View Full Version : RAF 50th Birthday

19th Apr 2010, 12:38
Is there anyone out there who remembers the open day at RAF Oakington on 1st April 1968 ?I was stationed there but cannot remember much about it other than there was a collection of various aircraft from the various eras of the RAF.The guest of honour was Princess Margaret who arrived in a Queens flight Andover.All the vintage aircraft where displayed in the hangers.No camera at that time so if there are any photos about I would love to see them!

20th Apr 2010, 08:08
Not quite sure what there would have been. I though all the stuff was shipped down to Abingdon for the big bash with Betty herself.

21st Apr 2010, 20:52
According to my logbook, the Queen's Review at Abingdon was on Friday 14th June 1968, some time after the actual 50th anniversary. So I am sure there were a number of events on individual stations on Monday April 1st itself.