16:51
Professional photos are absolutely not required but in formal attire only. You don't need to go any studio and have one done, it's enough to use your home wall and yourself in business attire, that's what the RO said.

28th Jul 2010, 16:57
Hey guys,

DOJ August 16th here, flying from Vancouver :) It's all coming up so soon!

I have a question to those already there - what do people do for their Mobile Phone??

I read somewhere that pay-as-you-go(prepaid) phones are standard in Dubai, but I figured that with our job description, having a good plan for international calls (both sending and receiving) would be pretty ideal, and am curious as to what everyone else does. Are iphones popular, for example?

Any share of knowledge would be appreciated :) thanks!

28th Jul 2010, 17:35
Thanks guys, and I'm sure you're going out of your head worrying about saturday right? For my April AD, I only slept forty five minutes the previous evening, so I guess I'm the kind of guy that performs well under pressure. Hopefulke, are you male or female? I have a feeling njesh is female, but I stand to be corrected hehe. I'm guessing the AD is gonna be at Grand Laico as usual? I just might pop by to check out the action. My friend who didn't get an invite will also be coming to drop her CV. I advised her to apply since I felt she had that X Factor that Emirates is looking for. She also has worked in a customer service position which can sometimes give you an edge (although sometimes it doesn't matter because there was a lady with seven years worth of customer care from safaricom at our April AD yet she didn't get far). The first time you get to meet the recruiters , try and make a visual connection. When you're lining up to give your cv to them, look them straight in the eye and say hello to them when it's your turn to hand over your cv. Use their name when addressing them - it'll garner you extra points. DO NOT view the other girls as competition. The only time you can do this is when and if you get to the final interview. Hopefulke and njeshwings, private message me your facebook name, so we can chat some more. Cheers x.

28th Jul 2010, 22:32
its up to you how you want to have your photo done its a personal choice you can choose to take at home or office its your interview not mine ;D
And its my view point no one need to apply to their on point if they aint agree with.But thanks for advising me regarding the photos its great to hear and to find out.
People asks questions so i was SINCERELY want to help im not the mr know it all thats just not me an i am sorry if i appeared to come across that way.

this blog is where people share what they know not to attack at what others commentedWe are all adults here and you take advice where you feel that its right.If i got a completely wrong impression i do apologize in advance ;D

29th Jul 2010, 08:27
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

29th Jul 2010, 09:19
Thanks for the graduation video Mari, great to watch.

What are they rubbing on their faces, is it some special cream produced by Emirates lol.

29th Jul 2010, 09:21
The impression I got was:

You are welcome to take your own photos, just to remember that you only have a few seconds to impress them (the two interviewers pass your photos on to the next level after your final interview, so the next people up ONLY have these photos to judge your appearance from) so make sure the lighting is nice and the background is nice and you look professional. In a way it would be easier to get professional ones because you can be guaranteed a professional finish. Personally I got a friend who is a photographer to take mine :)

29th Jul 2010, 10:01
hey guys

any of you have info about that building? Ali Khalifa Abdulla Saif, Al Nahda II
i was using the search option but no matter what i enter its coming up with nothing :(
i will be very greatfull for any tips!!!!

i found info about the area it self and i know already its not 2 good very far away from everything.....
if any of you got it here is the map
Al Nahda 2 Dubai City (http://wikimapia.org/5879513/Al-Nahda-2)

Anyone knows if you have to share bathroom?


29th Jul 2010, 12:04
Did anyone go to the Open Day in Hobart last weekend?

Share your experiences. I'm keen to know how many people would attend in a city like Hobart.

29th Jul 2010, 14:31
hello guys!
I just wanna make one question. I do have my status on the group careers centre in "approval in progress" do you know what it means???? someone who has this message or not can explain me the different status, and if I can see a sort of history of the status my application had?

Florbrillito, I was in Mardel and I had my FI on the 19th of July, where are you from, perhaps I know you!

Best wishes for all of us awaiting the GC!!!! :):O

29th Jul 2010, 15:54
lets rock nairobi:ok: how are the preparations people.i have a question is it an ad or open day kenya85 was talking about handing in of cvs ??? alittle confused.

29th Jul 2010, 17:26
Thanks for the feedback regarding the photos and age. I have read through and found information now about the medical requirements. Normally I wear glasses but I see that they are no allowed. I am open to getting contact lenses and it would not be a problem.

In the photos I submit I am wondering if I should have them taken without glasses so that they don't reject me on that point? or if I should have a mix? or give them my everyday look with glasses and mention that I can wear contacts for the job?

Has anyone ever encountered this?


29th Jul 2010, 17:35
My point wasn't to attack anyone ( I read my post twice to find signs of attack and still don't see one) but to rectify your post. As couple of my friends are attending the OD this weekend and ask me a lot of questions regarding the recruitment process, all I noticed is when you use a too general statement they freak out ( and the photo issue is the main one during the pre-OD time) and think 'my God, professional photo means I need to go to god-know-how-good-photographer' or similar. So I say , it's not a model portfolio book but CC enrollment.

And if you felt attacked/ offended- my apologies. So see you in Dubai:>

29th Jul 2010, 21:26
People are different. Some people might feel offended by the tone you use. It will often happen to you in this multicultural environment.

Don't worry! (Your post was fine in MY opinion. I didn't feel it either.;))

What I do: apologize. Sometimes hug...

Worst case - if it was with a senior! -: TEARS! Works always!!! Well, if you are a girl... Believe me!!! NEVER argue! Unless you have 45 minutes for a debrief after a long, horrible, stressful and tiring flight and/or time to go to the office on your off day...

Good luck with Emirates!

29th Jul 2010, 21:35
Forget about glasses.

You are NOT wearing glasses. You've been wearing lenses the past 4 years and you are extremely happy with them. You can go for a 16-hour-flight with your lenses on. Of course! Any time! Yes, yes and yes.

Pictures WITHOUT glasses.

you can get a letter from the doctor AFTER your training that you cannot wear lenses for flying. You need to renew this letter every 3 months. (Who has the time?!) Some pursers do ask for it!!!
You can have your glasses on in the college when in the classroom. No glasses on the corridor. No glasses when meeting the grooming lady.
Medicals: I had to put them in. It took me at least 3 minutes to put my lenses in when I had the medical with the nurse... So, learn how to use them. I hate lenses: It took me 2 years and 4 brands to find good ones. Not great ones but good ones.
If you wear glasses they need to be plain. I think glasses and lenses are in OK price in Dubai. I'm happy with the service as well, they are very fast, so don't worry about buying new glasses and contact lenses here. You will find the proper ones.

29th Jul 2010, 23:26
Nairobi is an AD. You will need to carry your Invitation Letter AND CV. For those without invites, you can pop in and leave your CV with the recruiters. Get to the hotel at least an hour before time. Do not chew gum once the interview starts. Do not offer to answer any questions once the recruiters settle down and start the day with a short clip about life in Dubai. Have fun, and in case you are still standing by the end of the day, take the numbers of the other ladies so you can stay in touch after the final interview. And for the people with type A personalities, just for that day, tone it down and hold back. During the group discussions, it doesn't matter the subject matter, NEVER argue with any of the group members. The recruiters are just checking out your teamwork and ability to solve problems. No matter how much more beautiful some of the other girls may look compared to you, don't be intimidated. Your personality may be what's needed to tide you over. I guess that's all I can think of as of now. Mari, you are an absolute gem and wealth of information. Have you ever considered writing a book? You totally should. Your powers of observation and wisdom are second to none. I would not hesitate to buy it if you ever decided to write it!

30th Jul 2010, 06:59
Hey Jess, i was at this open day but unfortunately didn't get a call back =( will try for the next one though. Have you got your GC yet? fingers crossed for you!

30th Jul 2010, 07:44
Good luck with your next OD MissB! I was there in Brisbane too, there were SO many people there on Saturday, it was very nerve racking! My status on the website just changed to approval in progress so that's a positive =)

30th Jul 2010, 08:32
Guys again asking for your help!!!

Anyone knows anything about this building : Ali Khalifa Abdulla Saif, Al Nahda II

I know its really bad loctation , but maybe something more you might kno ?

Anything will be really appreciated


30th Jul 2010, 09:26

Read the first sticky thread at the top of this Forum.

30th Jul 2010, 10:56
Apparently the 'not logging in' thing happens to lots of people. It should be working again in a few days, so don't stress!! (Edit: I actually have been reading around and alot of people are saying if you cant log into your account it's a good thing, they are making changes on it etc. :)). I also read about some poor girl that had her status as 'Approval in Progress' for 4 weeks before she was then declined, so i'm not getting too excited yet :bored:

I haven't received any emails from them at all =\

30th Jul 2010, 15:34
O really that poor gal...
I received an email asking me to print sign and scan then email back to Dubai this form of declaration stating I don't have any tattoo's. So did another gal I talk to still Megan..

30th Jul 2010, 19:30
@<hidden> EkAdelaide

Hi, I attended the Emirates Open Day in Hobart recently. There were about 45 people that attended and no more than 15 people made it to the final interview. Most of the applicants that day flew in from other states, mostly from Melbourne and Sydney.

30th Jul 2010, 20:00
hi guys after a week of healing from my rejection i can start to tell you what happened, i had my final interview on the the 15th of june in london i got through to the finals thinking that i would probably get kicked out first round but it was my lucky day and i got to experience how it was, my application was under review and a week after that it changed to approval in progress, i had approval in progress for four weeks and then last week thursday i logged into my account and where my status use to say approval it had changed to not succesful.

So therefore i was heartbroken but i got over it because in the end even if you do pass your final its up to the big boss man who he wants and obviously i wasn't one of them but its ok because in life everyone has a different path to take and obviously emirates wasn't mine, so i just want to give advice to all those who have the approval in progress status don't get your hopes up untill it changes to 'your recruitment co-ordinator will contact you' because when my status changed to approval a lot of people told me that i got in..... and that kinda got my hopes up a bit to much so i really hope that no one goes through what i went through and you guys get in

i got my fingers crossed for all of you guys and i hope your dream comes true. good luck and i'll keep you guys posted for my future endeavors.

CC Wannabe
30th Jul 2010, 23:05
Oh, that's too cruel to be true! Can not understand why it turned to this direction, after going through all these length. Just like riding a roller coaster.
Can not image the healing process, :ugh: poor girl

Anyhow, it approved you are successful to have reached this far despite the undesirable outcome. I guess I won't let my expectation run too high after reading all these threads, will show up in the OD within half month and waited to be eliminated:oh:

You will get it, don't give up.


31st Jul 2010, 01:32
You poor thing Kandy Girl! I will make sure not to be excited at all unless I see it change again to the recruitment officer one. Thank you for writing in, I had been wondering if it was possible to be turned down after the 'Approval in Progress' change. You poor girl, I'm so sorry! :bored:

Looks like you are further along than I am Jess!! Still no emails or anything over here!

31st Jul 2010, 04:37
The two people from the US that I have been talking to, one of the was not successful after about 6 weeks with under review. The other on still has approval in progress and it is 6 weeks.

31st Jul 2010, 05:25
my status is now "you will be contacted...", since wednesday!!:eek:
but no GC yet...
im florencia from buenos aires
went to AD on july 18th and FI on 20th
my FI lasted about 20-30 minutes, i thought i had been just awful, but with these status my hopes are growing!!:rolleyes:
where do you live??
how is your status now??

31st Jul 2010, 12:33
hey people.i went for the AD and didnt make it....best of luck to the ones going for the AD..really its all about luck...the chick who was sitted next to me got it yet she didnt make the reach test...so really its all luck luck luck.

31st Jul 2010, 13:06
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

31st Jul 2010, 13:52
hey guys, can someone clarify me what birth certificates I need to bring with me?
As far as I understood, this should be, your own, parents and brothers, is that alright?
Do you need to bring each and traslate them to english?

