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14th Apr 2010, 00:30
Hi Guys,

Not sure which section this should be posted in but this seems to be the best area for technical knowledge.
I am a JAA licence holder working on contract in a none JAA country as a training captain.
Our home airport falls well below standards with regard to FOD (Im not talking about the odd bit of catering blowing about) but large rocks, metal rebar? And other such items on the runway and other manoeuvring areas.
We (expat pilots) have complained to the company and the airport directly about this including photographs and cockpit voice recordings of our aircraft refusing to taxi to certain parts of the airport.
I guess it is not an EASA problem as it is not in Europe, however BA, LH, KLM, AF to name a few fly there.
(Also EK, and Qatar)
Does EASA have any power in this matter? Or would someone be kind enough to PM me the email of the safety departments of the above companies and I will forward our reports for the sake of safety.
The company we are on contract with recently bought several aircraft from a well known French / European company... however till date these aircraft still have no operations manual A, B, C, RTOW on board or available to the crew at all.
These same aircraft do fly into Europe, including with local crew who have been trained even though no operations manual part D exists.
Who is the best person / people to speak to?

Many Thanks


14th Apr 2010, 02:02
sent you pm I am a ME region Safety mgr