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11th Jun 2010, 00:20
Id like to know if 50% joining process complete...
does that mean my medicals are complete too? Im still waiting for the call to resign or the email..
Guess ill just have to be patient...
Any 1 on the July 5th DOJ got confirmation???
They asked me to send page 1 of App 2 again..
So i did on Monday an still haven't heard anything...

Woo. fingers crossed..i need to resign soon.

11th Jun 2010, 03:46
congratulation for your final approval. My DOJ is on the 5th of July as well.. However I am facing a lot of problems with my vaccinations. The doctor that I consulted has not written the date on which the vaccinations were taken. Did you have the dates written on it?

11th Jun 2010, 04:18
Hey there..
I haven't gotten m y final approval yet..
Im waiting for them to tell me when to resign.
You cn always take it back to the Dr and get them to fill in the details that have not been filled..
The waiting game is really hard but all the waiting pays off in the end..
I hope soo.
My DOJ is 5th July so i hope to see you there on the same day.

Let me know how you go..

take it easy..

11th Jun 2010, 04:55
5 July as well here

12th Jun 2010, 05:04
Hi Javmvd (http://www.pprune.org/members/329664-javmvd),
Did you get your final approval?

12th Jun 2010, 12:33
I got the call this morning @<hidden> 9.40am.... I missed it :( And now I am waiting fo rthem to call me back. I have tried to call back like 100 times haha, but her mailbox is full..

12th Jun 2010, 18:17

Hey there.

Not yet. I have uploaded the last Med Report Yesterday. So I guess I will get it in the upcoming days.... :8 I hope

How about you?


They will contact you again. Try to relax :)

12th Jun 2010, 18:22

As Fiji said, you can always go back and tell the dr to fill it :)

13th Jun 2010, 12:59
They called me back :) woo hoo

Start date is 2nd August....

Whats in the medical? Where can I find out info as i havent received the email yet.

13th Jun 2010, 13:45
I got an e-mail but I deleyed it accidently...

Answers, as far as I know:
Colour blindness: NO-GO.
Age limit: 34 (not 35-36).

13th Jun 2010, 13:47
ThAnks Mari, You are a life saver on this forum :)

Is there anything to do with Chest X-ray? I heard there was a dental x-ray needed also?? is this correct?

13th Jun 2010, 13:59
Hey angel :) we have same starting date :)))))

about xrays of teeth, yes you will need 3 of them the dentist will know!

13th Jun 2010, 15:35
It's funny that some people are worried about bad teeth... I think they only need this x-ray to identify you in case you die in a plane crash...

Don't worry, you will get detailed information what medicals need to be done!

Most of them can be done quickly by an aviation doctor. Some of them are not. I think you need 5 working days to complete all of them. Actually, I think you need at least a week for the smear test - you can do it right now as you need to wait for the results. Vaccinations cost a fortune! (I surely spent 300 euro for the medicals 5 years ago and I'm from Eastern-Europe...)

13th Jun 2010, 15:51
Wahoo! I also got UP building like my friend, happy! I have heard lots of crew want to live there so it must be good! :)

I thought also all the checking of the teeth is for the clinic, so they do not have to pay for lots of work to be done if you already have bad teeth. Bad teeth are ok so long as you fix them before joining, at least that is the way I see it!

Well not long to go now. Good luck to all attending ADs and ODs soon. Keep trying you'll get there in the end!

Mari sorry to tell you but there are many Aussies on their way, 3 friends called me yesterday to say they also got the job. Lots of us coming your way, hee hee hee :p

(Don't worry we all worked hard at our last jobs so you won't have trouble from us!)

13th Jun 2010, 16:08
yep Mari is right the greatest cost is the vaccines!!!!!

If you talk to your doctor he will hive you letter for the chest xray and then it will be for free. Anyway my doctor had no problem to do it for me :)

And the smear test the same, in Ireland you can get it for free once you are over 25 and you register with cervical test center ask your doctor should give you details. Unfortunately for the results you can even wait 4 weeks.......

blood tests will take about 1- 1.5 week to get results

and thats it :)

13th Jun 2010, 16:40

Just got the Golden Call yesterday :D and have access to the portal but not to the medical forms.

Can anyone send me these forms please through my email? Send me a private message and I'll give you my e-mail.

Thanks in advance!

13th Jun 2010, 18:11
Can anyone tell me what vaccinations are required for the pre-medical?

Thank you!

13th Jun 2010, 18:20

Cre need to be able to dinstinguish colour as there are lights & indicators of differing colours which have certain meanings in the cabin. Also on the Airbus aircraft there are red and green lights on the phone system which denote certain urgencies of calls.

I am sure there are more reasons but those are the most obvious to me.

13th Jun 2010, 18:30
hello everyone!
Quick question...where in the portal can I find the accommodation info? or do they give it to you after the approve your resign from the current job?

thanks! :ok:

13th Jun 2010, 18:48

I don't think you get it until after resignation goes through, I didn't.

Seems from myself & others I've spoken to you get it a week or less before your DOJ

13th Jun 2010, 18:54
List of vaccines:

hepatitis A, B
yellow fever
Meningoccocal AWY 135

13th Jun 2010, 20:04
Hi guys,

is there anybody who is planning to visit Open Day in Prague on June 26th?

14th Jun 2010, 02:59
hey guys is anyone attending the open day in london on the 15th june

14th Jun 2010, 09:53
Yesterday I applied for a cabin crew position with Emirates. Today I received an e-mail asking me to attend the open day at the end of the month.

I am engaged and have a son who is 18 months old....Naturally I'm wondering what affect this will have on the whole recruitment process for me and if Emirates offer any sort of help for families moving to Dubai...or if they even hire people with children.

Obviously my Fiancé and I will have to marry in order to live together in Dubai.

Any information would be GREATLY appreciated!!

14th Jun 2010, 12:22
No help for families of course! You are applying for cabin crew position, not for top manager or pilot...

Living-out allowance with the transportation allowance after moving out from EK accomodation: 45,000 dhs per year.
No residence visa for your husband arrenged by the company.
No residence visa for your kid, I think.
As far as I know, your position and salary is not good enough to sponsor your husband. I think only men can sponsor wives or women in high positons with good salary. (Although, check it, I'm not sure.) It means he has to find a job to get residence visa.
No school support for children.

Unlimited id and zedfare tickets for kids and spouse after 1 year of service. (Maybe even free annual leave ticket, as well, but I don't remember.) 2 id50 and 1 id90 for them with Emirates in the first year.

I think they hire married people, even with children, so you should try. Not an advantage, for sure but if you don't try, you won't know.

14th Jun 2010, 16:09
Hi everyone

I see on the medical forms that they are required to be completed and signed in English. However it doesn't specify whether it should be signed by the candidate or by our doctor.

Should I just get my doctor to sign it anyway?

Thank you:ok:

14th Jun 2010, 16:35
There are a few, one or two :P that you can sign, but in all the others it specifies that it must be signed by a doctor.

Read carefully the entire forms.

Besides, it is always better if it is signed by a Dr I think: more reliable.

Good luck! :ok:

14th Jun 2010, 17:35
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

14th Jun 2010, 18:29
I have another question! (and probably 101 more to come!!)

I know for the normal passport photos it is requested that they are non Polaroid and non digital. Can anybody tell me if this also applies to the US visa photos?:confused:

Thanks in advance


14th Jun 2010, 19:45
Hi All,

I'm also waiting for my approval to resign, it took me almost 3 weeks to collect all medical tests ( mainly due to the same reason as many here- pre-medical form link didn't work and I started collecting my tests 2 weeks after the GC:S). I'm just concerned about some issues like acne, which in my case is not visible under make-up ( ok I see it in every condition, even best one but that's me..) but still leaves me worried. It's just that I see all these pretty and perfect EK girls and I get :/

I had an OD on 17/04, GC on 10/05 and have DOJ 19/07.

PS. And I just reas the whooole thread, Mari, you should get a prize for this:D

14th Jun 2010, 19:56
Hi EnjiW

My DOJ is also 19th July! Where are you from? Hope to see you soon!

14th Jun 2010, 20:29
Hey guys, DOJ August 16th here :) I wonder if there are many other Canadian crews (or expected crews) out there???

Like others here it seems, I'm also one of the many who can't open the link to the pre-employment medical forms.

I've tried to contact the company regarding it, but so far unsuccessful. I'm sure I'll eventually get through, but it's just a little unsettling at the moment.

Could anyone kindly e-mail me a copy of the forms? to:
neko_ff6 {at} yahoo {dot} com
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for the help :ok:

14th Jun 2010, 20:54
Hi there! my DOJ is 19th as well! Where are you both from? you can pm me!:ok:

14th Jun 2010, 21:48

Already sent them.


About Acné: it says it is acceptable if well controlled. And I have read that many crew have a littie bit.

I am a bit concerned about some skin related, subject: non perfect photoshop airbrushed shaved =P

But I guess, that they may teach us about that, and I think they are looking for personalities. Looks are important, very very important of course. But, then again, what is the point of having a Hollywood face with terrible personality?


It only specifies for the passport sized ones...

I think you could have the us ones taken under the same guidlines... I mean, you could get a "no" for digital or polaroid, but for sure, the other ones will work.

I will take them all in "traditional" system :p

Hope to see you all soon in Dubai! :ok:


14th Jun 2010, 22:32
What US visa are we talking about please? I am a little bit confused.

14th Jun 2010, 22:33
Hi everyone! I´ve been reading all the posts for same time now and i wanted to say congratulations to everyone who got the GC!

It´s been 7 weeks since my FI and now finally my status has changed to "You will be contacted by your recruitment coordinator at the earliest".

There was about 20 people at my FI and 4 have already gotten the call, now 4 of us have this status since sunday (13/06) and I´m really hoping this means we are actually in!!! This experience is nerve racking, my phone is 24h on me and everytime it rings I get butterflies on my stomach..hahahah

Talk to all very soon...I know there are lots of people reading this forum and never post anything (i was one of them) and I always wanted to hear from those who have passed and those who haven´t, cause this status thing is very tricky! :ok:

14th Jun 2010, 23:16
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

14th Jun 2010, 23:30
We must bring 12 photos when we travel to Dubai. 10 for EK purposes, and the other 2 for US Visa purposes.

Its in the file Important Notes, Section 2:

"2 photographs (5 x 5 cms) White Background (US Visa purposes) – Please refer photo requirements document. (page3)"


14th Jun 2010, 23:38
Is anybody attending the OD in Santiago, Chile this weekend?

15th Jun 2010, 00:30
Does anyone have a contact e-mail for Emirates at all?

I know I could find all the info I need at the open day...however I have to fly to get to my open day which is going to cost alot! Wish it was easier to find out this information.

15th Jun 2010, 01:55
Hi everyone,

First i want to say how much help all of your posts have been, i am attentind open day sydney on the 19th of the month. Although i am concerned about the amound of people that will be there.

Three people around me have been accepted into emirates and are no completing there medicals. I am concerned as all of these three people have the most amazing teeth and and smile even if there not so intelligent, the three of them all have large, possibly even oversize mouths. Is this what emirates look for? i have also done research and looked at the people who work for emirates on facebook everyone has a really big mouth lol??? could someone possibly explain this?:bored:

I have a feeling sydney is going to be a large open day, a friend of mine who attended melbourne last month said 190 people went, 21 made it to final interview and 8 recieved the job. Good luck to everyone in Aus going on the 19th:O

15th Jun 2010, 09:07
Thank you guys for sending me the pre-meds! I really appreciate it! now I'm freaked out by how HUGE it is, so I guess it's good that I have 2 months until my DOJ.... gosh, some people manage to get all this done within a month right? Phew!!:ooh:

Looks really isn't something that we can change about ourselves, so just remember to be cheerful and full of smiles!! Aesthetically beautiful smiles certainly are an asset, but a smile is a smile :) I for one have a small mouth and teeth that are NOT straight, but I still won them over! Good luck on the 19th!