31st Jul 2010, 14:05
Hey everyone

well I got that golden call Im leaving on the 25th of October 2010 I am super excited but also sad to leave my boyfriend :sad: I can not download the pre medical files I have tried from my computer and my dads and it says error on page does anyone know where else I can download them or who to contact.

Also does anyone know when my parents would be able to visit and would my bf be allowed? do we get internet in our apartments over there or do we need to organises that ourselves?

thanks in advance

31st Jul 2010, 14:23
am so sorry about that,am really freaking out now my ad is tomorrow donot know how it will go but am hoping for the best,donot worry dear there is always next time.

31st Jul 2010, 14:29
Yeah.theres always next and next time...hehe.good luck babes,hope it works out for you...

1st Aug 2010, 07:57
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

1st Aug 2010, 08:45
Hi everyone!!!

Is anyone joining 20 september?? And starting training the 30?

Would be great to get o know each other :)

Best of luck to all!!!:ok:

1st Aug 2010, 11:19
Hay babe so excited for you.. My status has just changed and I'm just waiting for my gc :)
Try this link
Pre-employment Medical Examination Form.zip (http://www.mediafire.com/?8pabzgabc04b94t)

Just wanted to see how your AD went?????

1st Aug 2010, 19:21
tik and hopefulk,
swity never worry there is always a next time as you said.... i went in today (1st) and i went through the day, am going for my FI on 7th (sat) i choose the day since i did'nt want to take a day off from work. all my finger and toes are crossed. they gave hannah, gave us a list of things to bring. let me post details later as am very tired. we finished at 7.30 imagine!

thanks all for the assistance.

1st Aug 2010, 21:45
Hello everyone! :)
Congratulations all of you passed next stages and final interview!
I would like to ask you some questions..
I was attending OD couple of months ago in my country and didn;t pass CV selection, but at that time I was underage. Maybe I didn;t passed because I didn;t have 21..
My birthday is in september and I would like to try again.. Do I have to wait 6 months or I can try in some other country when I turn 21?

1st Aug 2010, 21:50
No need to translate. (Did they told you to translate them?)
Only need the copies of the birth certificates of the immadiate family members. (For the discounted tickets.)

scan them and save them on your computer or use a memory stick or disc. When I finished my 3-year-contract all details disappeared from the system, you have to submit the documents again or upload them on the Cabin Crew Portal (HR-personal details). They need the passport copies as well.

Don't you, guys get a list or something?! I have a feeling that there is a communication breakdown between the successful applicants and the coordinators. This question was asked a couple days ago, that's why I was wondering...


You can try any time, don't wait.

2nd Aug 2010, 00:03
Sorry if I'm asking this in the wrong place or if its been answered several times before, but Jess mentioned signing a declaration to say she doesn't have any tattoos. I have two tattoos that are both well hidden but lets say I was to be successful in the recruitment process, would having them mean I wouldn't be offered a position? Obviously thinking very far ahead of myself here but I don't know if I would bother applying again if this is the case...

2nd Aug 2010, 00:16
Don't worry. If it's not visible when in uniform, you should be fine.

I've never seen this form in my life but I doubt that a tattoo on your hip or your breast would be a problem...

It's good that you think ahead. Read this thread: ignore the short posts, concentrate on the LONG posts, there is the info.

Find some cabin crew blogs: some of my colleagues write excellent blogs, posting rosters every month and put on beautiful pictures. You find info about the training, accomodations, crew lifestyle. Do some research!

2nd Aug 2010, 00:25
Hi all,

I am yet another silent reader of these posts finally getting enough jest to write about my experience with EK...

My first try at an OD in 2008.. I never heard back... so I moved on with life till I saw the averts for EK CC 2010 and thought hmmm why not?

I applied online and 3 weeks later received an invite to attend a preliminary selection process. Of course I attended..who wouldn't right? I honestly didn't think that I'd make it past the first round but I did have some credible ground to stand on (university degree, customer service experience, non-cc airlines experince,etc) and gosh it was a very long day... it was quite similar to every other AD I have read about on this forum (reach test, talk about the person on your right, group discussions, english test and essay, etc..) it went from 8:30 am till after 7pm where a small group of us were told we made it through to the FI which were held over the next 2 days.

My online status was still "applied" the morning of my AD and only changed to "under review" prior to my FI. FI seemed to have gone quite well for me and I was told that EK would get back to me within 2-3 weeks but if I hadn't heard anything by 6 weeks I was to contact them.

I tried logging into my account 3 weeks after FI to check on my status but couldn't log in..
And then 2 weeks later .. there it was .. the rejection email on my gmail account :{

From my experience being locked out of your account wasn't a "positive" sign. but then again I had no idea if my status was changed from "under review" or not...
Unfortunately, I didn't know about this forum till everything had happened so I was quite clueless about how it all worked.

To those who didn't make it - I know it sucks but it doesn't end here. Maybe it just wasn't right at this point in time and it doesn't mean that you cannot try again. So chin up you have the next 12 months to prepare yourselves for another round:ok:
I was the only one who got the rejected in my batch but I'm not giving up...yet!!!

To everyone who has received their GC's - congratulations!! and those who are preparing for an OD, AD or FI - all the very best!!

**I did have a question that I cound not find the answer to. After being unsuccesful at an FI you have to wait for 12 months... Is it 12 months from AD, FI or the rejection email? I heard somewhere that its counted from the application date :confused:

If anyone knows please let us know....
Thanks in advance!!!

2nd Aug 2010, 01:05
thanks mari, I am sure there must be some kind of discrimination law, I know people who have gone with tattoos and I personally find it a little off puttung when you hear things like that - if they're not visible why should it matter? I'm not a bad person or whatever other predjudice comes with having a tattoo. I will definitely keep trying to get in and cross that brigde if I ever (fingers crossed!) have to =)

I'm doing as much research as I can and know that the most important thing is to just be myself, especially at the open days where you only have a couple of minutes to dazzle them. As soon as I find out when the next open day is in my city I will prepare like crazy. Thanks for the hint on blogs - I will definitely look into those and see if I can find any hints. This board has been an interesting find, I hope to one day be one of the lucky ones to receive a GC!

Good luck to the other brissy girls I hope you get some good news soon! xx

2nd Aug 2010, 01:15
I'm so shocked! You are so nice and clever with excellent background! What the hell happened?!

I'm very sorry and I hope you will try it again and MAKE it next time! (Whenever the time is right for you!!!)

It has to be 12 months between the OD/AD date and the next OD/AD.

Think through the questions and the answers you gave during your final interview. You must have made a mistake. Appearance is also important: make it perfect next time.

Let me clarify:
I have a friend who was rejected once 13 years ago. (Yes, 13. That's the only info I have about feedback. Recruiters are not allowed to talk about these things.) She is Arabic and she had lived in Dubai before her interview and she had some local friends. The company was much smaller that time and her friends found out the feedback for her somehow. She mentioned to me three points:
- they didn't like her shoes
- they didn't like that she was wearing her sunglasses on her head
- she was chatting too much, didn't concentrate on the questions given, went to another direction, talked too much about herself, she was too easy-going, too laid-back.
That's all I know. (My friend made it the second time, later she got married and divorced, and she has been in private flying for 3 years now, lives in Dubai in her own flat and looks amazing at the age of 37.)

You obviously need LUCK as well. HR makes the decision but the recruiters write the reports. They write down everything in detail, they write down the facts, the answers you gave and add some comments. They are also humans, so if they really like you (or they are just tired) they might not mention details that might lead to the rejection letter. (Is that clear?) Pictures are also very important.

I'm very sure that you have the potential. It's actually not about being "good": you just NEED to fit the profile. Find out that profile by reading the Emirates homepage, the posts on forums and read some blogs, look at the pictures on the website and the blogs.

It's not easy to get in: competiotion is much harder than 5-10 years ago. There are more candidates (Emirates is very popular and there is crisis in aviation) and people are more prepared (use of internet and social network) for the event and EK hires all over the world. For example: there are much more recruits in North- and South-America and Eastern-Europe than 2-3 years ago, the percentage of Australina crew will be reduced. (We have around 9% of all crew from Australia but we have more than hundred nationalities.)

You shouldn't give up yet.

All the best!

2nd Aug 2010, 01:39

I believe it's 12 months from application date. Actually I think they just count twelve months from the month you applied, not to the exact date. I remember someone at the Adelaide OD who was unsuccessful at another OD five months ago (ten days short of the required six months), and the recruitment officer said that's fine.

Hope this helps, and congrats on getting to the FI stage. Obviously there's a career for you with EK, it's just a matter of when the time is right :)

2nd Aug 2010, 03:46
Hi all just keeping everyone up to date.
I went for my FI on the 20th of July :)
Wa locked out of my account for a few days:(
My status had changed to approval in progress, 29th July And I received an email asking to sign a decluration about tattoo's on the 29th of July..
My status now says "you will be contacted".. Fingers crossed now :)...
Really don't want to get to excited after reading last few post's..
Best of luck to others x

2nd Aug 2010, 04:49
What i noticed in my AD,which i didnt make (maybe next time or maybe never,i'll try next time and see) in 105 people they only took 13 to go to the next round...out of the girls chosen,one had a poloneck and her suit was a different coloured i.e the coat was a different colour to the skirt, no panty hose and no make up at all...another one had a long skirt,way below the knees and a weave that was not tied back,the other one didnt make the reach test and had a sweater and a skirt and no make up at all....two of them had shirts and skirts only,one shirt was the millitary type shirt and one had loop earings,one had a suit and a t-shirt inside...i didnt get to meet the others but only two had suits,pearls and red lipstick...its all LUCK!
Best of luck to everyone..
njeshwings,wow...happy for you.the fourths time a charm so i definately know you will make it this time...keep us posted.

2nd Aug 2010, 09:24

Yes, during the OD lots of girls don't look perfect. You need to be pretty and tidy of course. We all know that, you just need to read through the posts about the ODs... (There are plenty of them on pprune.) Girls with hair down and girls wearing trousers and ballerina shoes make it to the FI. Sure.

As Jess mentioned previously they used her as an example for the other ones: they explain before the FI how you have to look the next day and on the photos. Only a few people look immaculate on the first day and it makes a very good first impression. The recruiters explain in detail what they want to see the next day and what photos exactly they want to have: yet, many girls are not able to manage as they don't pay attention and cannot follow simple instructions. It's fact.

Is it ALL LUCK? So, you are telling the candidates that it's not worth to prepare and make an effort. You are wrong, I disagree with you.

2nd Aug 2010, 09:30
hi everybody, i just would like to share my situation with you. i applied for CC job with EK in May and been waiting for any response since then. i have already given up on that as there was no change in my status. so i have made planes for my summer holiday. and guess what? yes, i got invitation for OD on 14 August - just the day when i am going to be still on holiday :ugh: sooooo upset

so i would like to ask you - it is just OD and my status changed to under review - do you think i could possibly attend any other open day in near future? i really do not know what to do (there is no way to cancel or postpone the holiday :( )

thank you for any advice

2nd Aug 2010, 09:47
Well as per my previous post I updated you all on my progress..
I'm so disappointed.. The gal I made friends with the minute I walked into aviation australia. Megan has just got the email you have been unsuccessful. However her status is was on approval in progress.. But now says application unsuccessful :(
Only after 2weeks... :(
So sad she was my part nee on crime...

