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2nd Apr 2010, 09:43
Dear members,

I have an urgent request to all of you and hopefully your are willing to help the exsistence of historic aviation in Europe.

What is the problem:
Historic aviation in Europe is under constant threat by the implementation of new laws, rules and regulations. Usually historic aviation in overlooked when rules and regulations change since most lawmakers are under the impression that historic aviation is just like regular aviation. Historic aviation though, needs special attention and special rules and regulations to be able to fulfill its important tasks in the European community which are:
• Acting as guardians of the collective European aviation heritage
• Showcase the historic fleet to the European public

We should not forget that through these “demonstrations” the citizens of Europe are brought together. Aviation demonstrations are visited by millions of people each year and offer a great opportunity for uniting the citizens of Europe.

What's a solution:
In the beginning of 2009 the European Federation Historic Aviation (EFHA) was formed to unite people, passionate about historic aviation. We also started building political support for the European historic aviation community.

The EFHA intends to unite the European historic aviation community itself, invite all people with passion for historic aviation, and improve communications between the European airplane owners and organizations. On the other hand the EFHA wants to inform the National and EU politicians about the unique characteristics of historic aviation and its important role in a unified Europe.

The EFHA intends to start a historic aviation lobby in which the National and European politicians are informed about historic aviation and its important role in the European community. This way we can build a lot of support in Europe and have the politicians, who basically represent the European people, look out for our interests and control legislative processes. Without this support we fear that rules and regulations, in the end, will prevent historic aircraft from taking to the sky and that would be a great loss for the European people.

At this moment the EFHA is primarily bringing people together through its automated website registration system. It is important that the EFHA represents a large number of people with passion for historic aviation. Large groups get heard by politicians and are usually considered “worthwhile”. In the mean time the EFHA has devised a lobby strategy that is being implemented and revolves around three statements:

1. In Europe there is a vibrant historic aviation community
2. The historic aviation community in Europe needs special, tailored, rules and regulations to survive and carry on the important work of saving the aviation heritage for future generations
3. Because of its international character historic aviation unites European citizens and stimulates cross border activity.

With these very simple messages we will get the political support we need. When a political network has been established we can communicate more complex problems to our political “friends of European historic aviation” and have them help us survive these modern times!

We urge everybody with passion for historic aviation to join us on this great adventure and get historic aviation proudly established in the European community.

How can you help historic aviation in Europe:
We need to step up and claim our place in the European community. Historic aviation is our past and the lessons learned from history prepare our children for the future. Join us on European Federation Historic Aviation HOME PAGE and register. It is for free without any further consequences. You do not need to own an airplane to register, just passion is more then enough! Together we can make an point!

If you have question, don't hesitate to contact me
with utmost kind regards,
Maarten Peters
[email protected]