15th Jun 2010, 10:30
dance.in.the.air + pokes

Hey there, good to have more ppl:) I'm from Warsaw.

Someone asked before about OD in Poland, no idea how about attendance in Cracow, but in Warsaw it was only 70 and 24 went up to FI. So it doesn't look that bad comparing to other towns where hundreds show up on OD.

Any of you is already done with medicals and waiting for further notice from EK?

15th Jun 2010, 12:52
i just got a text inviting me for an AD..not sure if i am excited or anxious or a both because its in a months time and i've already got butterflies...so now its time for me to plan,pray and strategize becaus i want this so bad...had already read the whole forum but i'll read it thoroughly again to make sure i'm prepared for most if not everything they throw at me.i actually didnt think i'd be contacted because they have taken forever(3 months) to get back to me...:)
again thanks to all who shared the information on their journeys with EK i'm definate that it will be a great help.will fill you in on how it goes.

15th Jun 2010, 13:25
Enji, great info, thanks! My fiend is hesitating between Belgrade and Crakow.


is this a joke?????

I've seen lots of ab-initio in the college today: they looked young and pretty with normal size of mouths...

15th Jun 2010, 13:51

I've just started the medical process and hoping to have everything done by next week! Still lots to do!

15th Jun 2010, 14:32
Well I've paid for tickets to Auckland for the Open Day....Cannot wait to get there now!! Very excited, nervous and optimistic!

Wish me luck!!!


15th Jun 2010, 15:05
as far as I know, to have a big mouth its a requirement to join emirates, otherwise you wont be able to do... ($%)?//¿(&/

15th Jun 2010, 17:12
Elsbeth, it's good to hear that rumour has it in Bahrain that Emirates crew have fun. Sure, we do...

15th Jun 2010, 18:25
You are welcome!

Yeah, two months is a "long" period of time, but they expect the Medicals as soon as possible.

Still, relax =)

15th Jun 2010, 21:04
Hi there,
I am a current cabin crew in Emirates, would like to know anyone is going for the 3rd Open Day in Costa Rica on June 19th? look forward to helping you guys~

good luck to ya all!:ok: pura vida~

16th Jun 2010, 00:45

Thanks for that lol and congratualtions. No it was not a joke. I know how ridiculous it must sound although three of my friends made it both in perth and melbourne, all three with clown size mouths and perfect teeth. It was the only common trait between them, i am most definetley not trying to be rude because i was worried that i needed to have a really wide smile and perfect teeth.

Has anyone who has gotten through worn the red listick on the day? i am confused if i should wear listick altough in a different colour - or do they just think we are trying to look more like crew? There seems to be so many does and donts.

16th Jun 2010, 04:06
Hi everyone..
My status has gone from 'approval in progress' to your recruitment coordinator will contact you at the earliest...so its time to just wait for that GC..can someone..anyone please foward me the medical documents..wanna get a jump start on it..thanks for all the help everyone....email addy is: [email protected]<hidden> for those who would like to send me the docs...thanks somuch!!!

16th Jun 2010, 04:41
Hey all, again~

Is there anyone on here attending the OD in Auckland this month?

16th Jun 2010, 05:11
My doj is June 28th and was wondering if anyone else was flying out of JFK on the same date - i'm just waiting on my e-ticket and accomodations. Getting very excited :D

16th Jun 2010, 06:56
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

16th Jun 2010, 14:07
Hi guys any one got an invite for the uganda assessment day on 26 june.

16th Jun 2010, 19:05
Hi Applicants,

I just want to say, that yes, there will be other applicants on the open day you - all of you - are attending. Wherever it is... I wonder what, you guys, are discussing in pm-s when you find each other... I might be a cruel person but I wouldn't give any tips for sure... I can tell you one thing: you won't be alone.

Good CV (customer service... ring a bell?), good English, business attire, big smile. Those are my tips.

Let's have a meaningful post!

New Joiners,

I've just been at the college. Full of ab-initio! (Please, take -male and female- black trousers and black shoes with you.) Right now: 4 batches a week, I was told in the crew bus. (Lovely, young, pretty, nice people. I wanna be 23 and no wrincles and new-joiner again!!! Anyways, is there a reason to be sad for a young, healthy, beautiful person?!) So, why is a group consists of only 11 people?!

There are people who resign right after arriving. They don't even finish the training! Be aware: Dubai is in a desert. It's a muslim country. It's very, very, very hot right now. Very, very, very hot!!!!!!! There is dust, there is sand, there is construction. (Your view from your room might be to a constuction!) Your batch mates and instructors speak English, your learning material is in English: you need to understand and learn stuff in English. Mum and Dad are not around. Friends are far, far away with their own jobs, love-life and own problems occupied. You might go home for a visit in 3 months, you might be able to go home only next year for a vacation. (Serious!)

Some people failed GMT! (Group Medical Training.) Polish your English and study!!!!! You need to learn 2-3-4 hours a day after school! Lots of them who fail are native speaker: the new test is hard, you need to go into details when you are learning your Manual. It's not multiple choice!!!

Your probation is 6 months from the date of joining. At the end of this time, you will be back in Training College. Lots of activities and tests. Unfortunatelly, not everyone is able to complete the probation! Why?!

Well, one of the guys was fired because he did not finish his Ab-Initio Workbook during the probation and he had 3 sick days.

Some of the captains (my husband for instance, he's German - see under "cultural differences" and "typical German") torture the new-joiners for 3 hours with the releveant part of the workbook. (Not kidding! Last time my man told me, very proud, that he asked the Purser to "borrow" the crew for 3 hours and it took him 2 hours 56 minutes to go through the questions with him. He added: "The guy was actually clever.") You might be done in 20 minutes, you might get big lectures (cockpit crew is bored) and questions (again: they are bored) about your studies. Don't be worried, be confident and enthusiastic (listen), that's what they want to see. If you you use phrases like: "that's good to know", "wooow, that's interesting!", "hm, I'm happy you told me that", you will be fine.

One of the girls was sent back for further training, she did not graduate with the others. Why? Well, she mixed up the containt of the Bar and the Duty Free Cart. I'm not kidding. (I would consider a harder IQ test at Emirates...) Try to take all available positions during your probation. Do not be afraid of Duty Free or Bar Cart or anything, your colleagues and seniors will help you. If you are not good at Duty Free: ask for this position 3 times in a row and gain confidence! And make some money!!! It's a great position: when the others are doing service, answering call bells, you pretend to be busy with duty free!!! (Does it take too much time? "Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm new, this is my first time... Sorry, but I need to go through it again... Are you, guys, OK?" They will be!)

Some people get sick. Yes, we are all humans. You might fail your tests because you were sick and you had to repeat the course. (New people, new batch, new trainers! New batch mates: "oh, she failed her course...") You might call sick and do the course all over again and delay the finish, delay the first good salary, delay the graduation. Well, you need to get over it and do your best! You are not the first one in the history of Emirates who has to repeat a part of the training course!!!

I know that most of you are only worried about "when is my Golden Call coming? when is the blood test result coming? when is my advice to resign letter coming?" but you need to learn to be patient and realistic. A colleague of mine who's been flying for 9 years for different companies told me once: "I learnt one thing about aviation. The only thing which is sure, is CHANGE."

Your date of joining might be delayed for any reasons. After arriving you might be schaduled for the morning course. Don't be very shocked if after getting up at 5.30, some people (who are these people in these strange uniform after all?) tell you that you start at 11. You might miss your crew bus one day because your trainer forgot to give you something or your training was longer. You might go to the simulater instead of having a lunch break. You might go back to school on Friday for extra training because your performance was very weak. You WILL get feedback every single day and there will be something negative ("developing") highlighted, even if you have 6 years of experience as a cabin crew!

You will face lots of difficulties! Be prepared for the challenges and you will be fine!

Be prepared for back pain, for migrene, for nausea and bloating. Be prepared for bad mood and loneliness. Be prepared for losing your hair big time. (Male and female.) Be prepared and your friends in Dubai and home, your family, your seniors who went thorugh this, your colleagues who go through this help you to manage all your difficulties.

Best wishes from Mari

16th Jun 2010, 19:21
Mari, you're my master.

The only good thing from all above what I'm calm with is the weather. It might be weird, but yes I truly enjoy these 40 something degrees...but the medicals...hmm, I think I need to go through them again and see if everything is 100% ok.

16th Jun 2010, 19:39
Well, I did not write about the medicals above. (Note: I wrote about the First Aid Exams. Your training.)

My date of joininig was 10 days after my Golden Call in 2006. I managed. In Eastern-Europe. (English? Why? NO! How much?) And I managed: very well done... (Qatar is much much much stricter by the way....)

I might be too old but my memories about medicals... well, nothing... I got to know (on a forum) that actually there are aviation doctors in my country (well, one aviation doctor) who does most of the tests and in English, as well. You should be finished in 2 weeks latest with everything. (If you took some sick leave at your current employer.)

16th Jun 2010, 19:53
I did my tests in almost a month because firstly the medical form didn't work ( well, still doesn't:/) and receiving the results in English required additional time (not from my side). I'm just disapointed that I get to know about deadlines for submitting documents on the EK website month after the GC, because the issue with getting in touch with them I'll leave without comment...anyway, I'm patient and all busy with school now so I can wait. Let's see...

16th Jun 2010, 22:05

Something smiliar happened to me.
I got to see the FAQ just two days ago. Before that, neither with Mozila o IE would work. Click once and again and no questions or answer were shown. Nothing happend. Same with Med Forms, somebody sent them to me. What happened? I missed the "you have two weeks to complete your medicals" answer :ugh::( And it took me almost 4 weeks to complete them, since I had to wait 21 days to get al the vaccination (after getting the Yellow Fever one)

I am pretty sure, and hope, that they understand. :)

My DOJ is July 5th and I am currently waiting for final approval :D

Great info: its really encouraging! I can not wait to get there, study hard, learn, meet the other Abinitios!
Can not wait to start reading the Work Book too :D

17th Jun 2010, 03:04
Hey everyone,
I've also got my DOJ this week, 10 days after my FI. I'll be flying to Dubai on the 19th July!

17th Jun 2010, 06:33
Congratulations! I have DOJ also on the 19th july together with dance.in.the.air., and EnjiW.

Enjiw + dance.in.the.air

I just called HR and the lady said to go to an eye specialist to sign and stamp the form to show that we indeed do not have any eye problem, and then upload. I would be done a long time ago if the instruction had said so.:ugh:

17th Jun 2010, 07:07
Thanks for the tip Pokes! I'll be sure to get that done.

As for my question on the digital dental x-rays, I got a reply from EK saying that the printed versions are fine, they don't have to be on a CD, just in case anyone was wondering the same thing!

Isabellag, I'm the 19th July too! Hope to see you soon!

Best of luck everyone! :ok:

17th Jun 2010, 07:24
I am invited for the Emirates CC open day here in the US and I am very excited to attend and hopefully get employed! It was always my DREAM to be a flight attendant ever since I was a little child but went to a nursing school due to several reasons. But since graduation, I am literally DYING TO FLY and WORK as a cabin crew instead of working as a nurse (although nursing is still a wonderful profession).