2nd Aug 2010, 09:49
mine was an AD not an OD...i'm not trying to discourge people you have got me all wrong on that...what i mean is that yes you can look good which most of the people did but personality and yes luck in that you are lucky enough that the recruiters like you is part of the process. You did say that at the end of the day they are human...reason i'm saying this is because there was this beautiful girl who was dressed so well and in the group actually introduced herself so well that i was sure she would be picked then walah! Shock on everyone,she was unsuccessful and in that group of about 30 they only picked the one who didnt make the reach test and she was 31...sorry mari if it sounded bad but i was just puting out my observations...i phrased it wrong when i said all luck but it plays a big part...sorry for the miscommunication..
To everyone going to an AD please hope you havent got me wrong...prepare,ask where you are not sure,google and be confident...i am definately going to try again.

2nd Aug 2010, 10:13
Miss B,

The sooner you learn that there is no such thing as a discrimination law in the Middle East the easier it will be for you!

EK want what they want, nothing will change that and if you complain that you are being discrimated against, they will move on to the next person, simple.

Like it or not, how you look and the image you project (whether it is 'you' or not) plays a HUGE part in the process. Took me a few years to figure that one out :} And I wondered why I wasn't successful.

As Mari says, tattoos not a problem if not visible in uniform. However, I have heard talk that tattoos for ladies on the ankle/feet/lower leg may soon become unacceptable as they are thinking of removing trousers from the uniform. (Only a rumour though at this stage I think.... Mari?? Heard anything???)

2nd Aug 2010, 11:50
Are they particularly meticulous about the teeth? (Emirates & others) the problem with my teeth is that it has a metallic structure that fills the small gaps in between. (I think it is called metal jacket, and fills 4 small gaps) and I have it since my first year in high school.
I have gone through 2 CV drop off already but unfortunately didn’t make to the OD/AD yet.
One more thing I am turning 30 this month, will I still stand a chance? Thanks for the help. The site is very informative. Keep it up!

2nd Aug 2010, 12:03
Mari and everyone else:

Thank you for your feedback and encouranging words :)

Not very certain of where I went wrong but I've accepted it (after way too long trying to analyse every moment of the FI :ugh:and being miserable) and I am very happy to have reached so far in this.. I will take it as a learning step and improve on it. At least this time around I have more information and know what to expect or what is expected of me and will try to leave no stone unturned ;)
We all learn from experience (sometimes from our own and sometimes through others') Now I am more aware and informed on almost everything that I had no idea about previously. So thank you all once again..

Wow...I can't believe that! The recruiters seriously did that??
But I'm glad that she didn't give up...kudos to her and for where she is at in life now :D

We all go through that questioning phase after being unsuccessful of what we did wrong and why we didn't make it through. But after the emotions settle down it makes you want to go for it again all the more.. well for me it does!! So although it's still in the distant future I've started preparing for my 3rd attempt...I don't think I'm ready to give up just yet either.

I'm not very religious but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. A close friend of mine told me something that I thought I'd share with you all:

"maybe..just maybe..there is something else that you have to go out and achieve..something you wouldn't have been able to do if you had received that call."

I just accept that the timimg wasn't right for me... besides life's too short to dwell on what you didn't accomplish but dwell rather on those things that have yet to achieve!!!

Take care everyone,

2nd Aug 2010, 12:33
Hello everyone!! I have just attended the final interview in Bournemouth.If anyone of the selected people who were today in the FI are reading this, contact me! and we can be in touch to talk about the results :) It`s going to be hard to wait now for 4-6 weeks!! I am pretty happy with my FI and I think the lady was quite happy with it as well, but you never know after hearing some of the posts ...

The best of the luck for everyone who is waiting or is going to attend any OD!!!

By the way, I agree with Mari! In my opinion, it is not just about luck, is about having the personality and the appearance they are looking for

2nd Aug 2010, 14:18
Hi LittleHat,

how's life?

Yes, I also heard the rumour about it. As long as it's not official, there is nothing to confirm. I doubt it was true but everything is possible...

2nd Aug 2010, 14:50
I totally agree with hopefulke its all about luck nothing when it comes to ADs nothing more or less.was also in Nairobi and did not make it but with my experience that my conclusion.

In June i had an AD in Entebbe and the girls that got picked had no make up,where putting on a skirt and blouse,one had a very large blue suit she looked like a mummy yet she was young so basically for the AD just be naturally they do not care about appearance on the AD they just want to assess you and appearance comes in during the FI.

that's what i think.Hopefulke i heard emirates comes to Nairobi every 4months so i guess they will be back in December how true is that?

2nd Aug 2010, 15:02
They were here in April before this one so it might be true but didnt they write that you can reapply in six months..?! Are you back home?

2nd Aug 2010, 15:10
yes am back home.thats what they said but i got an invite before the six months elapsed so i will keep trying the struggle continues for the greater horizons.

2nd Aug 2010, 18:17
Hi and thank you for the info so far to many of you.

I have my OD coming up on Aug 7 and am panicking about the photo. Normally I wear glasses but only two days ago found the medical requirements where it states clearly that glasses are not allowed and contacts must be used. I have no problem switching to contacts but I already had my professional photos taken WITH glasses and there is not enough time to get a new set done without them. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do? Will there be any opportunity to explain to the recruiters that I can wear contacts?

Thank you!

2nd Aug 2010, 18:59
Hi Florbrillito!´
I´m Georgina from Cordoba! I had my AD on July 17th and the FI on the 19th.
My FI also lasted around 30 min. I had pending docs to send like photos and certificates and stuff like that, which I did.
I accessed the website and my status is approval in progress and since I read this forum and realized I could check it by internet, it has always been the same status!
Did you have pending info to send them?
I read that if you have the "you´ll be contacted status" it´s a good sign! :ok:
are there any boys or girls that made AD with you in the same status???

2nd Aug 2010, 19:12
Hi Georgina, I'm Leandro, you know me from the 17th July AD. I have the same status, and as far as I know, only three of all that we attended got their Golden Calls. So I guess we have to wait until our status change to "co.ordinator will soon..." or "unsucssessfl".
I have to admit that it's getting harder and harder not to be anxious about the answer!

Regards to you all,


2nd Aug 2010, 20:14
Hi guys, Im kike and i went to Mar del Plata too on July the 18th and had my FI on July the 21st. As Leo and pipita y have my status on the profile page on "approval in progress". I guess we'll have to wait!!

2nd Aug 2010, 20:56
Oh my God your last post describes exactly what I went through after my last AD in April. It was my second time trying, made it to FI being the only male so it beats logic why they didn't pick me. I now think I have a very strong idea as to where I went wrong during the FI. I have now embarked on a journey of discovery. For example I have come to realise that it is better to argue out / explain yourself logically during the FI. I'm at heart an intuitive person and I speak what comes to mind, which turned out to be my downfall. I do believe, however, that everything that was meant to be shall be. Shortly after my FI back in November 2008, I met this great person and we started dating, so the first unsuccessful email didn't sting that much. Flash forward to April 2010, I got the email and it got me disappointed at first. At around the same time, the person I briefly dated in 2008 came back into my life (they had just come back into the country after having been away in Abu Dhabi for quite a while on work) and it was nice to have them by my side again. I am thinking of continuing from where we left off but that's beside the point. Nothing in life is random. Everything in the universe works in tandem to create a destiny for you. So many things have to be in sync for you to be able to achieve your goals. I believe I will go through next April. If I don't, I will keep trying. For all of you who've gotten the dreaded unsuccessful email, it's ok to feel like someone reached into your chest cavity and tore out your heart. You'll be o.k after a while. Just don't internalise it. Vent it out to friends and family. Know that the fact that you made it to FI means you have what Emirates is looking for. You just need to 'polish your product' . Most times it will take you two or three tries to finally be accepted. Take care x

2nd Aug 2010, 22:16

Someone wrote above that the courses are all full for September.

Remember: RAMADAN IS COMING SOON!!! Everything slows down that time as the office hours are shorter...

Don't worry too much if you don't hear anything for 4-8 weeks: they will contact you sooner or later!!!

Ramadan in 2010 will start on Wednesday, the 11th of August and will continue for 30 days until Thursday, the 9th of September.

2nd Aug 2010, 23:04
Oh, I just realized that I read the info about the full courses on another forum. Anyways, one of the members of the other forum attended the OD in Belgrade and she was told that courses in September were already full.

There were around 350 people in Belgrade (31st July), 90 were called back for the assessments.

3rd Aug 2010, 00:46
Thanks for the info =D no wonder why i get to start in october

3rd Aug 2010, 01:39
Hey Everyone,

Quick question. I've read through tonnes of the forum but I'm still not a hundred per cent sure so hoping someone can clarify for me. For the ADs are they usually all done in one day, as in they don't call you back in a day or two for the 1-to-1 interview or can they sometimes be spread out over a few days?

Cheers guys!!

3rd Aug 2010, 03:02
Hay Hun well I hope this helps
I had my open day on the 17 th of July this year and the open day was yes open to everyone who wants to get into emirates.
1.With you, you must bring your resume make it as small as possible only 2 or 3 pages at the most. They have weight restrictions with their travel and they will tell you to removed everything that's not important.
2. A photo of your self in business attire, I'm serious when I say this wear a suite with knee length skirt, stockings " must be skin colored". Wear a collared business shirt underneath and do the jacket up. Have your hair up off your face and tied in a bun. And spray it with no wispy bits. Wear court shoes if you have them if not heals but appropriate ones no straps....
3. Be your self and definitely don't talk over anyone. Watch your posture at all times they watch how you walk and how you present yourself. Even when not in class room there is always someone watching...
4. Sorry got off track to your question. The day will be long or short depending. On how many people turn up. At mine there was around 300 I think and I was seen about half way through I left about 1300pm I was there from 09:00am.
5. After this we were told that if we were successful we would receive a call before 1700pm that day. And be asked to return the next day.
6. The following day went till 1700pm after all the stages. People were cut throughout out the day. There were 21 people left by this stage.
7. We all then had separate days to return for our final interviews some Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday... I was on Tuesday...
I hope this helps if you need to ask anything else just let me know I'm happy to help :)

3rd Aug 2010, 03:13
Hi Jes,

Huge thanks for all the tips, really appreciated. I have applied for an AD so will have to wait and see if I get invited, fingers crossed i will. Only thing is I'm a guy so don't think turning up in a skirt would de me any favours ;) haha!

So are you wainting on a call from them now or whats the story?

3rd Aug 2010, 05:18
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

3rd Aug 2010, 07:53
thanks all for your information. its very true they come to nairobi alot, i remember the recruiter (hannah) saying that in Nairobi everyone passes the english test and they like that.
i dropped my cv in april, and also mentioned to the lady that that was the fourth time they are taking my cv, and have never been invited, and i got an invite this time.

about the AD, what i observed was that few people who made to the FI, had some level of neatness like MARI is saying, trust me appearance will matter alot. also poor listening and urguing with the group was another thing that diqualified pple. also the posture, i remember our last group activity was a group discussion about what we would like changed in our kenya, one lady had alot of good ideas, had the best english in our group, was very very very confident, but kept rubbing her hands, checking her nails as she spoke, stretching herself, not openly, but like to suggest she is very tired, (actually she was sleeping during the breaks)..... she was left out. so luck yes but also you need to be prepared, i learnt alot from this forum and it helped me alot. if anyone feels am not right please tell me, am also learning.

kenyan85 thanks alot for the updates, Mari thanks for the info, may be alittle advise about the FI for me .


3rd Aug 2010, 08:35
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

3rd Aug 2010, 08:58
Hello everybody!!!I am new on this forum and I just wanted to ask a question. Last year I had an interview with the Emirates Group and reached Final Interview but I did not receive their "golden call". Now I was up to apply again but it turned out that in Dubai they recruit only arabic-speaking candidates. It looks a little bit strange for me since they have so many interviews for all the nationalities all over the world. Why is the situation different in Dubai? Does anybody have any thoughts when the situation might be changed.Maybe I just can not find a link for non-arabic speakers?Dear Mari, thank you for all your posts, they are very helpful for everybody, you know everything so I will be very happy to hear your thoughts.

