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10th Apr 2010, 09:18
Ladies, Gents,

I'm getting married in a couple of weeks and i'm naming my tables after RAF callsigns (GEEK).

I've got a list of modern ones but i'm looking for the callsigns, particularly formation callsigns, of lightnings and vulcans for a couple of the tables (father-in-laws favorite types.)

Any help much apprecieated.

Atcham Tower
10th Apr 2010, 10:42
A Javelin squadron was issued with Auspice, according to an ex-Jav nav I worked with. Think about it! :)

10th Apr 2010, 12:29
Lightning OCU: Friday afternoon staff formation flying – ‘POETS’

Lightning Mate
10th Apr 2010, 13:13
If you want one from Jaguars:

Lima Mike November Fife Fife.

lowfield heath
10th Apr 2010, 18:53
41 (F) Jaguars

Adnam (after the beer)

10th Apr 2010, 20:59
More years ago than I care to remember, whilst at Eastern Radar (Watton) I got a pre-note from Dutch Mil on a formation of four Jags crossing MC6 en route Lossie. When SPUD formation checked in The call went along the lines of:

"SPUD check"

"One potato"

"Two potato"

"Three Potato"


And a 3 ship Bucc formation, callsign COPPER checked in with:


"Hello, hello"

"Hello, hello, hello"

With all the inevitable emphasis.

Do we still fly 3 and 4 ship formations? have we got that many aeroplanes?

longer ron
10th Apr 2010, 21:59
Love the' Spud' one.
did they 'peel off'afterwards LOL
(well someone had to say it 1)

10th Apr 2010, 23:06
Some are listed here:
index voor frames (http://home.worldonline.nl/~marconop/)

Click on "Callsigns" tab and then UK

...and FWIW when 56 Sqn at Waterbeach converted to Swifts in February 1954 they used the callsign “IVAN"

Cornish Jack
12th Apr 2010, 17:51
Many, many moons ago, only one Beverley remained serviceable in Aden. Its 'Siggy' decided to modify its callsign (MOBXG) to Mike Oscar Blunderbuss Xmas Gurgle. This was accepted , happily, by the out station operators.

14th Apr 2010, 11:35
Get yerself a really snappy TriGraph...:rolleyes:

14th Apr 2010, 13:17
We used call the Argosy formation (4) on 105 Sqn in Aden "The Thunderboxes".