I just wanted to make sure about one thing before i make this big decision.
I want to ask current emirates employees or people who recently moved to Dubai for your honest opinion on the quality of water in Dubai.
Is it clean? Is it safe to drink tap or do you purchase bottled water?
How does your skin and hair feel after you take a shower?
The question may seem odd but I tend to get eczema exacerbations under extreme weather conditions and bad water so if I live where the water is not too clean, my skin PEELS off and it can get pretty serious so this is essential for me in making this life changing decision. I was in LA for about 6 months, finally working after a long period of unemployment post graduation, then I had to quit and move back to NYC due to bad water in LA. :T
So yes...... your honest response would be truly appreciated!!! :Dhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/smile.gif

Thank you everyone in advance.

17th Jun 2010, 08:14
What I did is I wrote on the report 'not apply' signed it and uploaded it. I guess it seems fine because I received no e-mails back to make any changes in case of this report (apart from other ones which was about changing the format). It's said on the report to fill it only if you wear lenses and I don't.

Good to see more people with the same DOJ:)

17th Jun 2010, 10:38
hey all

i have a question for those who sent their CV online. how long since your online application you've received the email with the invitation for an assessment day?

17th Jun 2010, 12:36
Really nice to know that!!
2 more (a boy and a girl) are on the same flight as I am!

17th Jun 2010, 13:12
I wouldn't recommend you in this case to live in Dubai and/or work as a cabin crew. You will be exposed to exteme weather conditions all the time... Some places are freezing, some places are very hot or very humit etc. Long flights, air is very dry, A/C in Dubai and on the plain all the time. Water is bad quaility. Everybody is losing hair big time. (The thing - what is it called? - I bought for the head of the shower did not help at all.) I wash my hair in New Zeland every time I go there: the difference is amazing!!! We only drink bottled water.

17th Jun 2010, 15:36
How much does Mari fly?

Flying hours - A380

Dec 2009: 87
Jan 2010: 111
Feb 2010: 98
March 2010: 51 (reserve month)
April 2010: 89
May 2010: 66 (leave 13 days)
June 2010: 86 (ground training: 7 days)
July 2010: 98 (SEP recurrent: 2 days)

(No sick days.)

Note: max. 900 flying hours in a calender year.
You are paid according to your hours: from chock-off until chock-on.

17th Jun 2010, 20:59
hey guys, hello everybody, I applied online 2008 and went to the OD, my FI was postponed due to economics or whatever, recruitment resummed this year and I went online again but I cannot find the option where I can update my information! I still shows that I registered for the OD in 2008.

Do you think I should register again?

Thank you!!!

17th Jun 2010, 23:03
Mari i love your post about training and problems each of us will have to face..... i would suggest for everyone to read it at least twice

I can imagine studding can be hard specially if someone is not used to it. I love studding ... always looking for new education opportunities and i guess the aviation college will be my favorite part of this job, and hey its a great opportunity for these of us whos mather tongue is not english to learn some vocabulary...
im already wondering if i find the time to maybe study something in Dubai and if i could afford it. Maybe some language course

in regards to bad water. Can you buy there water filter i mean like Brita? maybe that could be resolution to wash your hair or at least cooking the water before using it, maybe more hassle but might work?

With the leaving area i dont mind anything but it has to be quiet and i can imagine with the construction outside the window might be hard..... well you can always take with you ear plugs.....

For those worried they may miss their families hmmmm will be hard on the beginning i remember my first months in Ireland.... not easy at all and i went home first time after 6 months. And it might cost you loosing some old friends..... but in the end of the day you will get used to it. Now when im flying home im starting to miss Ireland and i want to go back in few days, i just learned to live my own life do things the way i like.... So i hope it will work same for all of you!

18th Jun 2010, 00:48
Good evening !!!

i had my FI monday 14 june 2010 we were 10 at this step...

i would like to know how many of us will be recruited aproximatly??:uhoh: thank you !!!

18th Jun 2010, 04:12
5-8 of you.

18th Jun 2010, 10:00
There were 13 of us in my FI in Ghana on 23 and 24th May. So far, I hear 9 of us have been called. Goodluck!

18th Jun 2010, 10:31
Mari what you said is true.

I am enjoying it quite a lot in Dubai but there is a lot to also get used to. For example, you are not as free as you may be used to at home. You must behave respectfully in public. I find so long as I am polite to others I have not had any problem. I bumped a lady by mistake in the mall (she seemed to be important, she had lots of maids), I said I am sorry a lot of times and she just nodded and kept walking. So I did not mean to do it. But I have learnt to look where I am going more carefully!

Read the grooming part they send you carefully. Even though I felt I had dressed ok we were told to do better. I decided not to be offended but to do as they said. It is not the same as home any more, there are different rules here.

Girls, bring some smart casual pants (not jeans) whic are not too tight and a long sleeve top (not too low on the neck) for when you visit the mosque. Also as Mari said pack the flat black shoes for the training as you do not want to be running around on your days off and spending your money on things you could have brought from home.

My flat mate also warned me the water can make your hair start to come out if you are sensitive, I am not sure yet what to do about this yet. Any tips Mari? I know you said to do it when on layovers but as we are still in training, should we avoid washing the hair more than say once a week? I am worried we will get in trouble because our hair might look dirty :S

It is tempting to go out and buy lots of things for your apartment but it's best to save money. I got a few things to make life easier (iron, clothes basket, a few containers to keep the bathroom neat etc) but not too much. You can decorate your room when you start flying.

Bring photos! Lots of them! Then you can see your family and friends. If you dont want to put them on the walls it's ok, but you have them there.

Bring money! As much as you can!!! You don't want to be poor! I brought about $1000 AUD which helps but the more the better!!! :) The you wil not be worrying about the money during training, the first pays are quite low due to the salary advance and present for buying toaster, kettle etc.

That's all I can thik of.

Except, try not to compare it to home too much... or to other places you have worked. New company, new way of life :ok:

18th Jun 2010, 11:14
I've heard about 9 GC out of 24 FI in Warsaw. But who knows, might be more...

18th Jun 2010, 11:48
no one can ansewr my question?
i want to go to the open day in Prague on 26th and i dont know what to do, if i just have to wait for an reply from them or go as nothing happened and let there my cv...

18th Jun 2010, 12:34
Did anyone have to re-submit photos after FI? A recruitement officer called me and asked to send other photos.Just wondering if anyone has had a similiar experience?
Thanks in advance!

P.s Had my FI on 10 May and still waiting, my status changed to approval in progress about a week after the FI.


The first time I applied it took about 6 months.Fell out in the last round.The second time, it took about 2 weeks.If you want to work for EK patience is very very important.:ugh:

18th Jun 2010, 13:19
Thank you very much mari for all your posts i hope to see in the headquaters and thanks you personaly for all what you made for us!:)

18th Jun 2010, 15:48
hey guys i had my final interview 17th june, i think it went ok, but im soo scared, when you really want something in life i feel like as if i don't get it!!!!!!!!!! but i really want to get this job with emirates, i just want to ask fellow emirates cabin crew how long it took you guys to find out if you had the job or not after final interview????????

18th Jun 2010, 16:03
It took about 10days for me to hear from them. But I also think the times vary. Lets say, if you werent able to give them everything during your FI, then it may take a while. But I gave them everything and it took them 10days to receive the GC..all the best!

18th Jun 2010, 16:43

I cannot offer any solution for the hair loss as I did not find any, yet... You have to live with it... (I tried everything, all kind of vitamins, water filter, treatments, different kind of products.) Now I only use a salon poduct which finally helped with the damage. I'm still losing hair big time every day... I had to buy a mini hoover because all the hair in the apartment bothers me so much...


A girl I know was called to submit new business attire photo. Three days later she was called to send new casual photos. She was hired, she works for Emirates.


congratulations that you made it so far. Your interview was yesterday, right? You should wait a little bit for the answer...

as you were surely told on the final interview it would take 3-6 weeks to receive the answer from Emirates. (After submitting ALL required documents.) Your date of joining will be 2-6 weeks after the phone call. (Only if you manage to submint ALL your medical forms and you are approved. If something happens, your DOJ will be delayed but it happens, no worries.

This question was asked million times here, so feel free to read back to find out the individual answer from dozens of ppruners.

18th Jun 2010, 21:49
I've been invited to the newcastle od but I can't make it. I'd rather go to an ad anyway. I think they invited me to newcastle cos its closer but I'm happy to travel.

Does anyone know if I can call them and ask to go to the london ad instead? And does anyone have the number? I've searched online but no luck

19th Jun 2010, 11:17
Hey everyone...well I have a question on denture.I was in a car accident a few months ago and ended up losing two of my front teeth so due to that unfortunate experience I have to wear dentures...i'm wondering how that will affect my chances in my ad next month and its rather expensive to get implants...and I doubt I will make it to get them done by the AD...but they look pretty good...i love smiling a lot and I'm so worried...!!!:):sad:

19th Jun 2010, 12:01
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

19th Jun 2010, 12:33
CONGRATS! May I ask you some questions? I'm attending the open day in AKL on the 26th, do you know if the assessment day is ussualy one day after? Did you have to write an essay? What about the test? Do you know the names of them? I know one is the PF 16, but no idea what is the name of the shape one, does anybody know? Thank you in advance for your replies!

19th Jun 2010, 13:56
Assessment on the same day or next day: it depends of the number of people who show up for the selection.

Open Day

• Numbers will be assigned to candidates
• Presentation by 2 EK recruiters
• Screening of 4 EK videos
• Information on life in Dubai, salary, training (7 weeks), accommodation
• Q&A

Round 1 or Assessment Day

1st Discussion:
• Sit in a circle, group of 10 to 15 candidates
• Question is usually finding out something about and introducing your neighbour.
• During discussion (10mins), individual 1 on 1 session
• Reach Test, Short Q&A and appearance check
• Presentation of answers, stand up one by one and address the rest.

2nd Discussion

1st Elimination

Round 2

English Test (1hr):
• MCQ (40pts) Passing mark: 32 (spend no more than 30 mins on this)
• Comprehension (12pts)
• Vocabulary (10pts)
• Understanding Instructions (13pts)
• Interpreting Information (5pts)
• Essay 200 words (No marks, pass or fail only)

2nd Elimination

Round 3

3rd Discussion:
• Sit in a circle, group of 6 to 10 candidates

Tattoo/Scars declaration form

3rd Elimination

Round 4

16PF Psychometric Test (187 questions – IQ, EQ, behavioural, personal, work, social issues)

Validation of personal information

Final Interview date/time

The shape test is not for everyone, right? It's an IQ-test, I guess, but I'm not sure... (Read back: some people wrote about it.)

Old post:

I went to the AKL open-day today
Just the same as all the other open days I guess;
It was my first-time to go to an open-day,
I thought there would be heaps of people becoz I heard
that like 300 people turned up at Christchurch,
But at the Auckland open-days not that many turned up;
Around 100? Maybe more maybe less.. around about there I think.
And I think more than half were people from Asia~
The two ladies from Emirates were Kim and Emma (I think.
Kim gave us a brief introduction about the emirates airlines,
about how the open-days work, we watched a video,
had the question answer time, then handed our CVs in
one by one. When I was handing in my CV, they asked
where i got my photos done, and what I'm doing currently.

They said they will ring people who make it through before 6 pm
and I got a call from Emma around about 2 pm!

19th Jun 2010, 17:56
Hello everyone,

Someone have DOJ 12 July ??

im from brazil, and i want to know who is going 12 july too

19th Jun 2010, 19:25
I've read this whole thread and could not figure it out: What exactly are we doing this 10 days before our training starts? I know we'll get to re-do our medicals, get to know the company, but what else? 10 days is quite a long period. I imagine these won't be hard days. Is it correct??
Thanks :ok:

19th Jun 2010, 19:48
I think you also get to know the Emirates Facilities, city tours, cultural dubai, and that kind of things.