3rd Aug 2010, 11:52
Hello all,

Who's attending the OD in Vancouver? I'm excited and bubbly ... I wish I could afford a Boss' suit to wear on that day, but I can't dig that deep into my pockets. I know it's been stressed that you've gotta look sharp.

:) Good luck to one and all.

P.s. Do OD/ADs continue in Ramadan?

3rd Aug 2010, 12:58
Well, as you can see there are many ODs and ADs in August and September. So, obviously: YES.

CC Wannabe
3rd Aug 2010, 15:42
Hi there,

Sorry about the outcome. However you might as well check the EK website about the recruitment campaign in China, it says' preliminary selections will be done in conjunction with appointed agency FASCO'. It could be due to the large numbers of people attending.

I heard that the campaigns in China got foreigners attending, Thai,the Philippines, Russian areas...and got selected. So really not sure how this works. I will go there and find out myself next time if I visit there.:}

About Registering for AD

Could anyone tell me that I should register for AD? I have registered for the OD on the website already.

As a matter of fact, the place of holding the OD I'm going hasn't said anything about AD, the dates and places for AD in Canada have been posted on EK website--they are in other two different cities from mine. Is this to say that people who will pass the OD, for instance, in my city, will they get invited to the AD in other cities?

Anybody get any idea about this, please, your help is urgently needed. Mari, do you know how this works? Appreciated.

3rd Aug 2010, 16:05
An AD is assessment, you need an invitation.

An OD is walk-in, no invitation is required.

You shouldn't care about the other cities. Go for the Open day you selected. (It's good that you filled up the application form but it's really not mandatory.)

3rd Aug 2010, 16:10
cause i checked the fasco website and i didnt even see any foreigner names, all of them were like chinese.. this girl i met too also said that if you were recruited from fasco anf made it through, she said that you have to pay or give money to the agency.. probably, the recruiters didnt like me.. i dont know.. might as well try again next time.. thanks anyway

3rd Aug 2010, 17:02
Hey Guys, thank you everybody for your posts, they're all very helpful.

Is anyone attending the AD in México City on August 26th and 27th?

Good luck to everyone applying and leaving to Dubai soon.

3rd Aug 2010, 17:12
People I need a final confirmation about one thing. When I get this message:

"You will be contacted by your Recruitment coordinator at the earliest"

Means that I'm in, ain't I??????

3rd Aug 2010, 18:03
No. Read the previous posts in this topic.

3rd Aug 2010, 18:17
I've read ALL the earlier posts and everyone who got "You will be contacted by your Recruitment coordinator at the earliest" received the GC. In the other hand, you could see your stats as "Unsuccesful".

CC Wannabe
3rd Aug 2010, 18:20
Many thanks for the reply. Very confused after seeing no AD information for my city.

It is very likely some traveling will be involved for candidates who pass the OD in the places without having info for AD.

I'm going to register for AD, unfortunately, to choose from one of the three cities listed.:ugh::ugh::ugh: The advantage of being in the big country like this....

3rd Aug 2010, 18:25
Helo Jess! Have you finally recieved the GC???? My account is blocked too with that red message that says "Your will be contacted..."

3rd Aug 2010, 19:25
So you already KNOW the answer.


3rd Aug 2010, 19:35
Yes Mari, thanks! :P
It's just that I still can't believe it, sorry if I sounded rude or something. But as I said before, I still can't believe that I'm gonna be in Dubai in 3 months max.
It's simply unblievable!!!

Thanks again,


3rd Aug 2010, 20:12
hi leogemetro, when your status says a recuriter will call you, it does mean you will get your golden call, mine was like that for like a week and a half and then they called me, so dont worry if it takes some time, the call will come!!!:ok:

3rd Aug 2010, 20:53
Hi everyone

I just wanted to post a quick message to show my appriciation for pprune. I have been in Dubai for nearly 3months now, completed my training, flying A380 and loving every single minute of this amazing adventure.

I gained so much knowledge and confidence from this forum and I want to thank everyone who contributed to that. I also met some amazing friends on here who turned out to be batch mates.

So to everyone who is going through the interview process or waiting for the call ... i know exactly how you feel, its complete torture. I waited three weeks for my call and I was glued to pprune every step of the way, clinging on to all the informaton i could take in. The wait is the absolute worst part but for most of you it will soon be over. I am so proud to work for Emirates and I am making the most of every minute. You will get to see amazing places, make friends for life and work with fabulous trainers and crew once you are out online. So dont give up hope, the wait is more than worth it.

Wishing you all the very best of luck from the bottom of my heart.

Sophie x

3rd Aug 2010, 21:39
hello guys :) Is there somebody with date of join 10 August????? please wtie me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th Aug 2010, 01:58
Omg: don't know what to do was at work this morning and had missed calls from overseas unknown number but I cannot call it back? Does anyone know if this is there number +9742668855?????? Many thanks :)

Hay leogemetro,
Hopefully will soon congrats hope you make it.. By the sounds of it you are in :)
When was your FI?

4th Aug 2010, 03:33
Hey Jes553

Looking at the number does appear to be their area code etc...

Good Luck...:)

I've been invited to a couple of open days but haven't been able to get there may be one day:)

4th Aug 2010, 04:16
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

CC Wannabe
4th Aug 2010, 05:19
There are few more places in Canada, starting with Vancouver, you guys there are lucky. Gonna share experience later on;)

Hope EK flies more often to Canada, so far it only got 2 flights/week to Toronto--conservative governance in aviation industry here. It's very obvious that EK is about to expand the Canadian market, so many recruitment campaigns being held in August! That's a good sign, more options for passengers. The market is not competitive enough yet.

Good luck to you, you would be good even without Boss suit, so long as you followed the suggestions and experiences shared here.:D

4th Aug 2010, 06:20
Hi guys!!!

Flor, jess and Leo!!! Congrats, so as is heard you are part of the 3 guys that allready got the job.

I had my AD on July 18th. With Flor! and my FI on july 21st. And i cannot recall when my status changed to approval in progess. I hope that mine changes like yours Leo!!!

Pipita it seems that you and i will have to wait.

And one more time, YEAHHHHHHHH GUYZZZZZZZZ YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

4th Aug 2010, 06:43
Hi, guys!
I've learned a lot of things from here, I'm new though.
Actually, I'm not a canadian, but live here.
So, I'm planning to attend there, but I don't know anything about it.
I just only know the Emirates treats their employees so well.
The thing is I'm not a native speaker, plus when I'm nervous,
I usually can't speak well...Especially, English is my second
language, so I'm worried about English a lot now.

I just checked AD on Sep, there is AD in Vancouver on Sep.
Please give me an advice for that...
If it's possible to attend OD and AD, I'd love to do that,
but if it's not possible, should I attend OD on Aug 7th ( without enough
preparation, but just go for it...? :}) or wait till Sep ( I will have a time to prepare for the interview more.. but I'll be dying)?

Actually, I bought all of my clothes for the interview on Aug 7th,
but I just found out the AD... So, I'm debating.
I've wanted to get this job for a long time, please help me :ugh:
Oh, I don't know where I can take a picture in Vancouver, so
I just took it in my home.... hahaha... I have to go to studio?

Anyway, thanks for your kindness and time.
I hope I can meet a lot of people there, see you! :)

4th Aug 2010, 06:54
hello i applied for the open day in sydney june 2010 my status kept saying approval in progess for a long time then i got a call from emirates wanting a high school certificate after emailing them that they called me to say i had the job and flying out in oct after medicals ive tried logging into my account it wont let me it just says you will be contacted by your recruiter at the earliest did anyone else apply this time and get through????

i went through the process they want professional photos not saying you have to go to a studio but the cleaner and closer the pictures are the better , not sure how the process goes overseas (im from australia) but here we needed 2 photos on the open day and if you got through 6 passport, 2 casual and 2 full length photos but there very scrict on how these look , the group interview is different from most jobs it will be nothing like what you expect

4th Aug 2010, 08:00
@<hidden> sophie13

I have to say I am really happy to have read your post... so nice!!!! Thank you for telling us this... my DOJ is 20 sep.. and of course, sometimes I worry about making the wrong decision.. but for post like yours is that I say to myself...it's a great opportunity! I just have to go!

I really really appreciate you taking time to tell us this.. :ok:


Yes! this is one of the numbers they call you from! they called me 4am my time.. so.. jaja they call at any moment ;) good luck!!!

4th Aug 2010, 08:28
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

4th Aug 2010, 09:02
Congrats to you and the others who got a DOJ
Anyway whats your joining date Coco7? mine is on 25oct...have you got the same date? ;D:}

4th Aug 2010, 09:22
Hay congrats on getting through :)
Really just hope I'm in the same boat shortly:)


Wow congratulation I'm hoping if I get through it will be around September as well.
When was your open / assessment day?
Have a question with dental I need a whole to be filled and maybe a root ca to be fixed. Should I do this before I do my x-rays?

4th Aug 2010, 09:31
thanks!! congrats to you too, as i am sure they will call you back in no time!

My OD was the 19 of June.

mmm, yes I think it's better that you get this fixed before your x-rays... this way, when you get ur x rays done everything will be perfect :)

4th Aug 2010, 09:56
This forum is a blessing.

Congrats to all the folks who got their GC/DOJ :) Good luck to those attending the OD/ADs. Vancouver ticket is costing me quite a bit from here in Cali :rolleyes:

4th Aug 2010, 10:19
Hey Coco7, I was in sydney too! I leave 4th October. What date do you leave?? First they said 27th of Sep, then it just changed on the portal to 4th Oct?? Oh well Im just glad Im going yay! (Still waiting for final approval!) Its killing me!!!

Also coco7, I waited a few days for my contract, and new login and medicals etc but did not get it. so I emailed them and they emailed it back very soon after. You could try that if they haven't emailed you already. I used the email in the info they gave us before the final interview.

4th Aug 2010, 13:16
hi all!!!
I just wanted to keep you up to date too!!
My status changed yesterday morning to " you will be contacted by your recruitment coordinator at the earliest..." and I can not login into my account....:O

Someone from argentina that has the same message??? or someone that had already the GC after having this red message in the account???


4th Aug 2010, 13:44
Yeah! Just like Leogemetro, and now I that i checked it, i too have my status changed to "you will be...".:O No GC for the moment.

I really dont know what to say to you. My brain has just stopped when i read that in Emirates webpage.:ugh: Guess that just like my tv i went on Stand By mode. Please someone wake me up when the telephone rings.

Please GC, please GC, Please GC.

I will perform my happy dance if this happens i promise and upload it on Youtube!!!


4th Aug 2010, 14:14
am surprised but emirates is coming back to Kenya next month,so are you in,i have already applied.fingers crossed this time around.

4th Aug 2010, 18:28
Yeah, my status is the same as yours pipita. As far as I know, three recieved the golden call and 5 of us (including you) are waiting for the telephone ring!
So keep your batteries charged and ears alerted :D

Regards to you all,


4th Aug 2010, 20:57
Yeah, EK will be having an AD in the coastal city of Mombasa. I guess they're looking into breaking into that route, given it's importance as a tourism hub. Good luck to all applying. I met with njeshwings today and we had a ball, and I gave her tips on her FI. Here's hoping and praying she makes it!

5th Aug 2010, 02:28
Hi guys guess what?? my expected DOJ is october 18th!!:D:D
Not sure yet if i will pass medicals...:uhoh:
As far as I know 2 other than me also got the GC but their DOJ is in november!! how weird??!!

TO ALL NATIONALITIES: Note medicals cannot be downloaded if you dont complete the previous steps, trust me I tried in different computers and different browsers but i couldnt. :=

well now im trying to get my medicals done i have so many questions to ask you guys!! but i will first use search section :8

MAri: yes they say we have to take family documents of birth translated officially...:suspect:

good luck and keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having a dream is JUST the beginning

5th Aug 2010, 03:11
So excited for you all. Best of luck, how long was it from ur FI, until your status's changed? To " will be contacted by..." Just curious.
Have a question for everyone silly one probably but on my application I smoked and put that i wanted to live in a smoking appartment, but since quit..... How would I be able to change this??

5th Aug 2010, 03:41
Hello everybody!!!:)

I did my FI in Sao Paulo- Brazil, last week and I'm still waiting for the GC, but today I was talking with one of the girls who did the AD with me, and she was telling me that the recruiters didnt ask her to make that written test with many figures on it after her FI.
Let me be more clear..
After my FI, the ladies from Emirates asked me to make one test with 187 questions on it, with many figures, but I noticed that she didnt asked for everybody just for some people.

Is this a bad or good??

Someone here in the forum did or did not do it this test? or herad about it?


Congratulations everybody who already received the GC, thats really amazing..
And good luck for who still waiting..;)

5th Aug 2010, 04:41
Hi jes553,

after they call you.. you will have access to the portal, where there is everything you need to fill out. The is a stage that says Online Joiners Form, where they ask you again if you want a smoking apartment or not. Just click no. :) no problem

5th Aug 2010, 05:25
Hey i'm gonna live at Razooki Building, Al Nahda II as well, do you have any information about it already?

5th Aug 2010, 05:46
@<hidden> jeseleio

hi! I also did that test.. and all of the 11 people that got to final interview in my country did it, I guess it depends on the amount of time they have left, and also the amount of people (remember some FI have 30 people, some even only 5 people). Don't worry about it. :ok:

5th Aug 2010, 06:37
Thankyou :) for that information, shouldn't get ahead of myself just yet tho :)...

5th Aug 2010, 08:38
Nah...i dont think i'll go.i'll wait till they have one in nairobi...dont think i'm ready to take the risk especially that whole six months thing..but if they come in dec i wil try it out.

5th Aug 2010, 09:15
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem...
Today I went to get my dental report done and to my horror I need a root canal. How do I go about this in the candidate portal? because my documents are almost due but treatment could take four weeks, I still have 74 days until DOJ so not too concerned...


5th Aug 2010, 12:32
i have been called to attend a prelimenary interview with Emirates.im soo nervous..any help? im freaking out

5th Aug 2010, 16:43
Hi guys!!

you see I had to wait only 10 days for my GC!!:E
FI: July 20th:uhoh:
"You will be contacted": July 28th:\
GC: july 31st 6.00 am!! :} (I was sleeping, had to call them back afterwards :E)

5th Aug 2010, 16:53
For those asking about internet in the apartments; there is wifi available but it costs 300 AED monthly.

5th Aug 2010, 17:01
to Florbrillito:
Hey Florebrillito! congrats!!! you are almost there!!! :):ok:
But, why do you say, that you are not sure that you will pass your medicals? how hard are they??
on the other hand, which are the following steps after you receive the DOJ???

thank you!!!:}
until now, no GC received.
I had my FI on july the 19th.
Also...have you received your call???

To biotech:
where are you from? and when did youhae your FI??? i was in mardel on july the 17th....
keep us up to date too!!!!!:):):)

5th Aug 2010, 17:05
jes553 (http://www.pprune.org/members/289794-jes553):

Thanks!!! I added you to my MSN list. 15 days after my interview, my status changed to "Your Recruitment co.ordinator...". No more, no less. My status changed 2 days ago, but I'm still waiting for that GC. The same as pipita and Biotech!

Hope to see you all in DXB!



6th Aug 2010, 03:39
I'm confused if I should attend the OD in Vancouver or LA. Anyone planning the LA one in September?

6th Aug 2010, 05:28

My status changed after 14 days:eek:. My Ad was on July 18th, and FI July 21st.
A week more or less after my FI my status changed from apply to Approval in progress i guess. And to @<hidden> will be contacted [email protected]<hidden>:\ this wednesday, but still no GC.:(


Up there you have the dates, and I live in Buenos aires, Ituzaingo, Zona Oeste. 20 km from Capital Federal. In Front of Hurlingham at the right of Moron.
Where do you live? Do you have any news from other people that had their AD on the 17th? :ooh:


Why do you say you are going to fail your medicals????:confused:

Best of luck to you all, those who wait for their GC and those who are planning to attend to OD or AD!!!!:ok:

6th Aug 2010, 08:39
Hi to the Brisbane people! I was at this open day too and had a final interview but I haven't heard anything at all, so I'm freaking out a bit now :bored:
I was just wondering with the online status of application - did you fill out the form on the first day that asked for the online application number? I submitted an online application but I didn't know my application number so left that part blank, now I don't know if my online application is linked to my actual application or not! So I don't know if the status means anything, currently says "Under Review" but I have no idea if it has ever said anything different to that at all since I haven't checked it since attending the Open Day.
Sounds like you're almost there Jess!

6th Aug 2010, 08:46
Hello,is there anybody from Romania,Timisoara who wants to attend the OD from Bratislava,Slovakia in 14 08 2010?I would want to go,so if there is anybody intrested i have 2 places available in my car!:E:E:E

6th Aug 2010, 10:11
Hi ALL !!!
Here is what happened in Belgrade (open day 31.07):
Recruiters- Svetlana and Alex
On 31st around 400 people showed up, so the first day was just a CV drop-off.It took 5 hours for everyone to drop-off their CV.We were told that there will be a video presentation in the afternoon followed by Q&A.after the presentation we were told if we don't get contacted by 10 pm we were not successful.167 people were called,I got my call just after 7pm. The next day 01.08 we were divided into groups of 15 and we sat in a circle and asked the person to our left if they can what animal will they be for 24 hours and why.While discussing we were pulled one by one to do the reach test followed by 2-3 questions.after everyone presented to group about the person on their left we had to wait outside to get the piece of paper with Congratulations or Sorry.112 people passed.for all of us that passed we had to take the English test in the afternoon. 95 people passed the test.because so many people were successful they had to call their manager in Dubai for further instructions.We were divided into groups with time slots over the next two days( 02.08 and 03.08).I had to came back on the 02.08.again we sat in a circle but this time in a group of just 6 people.Our group had to create a new airline.We had to discuss and decide on the name of the airline, the base of the airline, first destinations and what type of airline.From those who were called back on the 02.08, 40 reached the final interview.My FI was on 04.08 and lasted 1 hour.I was asked about specific situation from my previous jobs- situation when I had to deal with upset customer, situation when I had to make an important decision, situation when I was criticized at work. I had to give them full details. What I said, what the customer said, when was that and so on.

Can you guys tell me where I can register online so I can check on the status of my application?

Thank you !!!

6th Aug 2010, 13:38
Hi Navelo,

Where can you register? Surprise, surprise: on the Emirates career page (www.emiratesgroupcareers.com (http://www.emiratesgroupcareers.com)) under "Register with the Emirates group". (It's written in red.)

You click on it and you can create your profile here:



I just read back most of your posts by clicking on your name. (Thanks for writing but NOT reading by the way. You've been registered on pprune for 5 years!!!!!!! As you know your question has NEVER been asked yet. Ever.)

So, you made it to the final twice and then you went for another OD this year and did not make it to the final on your 3rd attempt. In June 2010? Is that correct?

Your last unsuccessful FI - according to you - was within a year, I think 25th Oct 2009: you shouldn't try anything yet at all. You are in the system 100% and there is a big chance that they will find it out later on if you make it to the final again. In this case they will reject you for sure as this is the policy.

But do whatever you want, it's up to you. If I were you I would polish my English. I can't believe you were able to write an essay!!!

6th Aug 2010, 17:51
Well, in my humble opinion, the whole idea of writting an essay has more to do with evaluate how you manage to give herarchy to ideas than just seeing if you are good at grammar or not. Everyone that attended the 17th July AD in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, who made it to the FI had a very good language level, but I've heard that's not always the case. I think english is not everything, not even half of what EK is looking for. But as I said before, it's only my humble opinion.

Best Regards to you all,


PD: By the way, Mari, I've sent you a PM, have you read it? Thanks.

7th Aug 2010, 00:33
Hay how are you.. What is your name just trying to put a face on you if you were at bris with me...
My online application had to be linked to me cause I didn't have my number with me at the time either. My status went from applied, to under review, to approval in progress, to you will be contacted, in between this time I received an email about uniform decularation and no tattoos. Hope this helps :).:)

Morning pipit, still no call.... I'm sure it will come soon enough :)
Hopefully. Will let you all no as soon as it comes :)

7th Aug 2010, 01:21
I'm Kirsten, I met you on the day of the final interview (I was just before you).
When you say it had to be linked - did you have to do this yourself or did you just log on at some point and realise that the status of your online application was changing? I'm thinking that the under review at this stage is probably a rejection on the way :{
So awesome that you got that missed call, must be agony waiting for the call back, (read your previous posts) although at least you can be 99% confident, Well done to you!!

7th Aug 2010, 01:45
To people who recently just had your FI

First of all I know what or how exactly you're feeling right now...join the club
But I wish to tell you that please don't panic just yet some people waited for their call for more than 6 weeks some 3 months im not joking its true.(happened to my friend)
I received my call after 3 weeks and the number started something like +971xxxxx... I guess it depends on the situation around them at that stage(training class availability, could be their long weekends or whatever.Actually MARI was saying that its their holy month overthere forgive me if im wrong RAMADAN-praying and fasting )

Oh and if anybody who has a DOJ on the 25oct emil me privately so we can starting connecting :}

Wishing you all the best :O:E:8:} (love emotion icons lol)

7th Aug 2010, 02:00
Hay yeah I remember you... Hi:)
Have some questions, after your interview did you do the other test?
Also how long was yours I couldn't remember, but I was in mine for like 1hr and 15...
Senerio after senerio.. It was crazy they drilled me..
But I loved it :). Also with my online application I didn't do anything at all. Wats strange was I use to log in with my personal email, but at interview I gave them my work email.. Then a few days after my interview I was locked out of my account for a couple of days, I then tried logging back on to emirates web site and they told me my user/ log in email had changed to my work email, they must of done all of that.somehow???? Best of luck tho babe :).

7th Aug 2010, 03:44
Good Luck to those who are attending Vancouver OD tomorrow!
Please share your experience since this could be the second time in Canada hosting an Open Day without the HR Agency.

Once again, good luck! It's time to shine!!

7th Aug 2010, 05:19
Thanks for the encouragement versace_nathan!
What was your experience compared to the other people who were in the same FI group as you? Looks like a few people in my group have had a bit of activity on their applications and I've had nothing at all, not even the uniform email. I can't stand these stories of people who've been rejected after 6 weeks. Agony! Congratulations to you for making it!

Hey Jess, no, I didn't do the other test. I think they said on the Sunday though that some people would and some wouldn't depending on the results from the psychometric PF16 we did. I think my interview went for about 30 - 40 minutes?? Was the 1hr 15 including the extra test? I thought I went ok except for one question that I could just tell I gave a bad answer to. Could be my undoing!
Thanks for the info about the online status, I guess my application is probably linked so I guess I'll just see how I go over the next few weeks. It's not even been 3 weeks yet so I guess there's a chance they just haven't started processing it yet (hoping, hoping). Do you know how anyone else from Brissie has gone? Don't know if you remember Jasmin - she got the call on Wednesday and is off on 25th October.