And get used to your new home as well =)

20th Jun 2010, 08:58
Hello, anybody with the DOJ 5th July and training commencement 15th July?
I'm looking forward to meeting you all :O

20th Jun 2010, 12:06
Hi there,

My DOJ 5th July. I am from Bangladesh.

Nice to know about you!!!!!!!

Tell me about your joining progress.

Hope to meet you soon in Dubai.:ok::ok::ok:

20th Jun 2010, 14:41
A friend of mine went to the Assessment in Miami on Saturday. They started with about 70 and by the end of the day 10 were left for final interviews. She did say that many of the women showed up in mini skirts and FMP's...they were eliminated immediately. Some even wore jeans! Since she is currently a flight attendant (and did her research) she made it through to the final interview (which is today). She had her hair in a bun, black skirt suit with a white blouse, black heels, nude hose, professional make-up and had her nails done in a neutral color. When they told the remaining women about bringing in passport photos for the final interview they used my friend as an example of how to do make up and hair.... It pays if you do your research, read all the info you can, and dress properly.....

20th Jun 2010, 14:48
There might be a rule regarding the dress code but I was surprised to see many people who appeared on the first day in jeans and mini-skirts and passed to the next stages ( in minis again) and fail not because of this but due to weak English test results or during group discussions.

20th Jun 2010, 16:55
Hey guys,

I didnt write anything here for a long time because after you finally finish all the paper work and join, there is no time for anything.

I also wanted to clear some things that myself and few other friends were so worried about before we joined.

1. Tattoos - If you have it, hide it and dont declare it. I met sooooooo many people with tattoos, on their hands,backs,legs and even one girl has a tattoo on her wrist! When I asked her how did she manage to pass, she said that she covers it with make up and always wears a watch! So dont worry if you have any tattos. When I did my medicals, they dont check for it, so if you dont want anyone to know about it, noone will!

2. Vaccines - You dont have to have all of them done before joining. Loads of people do it after and it get deducted from the salary. So if you dont have money for it now, dont worry.

3. Money - Try to bring as much money as possible and dont spend it all on your first week! You get an advance on your induction week and end up spending it all and later on your first salary is barely enough to buy food for a week and you actually have to live on it for a month! A lot of people are calling their parents/husbands/friends for money after 3 weeks in dubai!

4. Prepare to study. I thought it was really easy being a cabin crew, but its not! Past 6 weeks were insane! You dont sleep, go out or do anything except for studying. A lot of people fail their exams and are forced to repeat a week or two. So get ready to study 12-14 hours a day!

Let me know if you have any questions on training.

Good luck boys and girls. :ok:

20th Jun 2010, 17:50
hey guys i told the lady in my final interview that i was a smoker, do you guys think this will affect my chance at getting this job?

20th Jun 2010, 18:33

I don't think telling the recruitment officers that you are a smoker will affect you're chances getting through. After all, they do provide accommodation according to whether you are a smoker or non-smoker. Also, there were a few people who nipped outside to have a few cigarettes at my OD and they are due to fly to Dubai soon!

I think as long as you pass your medicals and you yourself don't mind not having a cigarette for long hours due to long haul flights, then I don't think there would be a problem. Try not to worry! And best of luck! :ok:

20th Jun 2010, 18:38
I don't think it's a problem if you do. They just ask you because you've got to live with someone that smokes too. After receiving your GC, you have to answer this question again (through an online form). If you lie, you'll get to share an apartment with a non smoker and THIS would be a problem :ok:

20th Jun 2010, 19:07
Maki1985 - RayhanBD

Hey guys, I have same DOJ. Have you obtained your Final Approval already? It´s been a week since I uploaded all my Medicals and still waiting..I may call them If I don´t hear from them by tomorrow or the day after...two weeks before leaving!

Hope to see you all in Dubai!


thank you for all the tips!
I want to start!!

And I agree. I think that is the way it goes: we are there to study, graduate and do our job!

Besides, I suppose you have lots of classmates and you can study together and help each other.


20th Jun 2010, 22:14
Anyone with DOJ booked for August 16th or next? add me if so: [email protected]<hidden>

21st Jun 2010, 02:46
hello there! I got the same day of joinning. I have upload all my medicals three weeks ago, still waiting for them to resign as I have to give them a month notice and would like to be at home before flying to dubai... so see u there!:ok:

21st Jun 2010, 10:02
Anybody had the A380 email recently ?

21st Jun 2010, 15:26
Hi All

I thought I'd ask this question here first rather than bothering the HR people with all my queries! Maybe some one could help me...

In relation to vaccines such as the MMR and polio, I had these when I was a baby, only a few months old. I do not know the date I got these as my parents can't even remember the clinic I was in. However, I did receive boosters for these only last year.

Do you think this is sufficient to have the booster date alone? Any help would be great!

Four weeks today and counting, as long as the meds go well!! Hope to see you guys soon!


21st Jun 2010, 16:26
I got my Final Approval! :D :}


My Dr signed the Vacc Report, and explained that at my current age, I am not aaplicable to get those in my country. He/she could explain your case in the report maybe?

Good luck!

21st Jun 2010, 16:57
Congratulations Javmvd! I am still waiting for mine. I haven't been able to access my account all day. Did you have the same problem before you got your approval?

I agree with Javmvd! My doctor only had me do the booster. Everyone gets dipthteria and polio in ghana when they are babies!

21st Jun 2010, 16:58
Hey guys i need help with medical stuffs,

All my blood results, are in the same page and on the website we've to upload for all results, someone knows if can be just one upload or i've to upload in all blood results?

21st Jun 2010, 17:02
Thank you! You will get it soon.

I assume they are really really busy. It took more than a week to obtain mine.

Two weeks...so excited !


You must upload in all those results.

21st Jun 2010, 17:03
Hey Javmvd

Thanks for the advice and congrats too!! You must be delighted!

And thanks to you too Pokes! I'll do what you say and hopefully there won't be a problem!

I'm getting very excited now!! Does anybody know what the price of electronics is like in Dubai, eg Camera, Laptop, keeping in mind that I'm from Ireland and generally these things are quite expensive even for basic models. I don't know whether to buy here or wait.

21st Jun 2010, 17:03
You have to go back and ask for results to be separated. Each blood test reult on separate sheets. I had the same problems and so did lola81. They will give you a hard time but insist on having them on separate sheets. Tell them that's what emirates says.

21st Jun 2010, 17:05
Same thing happen here...all electronic stuff are pretty expensive here.
I have no idea about Dubai, but I suppose you will be able to find good prices?

Let´s hope :}

21st Jun 2010, 17:07
I think they may be cheaper in Dubai. I am not very positive but that's my guess.

I was asking if you had the same problem logging into your account before your approval came in? I am very excited for you! Congrats again!

21st Jun 2010, 17:11
Sorry. I thought I answered :O

I had no problem at all. Yesterday night I was waiting for FA, and today´s morning it was there.

I am -7hs DXB

21st Jun 2010, 17:14

I dont know because i had a friend and he did on the same Clinic, and he didnt have problems with that...well i'll try upload everything and see if they same something or no...i hope is everything ok

21st Jun 2010, 17:17
Thanks! I can't wait to get mine. Although my DOJ is 4weeks away:(

21st Jun 2010, 18:08
I've received an email this morning, asking where my medicals are :}
It's just a week I've got my GC, so it looks like they're in a rush (and I love it!! Meaning that it hopefully won't take long for FA). I've answered, letting them know that they'll only be ready by Friday.
Now I'm worried, because I made them at the same place LPedrao did =/
I'll call them to assure they must be separate, before it gets too late.

4 weeks, peeps!!


Those vaccinations you get when you're a new born (at least here in Brazil), like 2 months the first doses. My doctor has also explained it at that sheet so, talk to him/her :ok:

proud mum
21st Jun 2010, 18:15
Hi There , iv just spoken to my daughter and she says you can get some really great bargains on electrical goods in Dubai , I know they are a bit more expensive here in the UK and Ireland so might be worth while to hold off till you get to Dubai hope this helps :)

21st Jun 2010, 18:29
I think its a system generated message. I got that 6 days after GC too. Don't worry too much about it. But just be sure to upload them on time to your DOJ doesnt change. Cheers!

21st Jun 2010, 20:32
Buy it all in Dubai. Carrefoure Supermarket has EVERYTHING and at really cheap prices. Although I found if you spend a little more, you get unbelievable quality products. Don't forget to bring your passport/ passport copy when you shop for electronic goods. They like you keep you on file!!!

21st Jun 2010, 20:35
What is that about "keep you on file" ?

21st Jun 2010, 20:56
to be honest im not sure why, they only take it this first time you go there and after all you need to do is give them your contact details. I guess they just want to know what you are buying and know you are not buying them to sell on. Its just for security reasons. To buy a phone you need the passport copy definately.

21st Jun 2010, 22:01
Thanks to everyone who replied to my post regarding buying electronics in Dubai! I'll definitely wait and get whatever I need there.....as long as the meds go smoothly that is!

Thanks again, you've been really helpful!

21st Jun 2010, 22:15
sound logical.

Thank you!

22nd Jun 2010, 01:46
All my blood results were on same page and I just uploaded it for each one it was fine and I have final approval .

22nd Jun 2010, 02:52

Thank you, well the best thing is wait now for the Final Approval if they ask for different pages will ask to the Clinic, i still have 3 weeks to DOJ

22nd Jun 2010, 03:30
Hey everyone!

I know this may sound very common. However, I just want to know the policy on tattoos? I have one on my very lower back and I am concerned.

Any help would be great!


22nd Jun 2010, 06:45
Yes, common question, it was asked many times and answered many times.

The general rule is: tattoos visible when in uniform are not acceptable. You need to wear short sleeves and knee-lenght skirt.

Post yesterday by Melamory:

I didnt write anything here for a long time because after you finally finish all the paper work and join, there is no time for anything.

I also wanted to clear some things that myself and few other friends were so worried about before we joined.

1. Tattoos - If you have it, hide it and dont declare it. I met sooooooo many people with tattoos, on their hands,backs,legs and even one girl has a tattoo on her wrist! When I asked her how did she manage to pass, she said that she covers it with make up and always wears a watch! So dont worry if you have any tattos. When I did my medicals, they dont check for it, so if you dont want anyone to know about it, none will!

2. Vaccines - You dont have to have all of them done before joining. Loads of people do it after and it get deducted from the salary. So if you dont have money for it now, dont worry.

3. Money - Try to bring as much money as possible and dont spend it all on your first week! You get an advance on your induction week and end up spending it all and later on your first salary is barely enough to buy food for a week and you actually have to live on it for a month! A lot of people are calling their parents/husbands/friends for money after 3 weeks in dubai!

4. Prepare to study. I thought it was really easy being a cabin crew, but its not! Past 6 weeks were insane! You dont sleep, go out or do anything except for studying. A lot of people fail their exams and are forced to repeat a week or two. So get ready to study 12-14 hours a day!

Let me know if you have any questions on training.

Good luck boys and girls. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/thumbs.gif

22nd Jun 2010, 08:40
Hello everyone,
Last Tuesday 15th, I got a call that I passed the FI.
and she said she was gonna send me an e-mail soon to go through the medicals. but in fact, I haven't received the e-mail yet. I waited 1 week and heard nothing from them.. this makes me feel anxious and I'm even feeling as if the call and everything were all in my dream?!