7th Aug 2010, 08:25
Thank you and you're welcome ;D

My interview was less than an hour i was surprised so the lady was like laughing at me and asked me 'i can make up more questions for you if you want but I'm happy with your answers' blah blah... i was like no I'm fine ahah (thinking if she ask me more i might fail! Anyway we (people who got through to FI) have completed our personality test (on our very first day)I think I'm sure it was not an IQ test...And I am not aware of anybody elses that has done something different.
From what I gathered from who I still keep in touch our recruitment was pretty straight forward ie no one that i know got asked to do extra tests/exams...

Background:OD 26-06, 121 turned up 28 made through FI.
9am CV drop off,DVD presentation followed by Q&A. Divided into 8 groups.Group1&2 remain in the room while the rest left and waited outside until Q1&2 done their activity wait for 5 mins to receive a piece of paper either saying congrats or unfortunately...then G3&4 go in and so on...
Therefore through the day We seen these peoples leaving/walking away sad... less and less people 28 made through as mentioned above 9am to 9pm.At the end of our day the RO asked if you have any tattoos,birth mark....language you can speak,paper work for visa,application forms...personality test

I cant wait to start and good luck to you i hope you hear from them soon ;D disregard this if you already have received THE call ;p:8

7th Aug 2010, 10:08
Hi everyone, I'm new here. Early this month I submitted an application online and am curious to see if I get any sort of response. Does anyone know how soon I can find out if they are interested in me? Also can someone give me more details about the open call in LA in September?

7th Aug 2010, 11:12
Hey guysssss!!! guess whattttt.....!!!
GOLDEN CALL RECEIVED....!!!!!:}:}:}:} (at 5 am....)

I just wanted to keep you updated...!!!!

Till now, my expected DOJ is November 4th!! :ok::ok:

I´m sooooooo happpyyyyyyy!!!! :)

7th Aug 2010, 15:11
Very excited to see all the AD and OD going on in canada ! Good luck to all specially people in Montreal , I am lonely :)

Good Luck to all

CC Wannabe
7th Aug 2010, 18:53
Mabrouk !!!

So happy for you, you must be thrilled at the moment of that Golden Call:ok:

7th Aug 2010, 20:11
should i wear trouser suit for the profile pictures or skirt suit. I really want to get through this time this is my third time of applying.

anyone can help me.

7th Aug 2010, 22:15
Hi all

I just attended the OD in Vancouver. Surprisingly we were told that there was not going to be any further meetings as the resumes were going back to Dubai and then they will decide if we get invited to an AD. Does this sound right? I was under the impression that we would be advised to come back the next day etc etc.

About 120 people showed up, we sat for 2 hours listening to the recruiter who told us everything and anything we needed to know, along with some videos. I think they want to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting into.

After that we lined up and had exactly two minutes to hand in the resume, photo, forms and tell them why we wanted to join. That was it!

Not sure if anything else will happen now but just waiting for a call to an AD?!


7th Aug 2010, 22:24
No more further meetings after the OD? Are you serious?
That's the weirdest OD ever.

I mean 120 people wasn't that many. They should have conducted the AD right away after the briefing.

I am glad that I went to the one in Seattle last month since they conducted AD on the same day. Everyone was shortlisted.

Anyway, Good Luck to people who showed up today.

7th Aug 2010, 23:20
Personally I would wear a skirt.,Why I GUESS because you gotta show them if you have the emirates look (as far as the look goes) but thats just my opinion.
In saying that I saw a group of girls who were groomed immaculately,5 of them were wearing the same thing, red lip sticks, they look just like emirates girls but none of them got so confidence and personality counts and we know that hehe
But the most important thing is which one would you feel more confident in?
And if you wear a skirt im sure that they expect to see tan colour stocking (mentioned on the email they sent out in my country) and I am not talking about a mini skirt ahahha :8
Sorry if I cant give you a final answer because BASED on my experience I saw females with pants got to a FI.
But hey that's why this blog is great so we can all share our views and etc good luck:O:ok:

8th Aug 2010, 00:19
That sounds pretty right, before Emirates used to have an external Recruitment agency do the Open day and then a week later or so the Emirates recruiter would come to that city for AD ! and as a heads up , when you look at the AD dates Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal shows, hinting that the OD would just be that !!!

Now seat back and let your imagination run wild until they decide if you are worthy to attend there AD !

Patience is a virtue :)

Good Luck to all

8th Aug 2010, 01:36


A FRIEND OF MINE HAD THE FI ON THE 19 OF JULY TOGETHER WITH ME, BUT SHE HASN´T ANYTHING ON HER STATUS...SHE does not even ha "applied"....it´s been 3 weeks now and her online login remains the same....

does anybody been in the same situation????what would you think about it?????:eek:

8th Aug 2010, 02:09
Hi everyone! I'm new here and I wanted to share my experience with you to see if someone can dispel my doubts! I had the assessment day on July 17th and the FI on Monday, July 19th. When I got confirmation for the Assessment Day the instructions in the e-mail said I should create my profile in the Emirates site, which I did. But that was all. I did not apply for the job online. A few weeks after I returned from the assessment day I heard some of the people I shared the AD with already had "Approval in progress" in their account, and a few days later changed to "You will be contacted by your recruitment coordinator at the earliest". Some of them have already been contacted (CONGRATS TO YOU GUYS!) :D :ok:
My profile never said anything like that and what's worst it always displayed (0 jobs) applied. I sent some pending documents and photos twice, but never got any confirmation of receipt. My fear is that maybe I missed a step in the application process. Is anyone in a similar situation?

8th Aug 2010, 03:20
Wow Pipita, congrats. Do you mind sharing your job history and what you were like during all the interviews/meetings?

CC Wannabe
8th Aug 2010, 04:22
Remember i saying that things in Canada can be tricky? Here it comes, holding an OD without immediate date for AD!!:uhoh: I haven't found something more weird than this one.

Let's hope the bilateral talks on the matter of more flights into Canada will work out fairly soon. It's a little absurd here, only 3 flights to Toronto per week. Absolutely not enough! I want to fly with EK for my holiday and going home!

Vinodv, hope the people in Dubai HQ will spot your CV at the first place.

8th Aug 2010, 06:07
Hi valentina, one of the guys that had his AD on the 18th did not apply online, and did it a few days after, and now he has the " approval in progress" sign. So i guess you have to wait for yours.
The email that we received with our AD date said that we had to apply for the job online, but you shouldn't feel discouraged about it.:O I mean they had all your info so that shouldn't be the problem. Perhaps you will not know your status, but still you did it girl. You got to the FI and now you'll have to wait like the rest of us. Don't lose hope or anything like it. :=
In any case why don't you contact Favio by email, or ask him trough facebook to the recruitment Agency. :)

To the rest of you guys good luck to you all.

Jes553 you will get your DOJ soon i bet on it!!!!:}

8th Aug 2010, 06:44
Hi valentina79!

Ok, I think you may have did something wrong when you applied. Because normally when you apply for the job, it appears applied for 1 job bla bla bla.. so I guess you missed a step and didn't realize it? :(
For the papers of the FI, remember the one where they wrote the email to contact them? Send them an email and explain the situation.. (be sure to mention when was your FI and at what place and I don't know if you had a reference number for that day, but it would be good to put that also), cut remember they get thousands of emails per day so it is better you specify who you are so they can get your file and see what's wrong... buwertaeuut on the other hand, in my case it was an OD, (although I also did the application online), a girl who got through, didn't have the online thing with them and they did call her. So don't think that if you messed that up it's a terrible thing, cud they have your file and if they want to hire you... relive me, they will reach you! :ok:

ps. also take in mind that sometimes they could take the 6 weeks to contact you!

8th Aug 2010, 06:47
hey pipita!

congrats on your golden call!!! jaja they also called me at 4am!!!

If you have any questions regarding medicals, it will be my pleasure to help if I can! That goes to everybody! :ok:

Good luck everyone who are waiting!!

8th Aug 2010, 09:04
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

8th Aug 2010, 09:15
Wat to wear in you photos:
Hay babe if you read over my posts from page 48 onwards I explained what I wore, but definitely wear a business suit and knee length skirt with it and skin colored stocking, and court shoes, and also hair spray your hair like there's no tomorrow, no wispy bits at all, and lots of makeup they love it apparently? And red lip stick, really it works hope this helps if not the previous post's will best of luck :)

8th Aug 2010, 10:52
Hmmm, no AD the next day, sounds different. I changed my mind last minute not to attend the OD in Vancouver -- the flight to Vancouver was costing me a lot. I am gearing up for the LA one though :) I hope this time around, the shortlist/proceed to the AD etc. in a row. This whole thing involves a big waiting game :( But, as mentioned before, patience is a virtue. Thanks again to everyone for sharing his/her valuable experience and in-depth info. I'm so glad that EK are still continuing holding OD/ADs...I hope it continues well through next year. Good luck to one and all :)

8th Aug 2010, 11:12
Hi Saha,
here is what is written about the pictures in the guidelines for completing Final Interview package:
- Business attire needs to be worn.This includes a fitted shirt/blouse, fitted long sleeve jacket and a KNEE LENGTH SKIRT with skin colored stockings
-Appropriate foot ware would be: Court shoes with a heel and no ankle straps.Please do no wear open-toed sandals or ankle chains
-Please do not wear neck scarves
-Please ensure that your jewellery is conservative

Good luck!!!

8th Aug 2010, 12:54
Kirs000 (http://www.pprune.org/members/334853-kirs000):

Hey! I'm Anna and I was at the Brisbane interview too (I'm not 100% sure but I think I was in just before you and Jess.. I came out from mine and there were two girls on the couch and I told them not to stress because the girls were really nice!).

As for how people have done, Luke (the only guy who was there for the Final Interviews) got his GC at 10.40pm on Tuesday night and Katherine (the girl who went to aviation school there) got her uniform e-mail but I'm not sure about her GC! Thats all I know of so far!

For the photos they also said to stand straight with your shoulders back and your elbows tucked in, put one foot slightly back (not too far, make sure there is still a gap between your legs). And then everything Jessi said as to what to wear! =)

8th Aug 2010, 15:37

Thanks for the encouragement!

For sure not having the AD right after OD was strange. I think we had all prepared for what was to come only to find that it might come later. Although now on the EK site there is a date for an AD in Vancouver of Sept 11 which was recently added. This might be suggestive of the timeline.

For anyone in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal and Torono going for OD this week, you should expect the same thing as the recruiter said she was continuing on to those cities.

Let's see what happens next!

8th Aug 2010, 16:02
hallo everyone,
i'm new in this forum i have tried reading through the post and it has been really informing but unfortunately I did not get the answer I was looking for which is....does anyone know if it is allowed to attend the open day with neatly corn rows plaited hair.please let me know,I'm attending the open day in Düsseldorf Germany this saturday.
second,is anyone else attending the AD in Düsseldorf?

your advice will be highly appreciated.

8th Aug 2010, 16:57
I had to google what you mean about this hair but I understand it now.

If you have African origin (so, you are black) it's fine. (Rather for females, though, not really for men. Men should have very short hair.)

If you are not black (so, you are white European) it's not a really good idea. Actually, it's not a good idea at all, I wouldn't recommend it in this case. Anyways, it's not acceptable hairstyle for white women for the interview and the photos. They would want you to change it for the interview.

However, if you are black or you have African origin (and the very strong and curly African hair) this hairstyle is acceptable even at work. Especially if it's really thin and many and long and you can put it up in a bun.

Good luck in Düsseldorf!

8th Aug 2010, 17:30
Just to keep a track on what is happening to Mar del Plata Assessment Day guys.

Besides from you, and Florbrillito who had her AD on the 18th. Who are the remaining from the Golden 5 club?:eek: Their Assessment days and FI, do you know them? their FI and AD?

Enjoy the rest of the Weekend!!!!


8th Aug 2010, 18:27
Can anyone tell me how can I apply for A380? My date of joining is 16th of Sep.

Thanks guys

8th Aug 2010, 19:02
As for applying for a380, Emirates select you for which aircraft they want you on.... You don't get to choose:( only know from friends who are already over there and one vote main fleet where as the other got a380 but they both wanted the opposite, so! Hope this helps.

8th Aug 2010, 19:21
Thanks for your response, Biotech. So you think I should apply online now anyway? I did write an e-mail to Favio last week asking him if maybe I missed a step in the application process because of my status of "(0 jobs) applied" and some other girl got back to me saying she could not give me any specific information about that, that I should just wait the time our recruiters, Christina and Elena, told us. :(

purelife, thanks for your response, as well. I did include all the information they requested when I sent the pending documents and photos (ref number, place and date of FI and full name) and I also included my full name in the subject as the instructions suggested. Since I sent those documents twice already I wouldn't want to write a third message as I don't want to bother them too much, if you know what I mean. ;)
But as you can imagine, this is a very stressful situation and I'm not sure if I should do something else or just sit down and wait... Anyways, I believe what you say it's true, if they want to hire us, they will reach us somehow! Thanks so much for your input, guys, and let's all hope for the best! :ok:

8th Aug 2010, 20:34
Dear Marie,

first of all: congratulations! (Didn't we exchange some pm-s before? Long time ago...)

Second of all: Jess is right, although you should try to apply. (I love Jess because of her post about her OD which she posted twice to the people who cannot find information due to laziness.) One of the new joiners told me that she managed to swap fleet. She wrote an e-mail before arrival, never received any response but she was put in the Main Fleet not in the A380 fleet like originally. No guarantee for success, though!!!!!! Just try!!! Write to your co-ordinator and talk to them after your arrival as well.

Anyways, you will be able to apply in a couple of months. (Apply as soon as possible. I mean don't waste your time in the Main Fleet if you want to have your upgrade to business class quickly. It's not clear, I know: I'll explain later if you want.) They open the application very often nowadays as we are getting many new A380 aircrafts. (Note: the training is 2 weeks, I guess. Or only one now? I'm not sure. It's paid, you won't lose much money, don't worry!) Officially, you are only allowed to apply after your probation. But once again: I know that one of the girls was accepted before finishing her probation. It means the system didn't reject her application and her manager also approved it. And maybe they didn't receive enough applications from G2s. The A380 SEP should be a piece of cake after the other aircraft types. The service is pretty much the same.

Good luck with your training!

(Ground training payment: flying pay of 3 and a half hours a day. It's not bad.)

Hmmm: thanks for the messages in this foreign language. No, I don't speak that. Keep guessing.

8th Aug 2010, 21:53
Actually if you want to convert to A380 it is openned to everyone, be it on probation still or not ! My guess with all the A380 coming you should try writing to Emirates to ask if you want to join the fleet or not !

Either way, Main fleet goes all over the world , you should enjoy it and then switch for stability , but that will last only for a short while with all the new planes coming in !

Good luck to all

8th Aug 2010, 23:51
Oh, I did know that. So correction: you can apply any time after your training. I did not read the ad about the economy class crew application criteria.

Montreal, short while? What does it mean?! You must know that half of these guys will be gone in 2 years... (I haven't seen the statistics, though.) I don't know about you but I joined 5 years ago and most of my batch is gone (one in prison, one fired) and none of us made it to Purser yet. (Quite depressing, I must say.)

I just heard the story of "disarming the door over the ocean" from one of the new-joiners. That was my batch mate!!! (I heard the original story in the "Old CBC" in the smoking room like 4 and a half years ago... God, I miss that shity place. Where can I exchange gossips now after my flight?) Did they tell you the story of "cut finger off with the trash compactor" when you joined? Oh, my God, good old times!!!

Sorry, I got carried away with memories...

I really miss the times when I flew 80-90 hours a month. (Good money, manageble flying hours.) Really: each month for 2 and a half years. And I got 4-5 days off after AND before my leave. I managed every time because I asked for leave on my top and second top bid.

I know, I shouldn't complain because I have a job and I make good money. But I'm so tired! How can you manage?! Most of the times I feel that I just manage to give the minimum service (plus treating the medical cases and attending the complaints) on my flights. I don't feel that I can go the extra mile, I can do somegthing special because there is no time and I don't have any energy left. I'm happy if I can attend the complaining customers and look after my crew. Once I had a Toronto-flight on the A380 with 8 crew in economy class and all of them have been flying less than 2 months. That was my bigges challenge in my career!

Well, I just talked to a Spanish girl (note: ex-cabin crew with a European carrier) during breakfast in Toronto whoose first roster was 130 hours on the A380. I must say she was... well, how can I put it: she was in shock. What she said: "It's not glamorous at all." And she wants to resign in a couple of months. Then I mentioned that I watched a documentary on CNN which said that the unemployment rate is around 20% in Spain. I think she will think about resignation and she will stay with us for a while. Long while. Which is a tragedy because she's so...

Sorry, I got carried away again.

The Main fleet is great: if you have 0-3 turnarounds a month. It's not so great if you have more than that. (If you are an Arabic speaker... Well: good luck!)

Note: most of our layovers are 24-hour-long. It's not Qatar, it's not Etihad. Most of our flights are daily and most of these flight are FULL. Packed! Many babies, many kids, many wheelchair customers. (Be prepared!)

After joining Emirates you can look at other G2's (economy crew) rosters in the system. You can decide on your own if it's worth to change. The A380 means a bit more money and 1-2 off days more. Now. Talk to us before you apply.

Upgrades should be faster on the A380 as well. Crew is better, athmosphere is much better, seniors are professional, much nicer and supportive. There IS a team spirit. Now.

We don't know how it's going to be like in 1-5 years. (It will be worse if you ask me.)

As I've been on the A380 from the beginning: the seniors are like my family, my close friends. For you: I don't know. The number of crew on the A380 should be around 1500 now but in a couple of years it's going to be much more. What I can say about the present: expectations are high.

Stability? In aviation? Not really. I don't see stability anywhere.

Good luck!

Note: yes, your Golden Call is on the way!
Note2: yes, your status will change soon!
Note3: yes, you will get the DOJ soon after submitting all your medicals! (It's already Ramadan-mood, be patient!)
Note4: I still love Jess!

CC Wannabe
9th Aug 2010, 00:56
The Spanish CC got a very fast insight into things:}

I have a friend worked for one major airline for over 40 years and she said something to me one day,"I don't see it that glamorous now." However I will always be amazed to listen to her numerous flight stories and I love her personality in every way she interacts with peoples.

Some like gossips, Mari keeps us updated about them when you are not too busy:)

9th Aug 2010, 01:59
Well, it was shocking for me as well. (And belive me CC, I was well prepared: little Eastern-European Mari imagined to share the accomodation with 8 other people. I know: it was promised to share with 1 or 2 but I couldn't believe it. I thought it was just a lie. I couldn't belive when I saw my huge bedroom and my own bathroom!)

I doubt that you, guys, can imagine what's going on here and at Etihad and Qatar.

It's just shocking. (Except for you, guys, at KingFisher. You are heroes!!! And your make-up is always perfect!)

My last customer-complaint was about uncontrolled kids in business class. Well, 12 kids and 2 infants in the business class cabin (capacity: 76) on the A380.

Do you want to have "a qucik insight into things"?

African flights: just horrible.
North-America: just horrible.
South-America: never done it but very busy, I heard.
Asia: good but all night flights with departure between 2 and 5.
Australia: nice passengers but many medical cases, very busy.
Europe: medium-long, nice flights usually. Except Moscow: drinking big time, many incidents.
Germany: medium-long, best passengers if there is no delay. If there is a delay: God bless you!
UK: medium-long, most incidents according to statistics, very busy.
Indian turnarounds: just horrible.
Middle-East turnarounds: some short and nice but Kairo is just horrible.

Meaning of "just horrible": no words to describe.

Well: 50-70% of your roster will be "just horrible"
- I am a German speaker and I miss my rosters which I had in the Main Fleet and most of the German speakers were complaining about - not me. (Note: language knowledge is considered at Emirates.) You know what: I reached the point that I wouldn't even care if I have to do 6-8 Frankfurts a month once we start flying to Germany on the A380.
- There is a time when you start to wonder: does the World need that many children?! Do I need to have kids? Really?
- After the 12th wheelchair passenger rolles out - by the way perfectly capable of walking and kill you with his/her walking stick - you start to wonder: Do I really want to grow old? Why not just travel and have fun? Why do we have to pay so much - at home - for health insurance and pension?

Anyways, I'm sure you will be able to collect enough stories for your grandchildren in 3 years. And the memories get nicer with time!

I don't mean to complain, I just need some rest!!! I know: I'm on the edge of nervous break-down. So now: imagine that you are in this state of mind. Well, that's exactly you can expect on your supy flights!

Good luck!

(By the way: I was not kidding!!!)

9th Aug 2010, 02:11
Hi there. I've not yet posted anything, but i have been reading and researching for about a month now! I applied online about 5 weeks ago, and then was invited to the open day in vancouver. (you do not need to be invited anyone can just show up) after reading all of the posts i expected anywhere from 150-400 people to attend the open day(there was maybe 60-70). I also thought that this was day 1 and we would be contacted to come to day 2 (I have 3 Girl Friends who have all joined emirates in the last 8 months, adn they all said that you go to an open day and are called back to the assesment day then go through eliminations from there). According to our recruiter, this was an information open day - which i have not read about. However I am glad that I attended because she gave us alot of insight, which also revved me up about cabin crew and dubai so much! It was helpful because now I have an idea of what they will be asking for during the assesment and interviews. I read in a post from another person who attended that the assesment day will be on the 11th of september, so yes i think obviously this is when we will be going back. so after all that, my question is :If anyone has attended the same situation, how do you find out if you have been invited to the assesment day? will they phone you, email you, or will it come up on my emirates profile? The only thing im thinking is how do they connect me to my online application - apart from simple reasons like my name or common information. Im not worried because i know if they want me they can just call or email me, but i dont want to miss my chance! thanks for any replies, and also thank you to everyone with all the infomation i took in before my open day!

9th Aug 2010, 03:30
What information can you receive during this open day?

Read the Emirates career page under cabin crew. Pay particular attention to FAQ and Dubai lifestyle. (Payscale, bonus, flying hours, leave, healthcare, accomodation etc. I mean, guys, everything is there! All you need to know!!! Note: you get the Meal Allowances in cash when outstations, NOT with the salary like at Etihad or Qatar.) Please, read it. I know it's long but it takes about 25 minutes to read it. (Please, take notes about the money, you might want to compare it with other airlines or convert it.)

Go for youtube and search: 'emirates recruitment'. You will find the videos (part 1 and 2) they play to you. (Very old ones, though. Actually, I see my gym and that's one of the oldest ones.) Search: 'cabin crew accomodation Dubai'. You will find videos about TECOM building flats. (One of the new accomodations: it's a typical flat.) Search: 'emirates ad'. You will find all the EK commercials. Search: 'multinational cabin crew'. You will find the type they are looking for: it's very clear what they are looking for. And look for this one: 'Dubai 2009'. Exactly this one, it's the 6th video on the list which comes up. Dubai looks just like that right now.

Please, try to do some research on your own. What else can you find in youtube?

Why did they have an OD in Toronto and there is an AD this month as well?! Yes, weird. No idea what's going on in Canada. Recruiters usually sort out the CVs on the spot and not in Dubai. Strange as there is no recruitment agency is listed.

Answer to your question: they will contact you if they want you to attend the assessment.