Today I called the number I received, but she was away and her msg box was full, and I was forwarded to many people but no one could handle my problem. This is a bit weird.. Should I wait a bit longer? An advise by someone in same situation will be highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

22nd Jun 2010, 15:01
My expected date of Joining is in the 12 of july, please guys i need the medical Form can anyone send them to me my email is [email protected]<hidden> , and i guess im little bit late i:sad: still didnt upload my medical tests, does that affect on my joining process

22nd Jun 2010, 15:02
Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us!It's been 7 weeks since my FI and 4 weeks since I sent new photos, I just wish I could hear something.Is waiting this long normal?Is it possible that they maybe have forgotten about my application?
Thank you again.

22nd Jun 2010, 16:33
Hi everyone!

Does anyone know how they keep a track of the "6-month rule" if you're unsuccessful at an open day?

I was just curious - and no, I'm not trying to cheat the system ;-) I've never been to an open day before; I was just curious.

I guess the "12-month rule" is easier to track for people who were unsuccessful at FI's, but I would imagine the "6-month rule" would be more difficult to monitor given the large number of applicants. I would guess there would be a few that have slid through the cracks?

22nd Jun 2010, 16:42
If you sign in to the web portal you should have the joiners form etc..once you complete that, all the medical stuff should be there for you to print out as it's the next step !

22nd Jun 2010, 16:55
My DOJ is 28th June...just couple days left..and still no informations about e-ticket and visa, accomandation etc. Think I will received those informations just before 28th.
Today I received e-mail from FedEx saying that Emirates sent to me some packege...dont know really what its gona be..some sweets?:) Does anybody had the same situation?
Good luck to all waiting for GC, approvals etc...see you very soon!

22nd Jun 2010, 18:24

My friend got his e-ticket and visa just 2 days before DOJ...relax they will send it

22nd Jun 2010, 21:58
I have the same DOJ (June 28th) and no news yet! my resignation has been approved, however, I have not received any packages and there are no updates in my portal..! I'm starting to get a bit nervous...hopefully I'll have news by tomorrow...!

23rd Jun 2010, 09:39
Finally got the golden call... Thankyou so much to those that sent me the medical docs.. Im still waiting for the email to link to the portal and my medical is already almost complete so as soon as they open it up I shall upload... My DOJ is August 2nd.. anyone on the same date???

23rd Jun 2010, 13:55
Hi Drina!

Congrats on getting your golden call! My DOJ is July 19th but I know a few other people from the OD I was at got Aug 2nd as their DOJ! I'll let them know that you have the same date and maybe you guys can swap e-mails or something! And I hope to see you there soon!

Good luck!


23rd Jun 2010, 18:31
anyone with DOJ on 28/06 or 5/07 already knows about type of training (a380 or regular one) is going to attend?

23rd Jun 2010, 20:18
Anyone have any idea if the 50kgs should be in one bag or it could be two?


Nothing about type of training yet.

I am currently waiting for Accomodaition info :D

How about you? Any news?

23rd Jun 2010, 20:19

My DOJ is 28th but i have no idea in which fleet i will be. Today i got my e-ticket and e-visa. Now I waitnig for accomandation info.
Well.. in general my DOJ was at 28th..but today it change on 29th :)

Someone wrote before that is no problem to put 50kgs in two bags...
That is what I'm going to do..two bags..one really big and second not so big

23rd Jun 2010, 20:24
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

23rd Jun 2010, 20:31
Thank you so much!

I think I am carrying one 35ks and another one for 15ks.

What about Carry on Luggage? Are we allowed to some extra kgs?

23rd Jun 2010, 20:34
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

23rd Jun 2010, 20:38

I'm still waiting for FI which is already delayed in terms of my one month notice to resign from my current workplace. So if I'm going to face any obstacles I might have to change the flight date instead of 19th July to one week later or even more depending on FI date.

Regarding luggage: guys, why you take 50 kg?!?! And where's the space for shopping fever in Dubai? Carry on luggage is 6kg I guess (depends on airlines) but that's too little! Oh and remember you can put max. 32 kg (that's a general rule) to one luggage and if you're not lucky at the airport you might have to pay extra ( even if you have 15 in other one, then they'll tell to to shift stuff to the lighter one).

23rd Jun 2010, 20:41
You're leaving from Brazil, right?? I went to the airport yesterday and used the chance to ask this at the EK check in.
They told me we're allowed to take 2 bags, 32 kg each.

I know two girls that have the same DOJ!

Hey, I hope you'll manage it on time!

23rd Jun 2010, 20:52
Hi Flick

I was at the Dublin OD at the end of May! Were you there or in the UK?

In relation to baggage allowance, as Dublin is not an EK destination, I'll have to comply with another airlines baggage allowance which will be more than likely only 20kg! How will I manage??

Has anybody read of experiences like this?

23rd Jun 2010, 20:57

Thank you so much for all the information !! I am leaving from Montevideo actuaally, but yes, I catch the EK flight at GRU :D


You should check with the airline you are connecting with EK. In my case, I still dont know, think it could be TAM or PLUNA. I should check with them.

Many airlines, keep the baggage of the one that issued the etkt. I hope it applies to this case :D

23rd Jun 2010, 21:14
Thanks for the info! I'll concentrate on getting medical clearance for now anyway!

A friend of mine works for QR. She had to get a connecting flight too and only allowed 20kg but QR paid for the rest of her luggage to be flown out which was quite nice!

23rd Jun 2010, 21:17
I think that QR option would be great too.

Good luck with the medicals!!

23rd Jun 2010, 21:52
Thanks dance.. would really appreciate!!!

23rd Jun 2010, 22:48

Anyone else with a DOJ 2nd Aug?

24th Jun 2010, 10:16
I want to see if I would be medically fited, before I go to an EK interview, or even consider this career.

I have the medical forms from a member of this forum, and thinking about starting with the blood tests and chest x-ray.

Could anyone tell me how long they are valid? (it would be nice not to redo everything after, hopefully, I get the interview)

And, when the time will come, how will I have to submit them? Scanned? In English? If translated would be ok? Each analysis on separate page? With doctors comments? So I can tell the clinic how to report on them.

Thank you all!!!

P.S. regarding the luggage theme, there are some posts in the previous tread, especially from a girl from Trinidad y Tabago, who had the same problem and now, I guess, she is already in Dubai. Maybe she could help with more details :)

24th Jun 2010, 10:36

My DOJ is 02/08 as well :)

24th Jun 2010, 12:27
Got my accommondation info today.
It's Al Owais Building, Deira.
Does anyone know something about this place?
Mari, maybe you know something about?:)
Thanks a lot for info!

I found only this ... Commercial Real Estate Information and Construction Data | Emporis.com (http://www.emporis.com/application/?nav=photo_compilation&lng=3&id=107799&aid=8)

24th Jun 2010, 13:21
i got my accommodation info today too! it's Al Fattan Building, Al Ghusais II any idea how that building is?

javmvd: you will be flying out of montevideo on TAM. My DOJ did not change however, i'm flying out on monday.


24th Jun 2010, 13:38

Blood results are valid for three months and the xray is good for 6months as far as I know. All results must be in English. I would suggest waiting until you go to the OD as the medicals can be expensive, but that's just my opinion! The results would need to be scanned and uploaded to the candidate portal. Comments are needed on the chest x-ray, no elaboration is needed on bloods. I have read here that some people have been requested by EK to submit each result on a separate page, some people have said that they didn't have a problem with having a few on the same page.

Best of luck!

24th Jun 2010, 13:47
hey guys i logged into my account today and it has changed to approval in progress before it use to say application under review but now it changed to approval in progress do any of you guys know wot this means????????????????????????????????????????????????????

24th Jun 2010, 13:49
it means you will get your golden call soon :ok:

24th Jun 2010, 14:05
omg are you being for real, have their been some people that got approval in progress then got the golden call?

24th Jun 2010, 14:10
Hi Kandy girl

Judging from my experience and others I know, this is a good sign. My status changed from "Under review" to "Approval in progress". 2 days later I was blocked out with the message that you will be contacted by your recruitment coordinator at the earliest. Two days after that I got the call!

Good luck!

24th Jun 2010, 14:15
after approval in progress your status will change on your recruitment officer will contact you at the eirlest(and your profile will be blocked for couple days)..after that you will get your call:) i think it could take about one or two weeks from now, maybe even less

wish you the best!!!

24th Jun 2010, 14:39
dance in the air and kracza thank you sooooo much, i mean i hope that it turns out to be something good because i think everything is going a bit too fast for me i mean i would never think i would work for emirates because i always thought they would never take you or you will never even get past the first stage. so i really hope that i get this job and i can meet up with all of you guys

24th Jun 2010, 15:13
Well it certainly looks like it's going to happen for you! Enjoy it! And keep your phone near you at all times! I thought they wouldn't call on a Fri or Sat as I think it's their weekend but I was called on a Saturday! And my friend was called at 7.30am! So keep it on loud too!

Hope you get good news soon! Would be lovely to meet you!

24th Jun 2010, 16:27
According to this map, you'll live very close to a subway station!
Al Fattan Building Dubai City (http://wikimapia.org/16156241/Al-Fattan-Building)

24th Jun 2010, 21:17
Thank you! Even though it would have been nice to travel in the PUCRJ9, JJA320 look amazing :D

Almost there. I checked the map isabellag posted, and you will be really really close to the airport and everyhing pretty much..

Congratulations !

25th Jun 2010, 03:18
Hey wannabes!

I had my FI on Tuesday... The interviewer asked me to please post new photos because my professional ones weren't what they wanted....

In the 'final interview package' it said to either post them or send them in an email in PDF format. The interviewer only mentioned posting them...

I wanted to email so it could all happen faster!

Has anyone sent photos by PDF format to complete their package and it's been fine?

BigAl :ok:

25th Jun 2010, 03:49
No problem at all, many of my colleagues have done it.
I had one information missing at my file (referee's email address) and sent it to them using that email stated there. Two days later they've 'golden called' me. So, go for it!
And good luck! :ok:

25th Jun 2010, 09:31

Is anyone attending OD in Kracow on 31st of July? It would be nice knowing someone in advance, maybe we hook up to book a place to stay?


25th Jun 2010, 11:28
hello ally23x I thing I will be there on 31th of July.

25th Jun 2010, 16:43
Hi, can anyone tell me roughly how long does it take to get medical approval and what should I be looking for? An e-mail? Status change? A call?

Thanks in advance!

25th Jun 2010, 18:31
3 weeks so far and still no reply...

25th Jun 2010, 19:42
Hi everybody ;) i am waiting since 6 week to get my medical clearence and my DOJ is in 26 july, so its pretty soon.....i have to resign on my recent job....
i am a little scared,:\
does anyone know how long that it takes'?? or should i call them to pospone my DOJ ???

thanks for help

25th Jun 2010, 23:05
Hi ...My DOJ is also 26th July after i uploaded medicals i waited one week then sent a online e-mail (query) from the portal explaining i wanted to resign from current employer as soon as possible, the nxt day i had final approval.

25th Jun 2010, 23:13
Hey, My DOJ is also on august 2nd but I'm still waiting for the emails with the medicals. I haven't accomplish none of the exams. How long do they take to send you the email after the golden call?
thanks and congratulations...maybe we meet there!

25th Jun 2010, 23:24
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

26th Jun 2010, 00:22
It took 8 working days to get mine.

As some of you say, you can always call or send query.

Best of lucks and hope you get the FA as soon as possible!

Regards everyone!

26th Jun 2010, 05:14
:) Hello I'm Alex from Mexico, I was wondering if someone knows what books or text do you recommend to study for the recruitment procedure in Emirates Airline.

Thank you.

26th Jun 2010, 07:03
hey isabella you are theone who took the assessment day with me right?
i'm the girl from curitiba!
DOJ 2nd august too?

I am also booked for august 2nd! keep in touch everyone!