9th Aug 2010, 04:38
Hay, thanks for all the good feed back...:)
Silly question but are you crew now? And are you leaving?
I'm still currently waiting for my GC! Stressing yes!!!!!!! Other people in my FInal interview have already received there's:) just stressing that's all, thank you for all your good posts :) keep in touch as will I :)

9th Aug 2010, 04:43
(for a pm to Marie)

Dear Marie,

You really NEED to decide on your own what is better for you.

I did ask for feedback from the converters: they said that the athmoshphere is much better, workload is equal, the seniors are more supportive and professional. (Please, follow-up when you get here. My personal opinion: it's true. But: expectations are much higher as well!!!!)

How is it working on the A380?
YouTube - &#x202a;A380 behind the scenes cabin view&#x202c;&lrm; (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_o6QFU8lQg&feature=related)

As you can see, there are lots seats. There will be lots of people with babies and kids. Less on the main fleet: A330, A340, 777. (Google whatever you want to see.)

For rosters: read back as I posted some rosters for main fleet and A380 as well. (I'm really tired, I cannot post rosters now but I will do it later.)

For destinations: read back as I posted ALL Emirates destinations once.
Anyways, for destinations check out this site:
Route Map | Destinations & Offers | Emirates United Kingdom (http://www.emirates.com/uk/english/destinations_offers/route_maps/route_map.aspx)
Anything which is longer than 5 hours is a layover. But: Dhaka is both. Mauritius is both. Moscow is a layover. Athens is a turnaround.

Click on the destination: it shows how far it is and how long it takes to get there.

For A380:
The Emirates A380 | Our Fleet | Flying with Emirates | Emirates (http://www.emirates.com/english/flying/our_fleet/emirates_a380/emirates_a380.aspx)

You will get 2-8 turnarounds in the Main Fleet per month. You will get 0-3 turnaournds in the A380 fleet. RIGHT NOW. So, money is better on the A380: you can make 1500-2500 dhs in the Main Fleet and 2000-3500 dhs on meal allowances in the A380 fleet per month. (Note: meal allowances are paid in cash outstations in local currency, NOT with the salary.)

Upgrades to business should be faster in the A380 fleet. How much faster? I cannot tell.

It's not rocket science: They need 8 economy crew and 8 business class crew on the A380 and the aircrafts keep coming. They need 6 economy crew and only 3 buxiness class crew on the Main Fleet aircrafts and there are no aircrafts coming in the near future. For SFS (it's like a supervisor): they need 1 or 2 in the Main Fleet. per aircrafts They need 3 in the A380 fleet aircraft.

Do the Maths: where is more opportunity to get upgraded earlier?

Going for first class: at the moment is harder to be upgraded to first class than going for SFS (onboard leader: it's like a supervisor). Seriously: there is Fast Track right now, people just skip first class. Actually, there is a 5-day-training but that's all. (In your time: no idea.) Going for Purser: very hard in both fleets. They observe your performance carefully (sick days and number of appraisals) and there are few vacanices for many applicants. (Around 15% was taken last year, most of them men and from UK or Australia.) It will take 6-8 years to become a Purser with Emirates: both fleets. It's very hard now, I'm not kidding: high performance, good management skills, very good English, assertivesness, no sick days, many appraisals.

You must know about all the salaries of the different grades as you got the information paper.

I will not and I cannot judge which fleet is better. There is no better but there is different. You need to make a decision if you want to swap.

All the best!

9th Aug 2010, 13:27
Poor girl, kindly make sure that you use STANDARD ENGLISH in your posts or they'll get deleted! No 'sms speak' that is to say DO NOT SHORTEN WORDS. They're pretty strict about that on this forum.
About your hair, if you're a black girl (which I suspect you are) and your hair is relaxed, just blowdry it after using a product like motions or venus or pink lotion, tie it in a bun, good neutral color makeup, vibrant red lipstick, and you're good to go. Below the knee skirt, court shoes, and smile smile smile during the AD. Good luck babes!

9th Aug 2010, 13:42
Hello Everyone,

Last tuesday my status on Emirates website has changed to "Approval in Progress"..Does that mean they are going to call me, or everybody who applied has this status after the F.I?


Thank you for your answer, now Im more calm..heheh..

9th Aug 2010, 14:18
Mari :) You should do a blog site ! Pretty precise and clear on the information !

A380 is different , I am averaging 90 hours a month since january, but averaging 10 days off as well in a month, reason, a lot of SYD (34hours block) and Toronto (27 hour block) in one roster, and sometimes just CDG and ICN will do it , but still have enough days off to recover. That is the main difference so far so good with the A380 for not having more then 1 turn around, you need days off to be legal. I'm still as motivated as the first day I joined some 20 months ago ! No point in complaining after all flights, gives you wrinkles lol and other stress related diseases !

Word of advice, like any job, it has a lot of challenges, both physically and mentally, working day in and day out with different cultures will eventually get the best of you and put you in psycho mode, but looking at the big picture on why you joined may just well get you through it all ! It's a coffee or tea job, don't come to Dubai thinking otherwise about it, other wise you will face a big wall throughout your journey here !

I've lived in many different countries in my lifetime and may think why I am adjusting well with Dubai and Emirates ! One more thing, if you have the opportunity to attend university in your country, please do that first ! as this job when its over, you will definitely need something to fall back on.

Good luck to all :)

9th Aug 2010, 16:21

It means you have progressed to the next stage of your application. It is a good sign but doesn't 100% mean you have got the job yet! Watch your email inbox over the next few days/weeks for any emails from them and hopefully soon the status will change again to 'You will be contacted by a recruitment officer' and then you know your GC is on its way :):) Good Luck!!

9th Aug 2010, 19:02
Yeah!!! I got my GC this morning!!! My DOJ will be November 22nd!!!:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}

So i'll be seeing you soon guys! Thanks mari for all the info provided.

I'm so so so so happy right now.:{

Jes553 how about you? any news??? :ooh:

Now i'm just waiting the email with the info and the link provided to start my medicals.

I will post the experience of my AD soon for all of you guys that were like me a few months ago!!!!;)

See you!!!!:ok:

9th Aug 2010, 19:57
i want to work for emirates,it's like my dream job but i'm confused i don't know what is the difference between open day and global assesment and there is a" Remarks: Preliminary selections will be done in conjunction with our Agency CFPNC"
CFPNC is a school for air hostess in my hometown so do they only take applications from students of that school?
i'am also want to make it applying on their website,so how should i take a picture and write my resume ( i have experience but i don't have workpapers that confirm that i worked there , i also worked at my family's restaurant)
so if i put that will they ask me about my experience caues even though i wroked but i was clueless i didn't put that much effort
i have a diploma on logistics and i boosted my resume but i didn't get a call after submitting at qatar and i'm afraid the same thnig will happen with emirates, my friend had a messsy resume and not a single experience and they still call her and that is making ask a milion question what are they looking for? is emirates like that
please help me i now i asked a lot of question but on the earge of breaking down am thinking getting on a cabin crew schoool but i wanna have a licence degree on logistcis so i won't stay jobless

9th Aug 2010, 19:58

I have allso recived my GC today...
I´ll be leaving on 22 NOV as well.
Do you know what date will the ab-inition training start?
And have you got any info about our accomodation?


10th Aug 2010, 00:23
Do you know what date will the ab-inition training start?
And have you got any info about our accomodation?

Not for the moment, but don't worry i guess they will tell us once we finish our medicals and send them.

Congratulations to you to Lui by the way.:ok:

Perhaps they will put all of us newbies in the same building, perhaps not.

Lets stay in contact!!!!

10th Aug 2010, 01:46
Congratulations, To you all on your GC, Yay!!!!!!
I'm still waiting biotech fingers crossed still. Even though most people in my Fi have received their GC, I have a good feeling so just patience now :) so over the moon for you :). My friend Anna from BRisbane got her call yesterday as well so happy for her :), as well as the only guy Luke in our FI got his as well, definitely keep me posted :)

10th Aug 2010, 01:51
How are you all? ;D
I just have a stupid question.... have you heard of anyone who got rejected after their medical checks eventhough the person is healthy and nothing wrong with them?? if you do, why? hehehe thank you :p:}

10th Aug 2010, 04:04
Hi nathan! I don't really think that you would be rejected at this stage if you are perfectly healthy! I am waiting too for medical approval and it has been a week and a half. Don't stress (and I will try not too)! hope we hear soon.

10th Aug 2010, 07:14
Fly_01 and Biotech:

CONGRATS to both of you in recieving your GC! :D
Just so yo know, the training starts 10 days after your DOJ! (this will be stated in the contract).
And apperantly about the accomodation details, they do not provide them to us just a few days before the DOJ :ugh:

[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

10th Aug 2010, 10:46
Hey guys,

not sure if this is the right post for this thread but just a newbie here (don't shoot me please), but I like to ask anybody who knows about the living conditions of the named apartment?

some questions I have:

1) do they have a main reception i.e. security desk at the ground floor of apartment? if so, what is the number and the address of this place?

2) how big is the apartment? 2, 3 or 4 bedded rooms?

3) do they provide a dedicated landline to each rooms or do they have a single landline to the apartment?

Pm me please.

thanks in advance!

10th Aug 2010, 11:01
i did my FI on 7th august, i was very surpised it took less than 30 minutes,she had said it was one hour thing. i had all my documents and fotos ready, plus a letter from my current employer.. eeekkk!! hope i get this job my boss knows where my heart is:ugh::ugh: so he can use that against me. she went through them very fast, they were all well filled thanks to KENYAN85, who helped me fill it up and groomed me as well :D:D:D. we had such a good time running up and down getting the right suit , lipstick heheeee en all those, my friend is loaded with taste i tell you.....
i was asked afew questions which ended being like a conversation as she kept( recruiter) asking me questions back. and she kept yawning all the time like to suggest "boring" ....let me see if i can remember a few

tell me about your marketing job and what are your duties and responsibilities?
tell me of a stuation when you had a better idea that your manager (boss), what it was about, and the outcome. she actually asked me to connect it to my marketing job.
tell me the procedure you follow in your company when you are working? that i went from contacting a client, getting details of what they want, sending a quotation, lpo en all that..........
tell me when you said no to your collegue, and what was the situation.
have you ever done anything above the provisions of the company to benefit a customer?... that i said no as our company has very clear policy and strict about incuring extra cost, and the cost is passed to us.
tell me of when you had to deal with a difficult customer and how you were able to convince him to take your offer..(hope i put it right).... i talked of when i had to supply 2500 polo shirts embroidered within 3 days. had to oganise night shift and for extra labour from my boss blah blah blah..................those are just ideas as i noticed she was asking questions related to your current job, if you have any.

i will post any other that i will remember later on. JESS, has put alot about AD, but if anyone want to hear how it was in nairobi i will be more than willing to share, but it is just the same as Jess put it, so it will be a repeat.

thanks all for all the info now am waiting to hear from them...... i can't sleep well!! aaarrgggg!!!!

mombasa AD

tik and hopefulk,
there is another AD in kenya this time at the coast city, as kenyan85 was saying may be they want to penetrate that route, so please try to follow up and see if you can get an invite, TIK and HOPEFULKE it could be your chance. send a short email to this email address,[email protected]<hidden>, give them your reference number and name plus the place where the AD is at. that is maombasa and give them the date. thats what i did and i got invited after trying walk ins 4 times and everytime am rejected, actuall the last i told the recruiter that i guess they don't carry our CV to dubai since i had given it to them 4 times... heheheheeeeeee i was maaaaad!! that was in april this year.
i wish you all the best, and everyone else trying to get an invite try that email.

love you all big time!!!

10th Aug 2010, 11:25
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

10th Aug 2010, 11:34
njeshwings am going to try that out ,but what do you mean by reference number ???? which is that.

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