26th Jun 2010, 08:48
How to become Emirates cabin crew

26th Jun 2010, 09:26
Read through the previous forums and pages on everything to do with Emirates is the first thing.

Normally, you have to do an English and Maths test and you need to play a game where you interact with each other. Dont become to overbearing but not meek enough that you dont get heard.

As Mari said there is a blog that you can go on that tells you all you need to know about the EK Interviews good luck!!

26th Jun 2010, 13:04
How can I access the previous Emirates threads? I can only find the one before this one (via link on the first post).

Thanks in advance.

26th Jun 2010, 15:48
Hey again,

This is a bit of a random question... Especially for this time on a Saturday night!! (obsessed much?)

Do emirates pay for your teeth to be whitened or make you do it at some stage?

All staff seem to have v white teeth!

26th Jun 2010, 16:03
Hi BigAl

This is the first I have heard of teeth whitening with EK. I've just done my medicals along with about 8 others I'm in touch with and none of us have been asked to do this. However, if they ask for you to do this I would imagine that it would be at your expense. All dental work must be carried out before leaving your home country.

I hope this helps a little, maybe someone else has come across this?


26th Jun 2010, 16:07
Cheers DITA!

Yah I have nothing to base it on... Just curious...

Saab Dastard
26th Jun 2010, 17:45
How can I access the previous Emirates threads? I can only find the one before this one (via link on the first post).

Thanks in advance.

Use the Search (http://www.pprune.org/search.php) function.

That will bring up IV - VI, probably enough to be going on with!


26th Jun 2010, 20:18
Hi guys! I hope someone can answer this question. Are the recruitment team strict on scars on the legs? I have a few scar tissues on my legs which I got when I was little. That part is a bit shiny (scar tissue) but smooth. Does anyone have the same problem as I do? What did you do on your scars? did you put concealer on it? Help!

26th Jun 2010, 21:24

Did anyone attend the brussels OD on june 12th???
We were someting like 70, the next day 30 and later on 10
But we still have the final interview to do, they sais they will call us but nothing yetttttt
please if anyone knows anything....thanks

27th Jun 2010, 00:03
Well, put that concealer on your scars if you feel better. (Why is it a question at all????? Do anything you can to feel confident, beautiful and pretty that day!)

If they are horribly ugly, don't even try Emirates. If they are not: forget about them. (If you are not able to decide on the level of ugliness, go for an open day and the recruiters will decide for you.)

27th Jun 2010, 00:34

I have done some online searching, both on this board and elsewhere online, but seem to be getting mixed answers to my question so I'm just going to post it here in the hope that somebody might be able to answer me directly.

My online status is currently "You will be contacted by your recruitment coordinator at the earliest" and has been for almost a week now, so I believe this means that I can expect my GC any time now.

The problem is, I am colour blind. I want to know the implications of this on my application - is there still a chance I can have the job? Will it be addressed in the medicals? Should I mention it during my GC? As much as I would love to work for Emirates - and I want this job more than anything - I feel it would be a waste of too much money to go through with all my medicals if there is no way I will be accepted with colour blindness.

So I am asking if anyone knows the answer to my question, please could you let me know?

Thanks in advance xx

27th Jun 2010, 01:36
Hi Tamsat,

I seen your post and thought id let you know, I think my optician said it would b e a problem as you wouldnt be able to differentiate between different colours in the cabin for different warning lights etc... maybe you should check the website? would it have anything there?
Mari knows alot on here, so maybe mail her.

I hope it wont cause you a problem.

27th Jun 2010, 10:25
Hi everyone

My medical status has changed to "Complete". Does this mean that I have medical clearance? If so, what's next? I can't access the resignation part or anything in the next step.

Can anyone help please? Many thanks


27th Jun 2010, 15:47
I cant seem to access my 'Introducton to training officer " link. Anyone know what is there?

27th Jun 2010, 16:07

You will receive email if all your docs are ok. It just means you have downloaded all of them


You can see there name of your training officer, also pre-training book is available there

27th Jun 2010, 16:23
Thanks kontesa!
But when does it open for me to see the name of my officer? Also, the work book, I printed it out and have started work on it. Am I on the right course?

27th Jun 2010, 23:13
Yes, you are on the right course!

I got one Induction Officer name in the portal, but then I received an email from another one. I guess the one that contacted me is the one that will assist me.

Already repplied her email.

28th Jun 2010, 02:11
Hi everyone!
Can someone tell me about braces..
Is it eliminatory?


28th Jun 2010, 02:22

Yeah my interview was in Sydney!! I have a feeling you even came in during my interview too! To drop off your finished logic test?? Or was that someone else?

OK good idea... I'll go print and post them today just in case! Damn I should have done it earlier!!

I guess you've prob. done your research too but apparently that logic test is if you got some logicy ones wrong in the AD test (i guess like the 'dog is to bone as bla' type?). I'd see it as a positive... They wouldn't bother asking you to do it if they didn't like you yeah?

Was your interview pretty tough?? I was worried cos I took ages to answer questions and she was a tough crowd.. she even looked at her watch at one point! hahaha... At the end she said she liked me though? Fingers crossed!!

28th Jun 2010, 02:23
when you use braces, you're advised to finish your dental treatment, then apply.

28th Jun 2010, 02:30
Thanks a lot Isabella.
Not good news for me, I'm attending an OD in the middle of July.

28th Jun 2010, 03:07

I had my final interview in Sydney too. Mine was on the Monday, didn't have to sit a logic test though. I was fairly confident in knowing what I wanted to say during my final interview but I would have to agree she was a very tough crowd. So it's not only you who thinks that, and it's nice to know she wasn't like that only with me ( I hope).

She looked at her watch towards the end of my interview as well, I don't think you should worry about that I am pretty sure she was just keeping track of the time, she had an interview every hour!

Hey millie!

I don't know if you were the only other girl from Melbourne besides me at the sydney final interview. I didn't have my documentation and pictures with me cause it was all back home in Melbourne. Did she want you to send it to Auckland or Dubai?

28th Jun 2010, 03:45
She wanted me to send it to Auckland cause thats where she was headed next. BUT now I don't think it's going to get to her on time cause she leaves Auckland tomorrow so now I'm thinking of emailing everything to Dubai. I had to send more than just pictures though cause I didn't have time/ the ability to get all my certificates and things to her in time for my final interview :sad:

28th Jun 2010, 04:01
Who was your interviewers in Sydney final?
I had interivew back in April with Alana and she was very easy going and sweet!

28th Jun 2010, 08:23
Colour blindness: No-go. (Tamsat, why were you confused about the previous answers? I think the answer was clearly written hundred times on pprune.)

Braces: same. No-go. Rmove them or apply next year.

28th Jun 2010, 11:34
I thought the recruiters were very easy to talk to. They have to show not too much emotion in the interview otherwise it might give it all away!

I don't think they would be unimpressed with our responses etc, they just have to see us work under pressure! hehe, which I felt for sure!

all in all it was not as bad as people had explained to me before I went.

28th Jun 2010, 11:51
well done guys for getting through to the final interviews now all we gotta do is just wait lol

28th Jun 2010, 15:33
Hi, one of fellow joiners who is joining on July 5 just told me she received an email that she would be assigned for Airbus 380 today. My doj is July 5th too and I only received uniform size request email yesterday(Sunday). For those of you who are joining on July 5, could you leave a reply here if anyone else received this email?

I know there would be about 5 batches on that day(12pplX5=60), so not everyone on that day will be assigned for A380 but was just curious...


28th Jun 2010, 18:50
(This post was written yesterday by one of the ppruners.)

Open Day Auckland, New Zealand 26 June 2010

This OD took place in New Zealand, but maybe a similar format for Australia, or different in your country. I suggest reading Emirates Wannabes VII and VI threads in their entirety (yes every single post!) you’ll be amazed how much useful info is in there and you’ll have a much better understanding of this whole process.

I attended the OD in Auckland, New Zealand at the Sky City Convention Centre on Saturday June 26th 2010 which started at 9am. I was really prepared and had flown up from Christchurch. I stayed at a nearby hotel so I took everything to AKL I knew I might need for the OD and FI (see below).

If you live in the city they are holding the OD in obviously you won’t need to take all the clothing and accessories (below) with you. You will only need your CV, 1 x full length business attire photo (6x4”), 1 x portrait photo (6x4”).

Business attire: nice matching fitted suit with knee length skirt for girls with business shirt, skin coloured stockings, court shoes. Same standard for boys. If you don't have a suit buy one or borrow one, then wear it to the OD and FI you will look just as fantastic as your photos! Ladies your hair should be in a bun or french roll, no loose hair like fringes, if you have a fringe just sweep it to the side and hairspray it so it doesn't come loose.

Photos, CV and Paperwork

2 x full length business attire (6x4”) for the OD
1 x portrait photo (6x4”) for the CV what you submit on the OD
2 x full length business attire (6x4”) same as above for the FI
6 x portrait photo in passport size (3.5x4.5cm) can be same potrait photo submitted on OD just smaller.
2 casual photos (6x4”)
Photocopies of all my certificates from work and from studies
2 x colour copies of my passport
Proof of employment: I submitted a photocopy of my work ID card however you can alternatively provide a payslip, or the first and last pages of your employment contract.

In all of the photos you must smile a big friendly smile with your teeth showing. For the full length business attire photo and portrait photo it is best to have these done professionally if you can afford it. Ligth blue background for full-length photo, white background for portrait, make up with red lipstick (the recruiter advised that red lipstick in the business attire/portrait photos is a nice look), hair tied back in a bun/french roll no loose hair like fringes, if you have a fringe just sweep it to the side and hairspray it so it doesn't come loose, feet placed apart with one leg slightly forward, hands by your side, shoulders back, big friendly smile showing your teeth. I had my make-up done professionally at a MAC cosmetics counter as it needs to be a bit more emphasised for photos, for the actual OD and FI I did it myself just toned down the lipstick to more of a rosy neutral colour then you don't end up with it wearing off and just a big red ring of lipliner.

For the casual photos you must be by yourself, pleasant background like a park, your kitchen, a scenic vista etc. not a nightclub! Standing with a relaxed posture, nothing in your hands like drinks/cigarettes, neat and tidy clothing makeup and hair (hiar can be down), big smile showing your teeth.

You need to fill out some paperwork over the day so don’t forget to take some pens! The OD and FI will run over 2 days for those of you travelling from out of town, so expect to stay 2 nights in your hotel and take enough money for eating expenses, after a busy day you may just want to order room service. For those who are locals you’ll need a bit of money for a bite to eat/coffee/drink on the OD, your FI will be on the second/third day after the OD. Water is provided.

Note: The OD will take the WHOLE day! Leaving because you have to go to work or have other commitments will ensure you do not make it to the FI. Likewise the recruiters will try to be accommodating so that you can attend the FI at a time that suits you but first in best dressed, don’t wait until the last minute before saying „I have to attend on this day or I can’t come”, not a good look!

On the first day my friend, who had also traveled from Christchurch, and I arrived early at 8.20 am and sat in the front row. The recruiters arrived around this time and greeted us and introduced themselves, I'll refer to them as P and S. More people arrived and there was a lot of excitement and chatter. We both chatted with the girls next to us and kept smiling and tried to have good body language ie. no fidgeting or talking/laughing too loudly, just being pleasant and friendly.

At 8.45am P handed out some paperwork to fill in:
1. Your details (Name, Age, etc.) to be handed in with your CV,
2. A form requesting info on how you had heard about the OD,
3. Information about the Cabin Crew position (you would have received this as an attachment via email once you registered online) and about Dubai.

Word to the wise – the people who arrived after this time missed out on these forms and were not sure what was going on asking others „where did you get those”, asking the recruiters who were busy „I didn’t get a form, can I have a form”, they had to sit at the very back far far away from the TV playing the videos. It pays to be EARLY.

At 9.00am the recruiters played a video and arranged more seating, 121 people attended and there were not enough seats. P, who was very funny and really lovely, then asked who had come from out of town and with a quick show of hands she thanked us for making the effort to attend. She then asked who had been to Dubai and what was it like, she then asked everyone what they knew about Dubai, people offered up what they knew, e.g. shopping, skiing, tax free, etc. This is a good time to stand out and show you have done your homework.

We then handed in our CVs and photos which took a good hour, people stayed seated and went up one row at a time to hand in their CVs. Being in the front row we got to see the other candidates, we also tried to stay smiling, sit up and not fidget, be professional, no sniggering when you see some of the other candidates, its hard not too but zip your lips and if anyone around you is ridiculing others just smile and change the subject!

Believe me these ladies have seen it all however just because someone may not be perfectly dressed or an expert on Emirates doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance, the recruiters spent time chatting with people here and there, it's to get a feel for these candidates, because the first elimination is coming and all they have to work with is what you give them, if you give them nothing what can they do? They don’t have all day to get to know you and that this is your lifelong dream, they have a job to do so help them do it, they want to offer you the position but you need to make sure you meet all of the requirements.

After this the other recruiter S, who was also friendly and funny, did a presentation about what its like to be cabin crew, she asked people what they thought Emirates cabin crew were like and afterwards answered questions people might have, these ranged from sensible to a bit silly, it was clear who hadn't researched the company as they asked the silliest questions. Again another opportunity to show you are Emirates material, you have done your homework and are prepared and professional.

After this we had a short break, while we were out of the room the recruiters wrote out name tags and assigned you a number from 1 – 121 depending on when you had handed in your CV, obviously those in the front row were the first numbers all the way to those in the back who were last. We came back to the room to get our tags, again 121 people, this takes a while, be patient, try to keep smiling and be polite and say thank you when you speak to the recruiters.

We were then assigned a group based on our numbers, e.g. Group 1 numbers 1-20, Group 2 numbers 21 to 45, etc. Two groups at a time were then asked to stay in the room, and sit in two circles. This is when you will do the reach test and ask the person to your left a question which you will then present to the group. For us this was their name, favourite movie and favourite destination. Try to chat politely, take a genuine interest in your group, you will be with them all day so be supportive and friendly who knows you may be their batch mate after all! You don’t want to be remembered as the know-it-all, the one who no-one could get a word out of or who wouldn’t shut up. Smile and nod even if they are going on about the most ridiculous twaddle you have ever heard. Keep one eye on the person you're talking too and the other on the recruiters and everyone else. This rule applies to the whole day! Don't let yourself get distracted or carried away in the excitement, stay focused but enjoy yourself as well!

So you’ve introduced the person next to you, now as a group you will have a discussion. P advised us that our group’s topic was ‘Should children have cell phones?’ Group 1: List three reasons why. Group 2: List three reasons why not. Remember it’s not about whether children should really have cell phones or which group wins the debate, it’s about how you interact with others, how you handle pressure, can you get your point across in a group but do so in an assertive, polite way. Now is not the time to freeze or look worried! Smile, nod, say yes that’s a good point, elaborate on a point, re-cap your list so far, but NO talking over others, being dismissive or argumentative. P watched one group while S watched the other. When both groups were finished a few people listed the 3 points from each group. Keep smiling and nodding.

We were then asked to wait outside for 10 minutes after which time we would be called by name and given a slip of paper with a 'Congratulations you’re through to the next round' or 'Sorry, thank you for your time'. If successful we were told to come back in an hour so this is a good time to go eat something have a drink, rest and get to know the others in your group.

We had 8 groups in total so this first round took most of the day. Patience is a virtue! Pace yourself! Keep smiling, nodding and go mingle with others. Everyone is nervous and glad to have someone to chat too, as the day goes on your new friends may be eliminated so it pays to speak to as many people as possible. You’ll be glad to have a familiar, smiling face to talk to when you are still there X amount of hours later.

All of the successful applicants were then called back into the room. We were congratulated as their were 37 left out of 121. Those who had not completed High School in New Zealand were asked to complete a simple English test. We were all asked to come back to complete further group activities. Group 1 come back in 10 minutes, Group 2 in 30 minutes, etc.

In this round we were asked to discuss a scenario. P advised us that they had a sheet of paper for each of us and we must say something during the activity, otherwise they would have nothing to write about us and you would be eliminated. Our group had a hotel scenario where we had 2 rooms and 6 guests, an Actress/CEO/Travel Writer/Staff Member/50th wedding anniversary/etc. We had to discuss who would get the rooms and why or why not. Believe me it's do or die in this discussion, your heart is pounding, you are about to lose your mind, you can see the panic in others faces as they think they will not get a chance to speak. Stay calm! Remember to smile, say yes, thats good, etc all the while thinking of a point to say then when there is even the smallest gap in the conversation say it! Raise a new suggestion, listen to what others are saying, because when you have reached your conclusion the recruiters will then speak to you one on one. In our case they pretended to be the Actress/CEO/Travel Writer and you had to politely explain that there was no room available however you had arranged this and you were terribly sorry sir, etc. The recruiter continued to politely argue with you and you had to stay calm and keep discussing the issue with them. “I understand this is inconvenient for you and we value your business however we are doing our best to arrange alternative accommodation for you" and "have a complimentary drink at the bar while we arrange your transport as well”, etc.

We were then asked to wait outside while they decided who had been successful. Three of our group were eliminated and they were the ones who looked anxious, uncomfortable, were not able to keep the discussion going with the recruiter and just shrugged when they ran out of words and didn’t know what else to say. Those who were successful were asked to wait until all the groups had finished for further instructions. As there were 5 more groups it was not until 8.30pm we were called back inside. There were now 28 of us. We were then advised we would make a time for our FI within the next 3 days, those who had come from out of town would have their FI the next day. We were given a letter about requirements of what to bring for the final interview (see above Clothing & Accessories, Photos, CV and Paperwork), what you are provided with in Dubai, how to forward photos if you do not have them with you or have to re-submit them, etc. We then did the psychometric test which took about half an hour and has no right or wrong answers you just answer them as honestly as you can.

After the test we were finally finished for the day, it was 9.30 pm. Ensure you smile confidently at the recruiters as you hand in your psych test and say thank you for a great day and good bye. These ladies work very hard and a thank you is not only polite but well deserved!

Good luck to all of you!

P.S. For those of you who may feel I’ve given it all away and now the competition will be much fiercer, you’re wrong! You will be surprised how many people still show up late, forget things, have a blasé/poor attitude, have the wrong background, are over confident. If you follow all of my advice here you will truly shine on the day and people will gravitate to you! I gave lots of people advice on the day about what to do because I believe in good karma, and you know what, seeing them progress through the rounds was awesome, so don’t forget to post your experiences here too.

28th Jun 2010, 21:11
Hi there!

Have any of you guys leaving on July 5th received an email? accommodation, plane ticket, 380 invitation? anything?== hehe..

rgds from Venezuela!


29th Jun 2010, 02:26
None of that yet. Just email from Induction Officer. I know a guy from Coratia who got the A380 email yesterday.

Paul, and to everyone, there is a group on Facebook under EK CC DOJ JULY 2010. Join !

29th Jun 2010, 12:56
Yes, I had read before that you yourself had said no about colour blindness... Confusion about a user called StewardMan who asked the same question a couple of years ago but was not answered, and seems to have been to 2 or 3 interviews before finally being accepted this year, and it looks like he is in Dubai now despite colour blindness. I PMed him about it but have had no response, which is why I thought I should ask on the boards to see if anyone could clarify.

For this, I am still unsure, although you seem sure that I can't work for Emirates with colour blindness, it seems StewardMan somehow managed to pass the medicals and get to Dubai.

I still haven't had my GC, just the message "You will be contacted by your Recruitment coordinator at the earliest", so I don't know whether to tell them during the call that I'm colour blind or after they send the medical forms or what...

29th Jun 2010, 14:46
Well, there is a "bean test" for sure. As far as I know, colour blindness is not acceptable at Emirates. You'll find the medical requirements below, ask your doctor about the details. (I don't understand some words - like funtionally monocular vision -, so I have no idea if your condition is listed or not.)

Obviously you won't believe me or anyone but clarify it with Emirates. That's what I would do...


Acceptable if:
Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye
Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm

If visual correction is required:
Must be able to use contact lenses suitable for long-term wear in the dry aircraft environment
Soft permeable lenses are preferable and hard lenses (e.g. for keratoconus) are not suitable

Spectacles for visual correction
Visual field defects
Functionally monocular vision


Acceptable if:
Meets above visual standards
Has no complications
More than three months post-op


Acceptable if well controlled:
Allergic conjunctivitis

Significant eye pathology
Any progressive conditions

29th Jun 2010, 15:01
It's not that I don't believe you, not at all. I read everything I could find on the matter, which is how I came across the case of StewardMan which is why I am questioning it now. If colour blindness was unacceptable, how did a colour blind guy get to become crew with emirates?

What do you mean by "bean test"? And is this done in the person's home country or in Dubai? Colour blindness is not listed at all.

Another thing is I applied for Qatar earlier in the year, and made the final interview, but I had to admit to colour blindness on the final form, and never got the job. I don't know if it was because of colour blindness or not because it's not listed as unnacceptable anywhere and feedback is not given. However I've a feeling that it was the colour blindness. But even if it was, they are two different companies.

I'm not trying to get my hopes up by telling myself it will be ok, I just don't know how to approach the matter from here. I haven't even had my golden call yet and my main concern would be spending a lot of money on medicals if I would definitely fail and be denied because of colour blindness.

29th Jun 2010, 15:27
Hi !! I had my FI (14/06/10) and my status never change what do you think about that I am so anxious :confused: please if someone have some information let me know thank you...

29th Jun 2010, 15:40
Your status doesn't change if they didn't get ALL required documents and pictures from you. You should contact them and ask if they are missing anything from your file.

The test for colour blindness is carried out by the nurse in Dubai. Bean test:
YouTube - Color Blindness test - Real ! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWyrp3hu4KE)

29th Jun 2010, 16:38
Tamsat, if you are that concerned go see an eye specialist, it may be that there are different stages of colour blindness. I know a guy who can see red but green is a little bit grey looking, maybe the one they are concerned with is where red and green look the same.

If you can get more detailed information from Emirates and know what exactly it is they are worried about, then take that to an opthalmologist and see what they say. It can't hurt! If you were to be successful and sent this information through with your medicals then Emirates can make up their own minds.

There is a girl in one of the batches now who had an eye issue that was a 'grey area', she told me that she saw a specialist who wrote a letter saying it would not be a problem and was not on the 'unacceptable' conditions list and she passed the medical.

29th Jun 2010, 17:01
My friend that went through the FI in the USA was given the Visa application and other paperwork at the FI....Is this unusual?

29th Jun 2010, 19:53
Why do you think it's unusual? I filled up hundreds of papers before attending the FI.

30th Jun 2010, 00:56
Hey guys, my DOJ is August 9th!
Like many others here, I'm also one those who can't open the link to the pre-employment medical forms.
Could anyone kindly e-mail me a copy of the forms? to:
[email protected]<hidden>
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for the help !:)

30th Jun 2010, 16:02
hehe thats where i live folks!!
some crew dont like UP as there is no balcony but i think its quite nice cos its in the very center of dubai and close to everything I want!!!!
And if you dont like it, you can move out within one year free of charge :)

Congrats to evryone coming to Dubai :ok:

30th Jun 2010, 17:03
Anyone leaving next Monday 5th got etkt and visa?

I haven´t recevied mine yet. 5 days to go!:ugh:

I will call them tonight

30th Jun 2010, 18:09
Well, I had my GC today, however I missed it because I was at work and didn't get my break til after UAE office hours, and the person's message inbox was full. They have e-mailed me asking when would be a good time to call, and I plan to get up very early and try to get through in the morning.

As for my colour blindness, I have decided that I will tell them during the GC. As much as I want this job, I would be giving up a good job in the UK to move to Dubai, and it's a massive risk to go, knowing that there will be a colour blind test that I know I will fail, with the possibility of being sent home for it.

I will keep the board updated with what they say about my colour blindness, so that anyone else who is to search for this in the future will know about what happened in my case, as I'm not entirely sure what is going on with StewardMan, considering others insist that colour blindness is an absolute no in Emirates.

Also, I e-mailed Qatar recruitment yesterday asking if it would be worth re-applying for the CC position again in a year's time, considering I am colour blind. I got a one-sentence response saying "I would suggest you seek employment elsewhere within Qatar Airways" so I am to presume that colour blindness is a no with them.

What annoys me slightly is that they didn't say, and that, although for both airlines, many eye conditions are listed as "unacceptable", colour blindness isn't...?

We will see what happens. I'll keep the messageboard updated for future reference :-)

30th Jun 2010, 21:29
Hi All,

I have my FI on Sunday in Dubai, and I am feeling confident - I did my assessment 5 months ago, couldn't get out of my lease at the time (and didn't want to join Emirates while paying for an apartment I wasn't living in), and continued to get calls from EK CC recruitment agents asking me to come for my final interview. Finally, I found a way out of my lease, and and called Emirates and they gave me an FI for 4 days later. I'm willing to risk my awesome job on the chance that Emirates CC is awesome!

Any tips for the interview? I specifically want to join a380 (I'm from Toronto, and heard that the layover there is 48 hours, and would love to fly there a couple of times a month!). How competitive is it? For those who have joined a380 crew already, what do you think? What are the average flying hours per month? How do you cope with extremely long flights (Toronto, Sydney?)... how soon do they tell you if you got a380, if you get the job? Since I am already in Dubai and know of places I wouldn't want to live, is there any way to get my preferences across for accommodations?

Also, for someone already in Dubai, is DOJ sooner than if living abroad?

Any help anyone can give me would be great!

Hope to be joining you all soon!

1st Jul 2010, 06:55
Hello to all of you! And congruatulations to those how made it. :ok: I have some questions for how is able to answer me... I need a email adress of the emirates human resources because a have to ask them if I have a chance to work as a cabin crew for them if I had a operation at my spine 8 years ago... Because with Qatar I've diden't pass the medicals because of this problem... If some of you can help me or give me an advise I would be greatful.. Thank you very much:O

1st Jul 2010, 08:42
Does anybody know anything about Al Bannai building? My DOJ was 5 July but finally it changed to 6...anybody else with same date?

1st Jul 2010, 10:22
Hi everyone, does anyone know anything about the visa?? I got mine today BUT it has my old passport number on it!!! I just got a new passport because I was advised to do so at the FI if i had less than a year on it but they have used my old passport number on my visa. I am so freaking out!! Help...I'm flying out in 6th July...........

1st Jul 2010, 12:43
hi, I am just assigned for AOB: Al Owais Building in Deira.
Anyone know anything about this building? Pros and Cons about this building?

Any info would be appreciated!!

1st Jul 2010, 15:14

I am checking in 5th, but my flight to Dubai, departs 1:25 6th from Sao Paulo.


If you are joining soon, wuchi I think is the case =D...you may wanna call them. Just to be 100% sure.


I got Alkawakeb Building, Shk. Zayed Rd.

1st Jul 2010, 17:19
Hey, all sorted with the Visa, Emirates called me and it's all gona be fine...yippeee!! P.S anyone get 21st Century Tower as accomodation...I feel like i'm the only one??!!

1st Jul 2010, 18:59
Hi All,

Today I got my Ticket, Visa and Accommodation Information.:ok::ok::ok:
I will fly 6th July. My Accommodation Arranged in "Al Owise Building".
This building not very close to Airport. I hope it will be nice to stay in this Building? Anybody know any thing about this building?

1st Jul 2010, 19:48
My DOJ was July 12th but it change to July 15th....i dont know why :confused:
i wanna know if it just happened with me....or somebody got the same thing DOJ change..

1st Jul 2010, 20:22
Hello all, me again...

I finally received my GC this morning, and after the lady told me about the procedures regarding medicals and resigning, I told her I was colour blind and asked about the implications of this. All she told me was that it was up to the clinic to decide, based on my completed medical checks. (If it was an absolute definite no regarding colour blindness, surely she'd have told me? Why hide it?)

So we agreed that I would do the eye test first so I can get confirmation or denial on that first before going ahead with the rest, and today I made an appointment at the optician for Sunday.

Then I came home to find I have not yet received the e-mail with the details for logging in to the portal she told me about, and I believe that it's UAE weekend tomorrow and Saturday, so it looks like I won't get them before my appointment on Sunday.

So if anyone would be able to forward me the eye test form(s) that would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I can just cancel the appointment and make another one once I get the e-mail... Only thing is I'm working loads at the moment and only have one day off a week on which to go see the optician. And of course, impatience! I have just moved across the country and it would be nice to know as soon as possible whether it's worth trying to settle down here or if I'm off to Dubai in September.

Thanks to all who have so far provided me infos on this. Here's hoping I can prove it's ok to be colour blind! (I know there's a massive chance I won't make it)

1st Jul 2010, 20:52
Hi Tamsat

Send me your email and I'll gladly forward the medical forms to you. Best of luck, I hope it works out well for you.


1st Jul 2010, 22:57
I know this might be a long shot, but if anyones in the know and is realllly reallly bored, i would like to see a list of destinations which are layovers and how long they are. If anybody can be bothered i for one would much appreciate it. Thanks .:ok:

1st Jul 2010, 23:06
I think someone has already posted something like that here. Not sure, though.

Saab Dastard
1st Jul 2010, 23:19
I know this might be a long shot, but if anyones in the know and is realllly reallly bored, i would like to see a list of destinations which are layovers and how long they are. If anybody can be bothered i for one would much appreciate it.

It's been done recently in this thread - if you can be bothered to use the search function you can find it. Or even read back a few pages.

Hint - posted by Mari (fount of most of the wisdom in this forum).


2nd Jul 2010, 00:57
I got today the accommodation info..

I'll be staying at Razooki Building, Al Nahda II...

I googled it and in google maps it appears next to Emirates College of Managment & IT.... Has anyone heard anything about it?

No eticket yet... waiting..

I hope I get it tomorrow

2nd Jul 2010, 06:54
Heyo! Ah... I am so glad I found you guys.. So, I have some of my questions about working with EK and I really hope you can help me out with what you have.. :)

I am from Singapore and am currently in the final years of my university studies. I've came across an advert on a past EK open day (10 April 2010) held here but did not attend because I wasn't ready.

I was wondering if there's a fixed open day schedule in Singapore which I can expect this year or next, i.e. is it an annual event or of other frequencies?

Also, since I'd only be graduating June next year, can I apply online or attend the open day before I graduate?

Another question I have would be the fluency of Arabic; is it important that I know the least bit of Arabic? I am already fluent in English and Mandarin.

Finally, the numbers: I am 23 years old and I'm standing at 163cm tall (did a home measurement of arm-reach myself and its 214cm) and I weigh 50kg. My skin colour is olive. Will I make the cut?

Thank you all so much for your help!

2nd Jul 2010, 08:46

- There is no set frequency for Open Days in your country. The only way to know is to check this website: https://ekgrpapplications.emirates.com/careersonlineapps/CC_OPENDAYS/CabinCrewOpenDays.aspx?j=f&pub=/english

- You can also submit an online application and you may get an email when they have an Open Day in your country.

- You can apply online and/or attend an Open Day before you graduate. But you should be aware that if you're successful through the recruitment process, then you will have to leave your country soon afterwards. EK is sometimes willing to wait, but I doubt they'd wait for a whole year before you join. I suggest you don't attend an Open Day until you're ready to leave the country in at most 4 months time.

- Fluency in Arabic is not a requirement. Everyone I know who works for EK doesn't speak any Arabic at all. Fluency in another language such as Mandarin can help, but personality and presentation is ultimately the most important.

- Your height isn't a problem (minimum arm-reach requirement is 212cm) and weight seems OK too. They test your BMI in the medicals but you'll be fine.

Good luck!

2nd Jul 2010, 09:39
Hi All !! as have been aked before could someone please send me the medicals ??:) it would help a lot !! mail [email protected]<hidden>

thank you :ok:

2nd Jul 2010, 09:58
Congrats and all the best on your endeavors :)

Can you please give me some pointers/advise/suggestions on how to be and what to do for Open Day preparation? :) Thanks much



2nd Jul 2010, 11:44
Razooki Building is at the border of Sharjah. Building is quite new as i know..theres a shopping mall called Sahara near the building. But around the building too much sand..you might feel like it`s desert... It`s far to the city. If you want to take a taxi to the Dubai mall it ll cost you about 15 dollars. To the jumeirah about 20-25 dollars. Crew bus will take you to headquarters in 30minutes. But the thing is if you want to live in 1 of the buildings that closer to the city then you might have to live in an old and small apartment / or you might have to live with another 2 people and share the bathroom. So ups and downs together....But dont forget guys in dubai nothing is close...nothing is in walking distance...you have to take a taxi for everything or buy your own car..

2nd Jul 2010, 17:00
Hi all,
If I may, I would really like some advises or your experiences for reference. Recently I have taken all the medical check ups. Most of results were just fine, normal numbers. But.. according to my blood test result, my hemoglobin number was exactly 10.0gms/dL. and Joining Medical Requirements says "less than 10gms/Dl is unacceptable." -This scares me a lot.

Past 3 yrs my annual medical check ups result show my hemoglobin number between 10.3 - 12.6. I think I was just unlucky that I got exactly 10.0 this time..:sad:

I have searched "hemoblobin" topics. But I found any of those reports that someone failed the exams due to low hemoglobin numbers. (One candidate for EY was told to rest monthes before joining tho. )

Does anyone know/hear similar stories? and what might be happening next? I would appreciate your kind comments! Thanks in advance!

2nd Jul 2010, 18:33
Hi EkAdelaide,

That was real fast! Thank you so much for your help! :D

3rd Jul 2010, 08:54
I had my FI the 14/06 2 weeks ago and they already called a friend of me yesterday less than the 3 weeks announced and he make it. does it mean they call only the successful ones first?? Thank you

3rd Jul 2010, 12:13
Hello everyone!
I was wondering if anyone could help me with my question: does Emirates just send invitations to the assessment days if you are living in the country of the event? I am from Spain and I live in Madrid, and I was wondering if I have possibilities of being invited to one of their assessment days in London. THANKS IN ADVANCED ;)

3rd Jul 2010, 13:21
Hi guys!

I cannot print my visa :ugh:...there is no print button? Help! What can I do?Anyone with the same problem?


3rd Jul 2010, 15:13
Well try to save it and later print...i think maybe it works

3rd Jul 2010, 17:21
don't worry. I've got my Golden Call just 10 days after my FI. A friend of mine, that had her FI a month before me, got her GC two weeks after mine.

4th Jul 2010, 08:57
Hi everyone!
Was there any successful people from the Adelaide Open Day on the 29th May??

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