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Steve Bond
1st Apr 2010, 14:41
Is there someone out there who can provide the identity of the presentation Spitfire funded by the good citizens of Islington please?


diesel addict
1st Apr 2010, 16:23
"Borough of Islington" - a Castle Bromwich built Mk V (Vb or Vc)

hopefully some kind person could find the airframe history.......

Kieron Kirk
1st Apr 2010, 19:53
ER206 a Spitfire Vb/c.


2nd Apr 2010, 11:34
Lifted from the Air-Britain book "Gifts of War" - Presented by the London Borough of Islington, whose Spifire Fund appears to have reached its objective around May 1942, Mk.Vb (trop) ER206 was allocated to No.46 MU Lossiemouth on 29 August 1942 and passed on to No.43 Satellite Landing Ground at Leanach on 11 September. It was back with No.46 MU Lossiemouth on 1 October and despatched to No.215 MU Dumfries on 10th to be collected by No.3 Packed Aircraft Transport Pool at Newhouse-by-Motherwell seven days later. It was shipped to Gibraltar on 25 October, arriving on 9 November. After assembly and testing the aircraft was flown to North Africa and allotted to No.152(Hyderabad) Sqn at Souk-el-Arba. During the move to Constantine on 31 December ER206 tipped on its nose at the hands of Plt.Off G.Balcombe, who was unhurt, and the damage repaired on site. On 6 February 1943, the engine failed while on a sweep, and it crashed south of Pont du Fahs, Sgt.D.G.Boyce being unhurt. ER206 was struck off charge on 28 February 1943. The book has a small photograph of ER206 taken at Castle Bromwich.

Steve Bond
2nd Apr 2010, 13:41
Very many thanks to you all, that is extremely helpful.



Steve Bond
3rd Apr 2010, 14:55
Any chance of a scan of the photo of ER206 please? I need it for a presentation in Islington this September.

Thanks very much.

Steve Bond
13th Apr 2010, 07:57

Any chance of a scan of that photo if possible please?



Roger Henderson
9th Jan 2013, 16:55
Is there someone out there who can provide the identity of a presentation Spitfire funded by the public in 'West Godavari' province in India please? The best guess is that it is Spitfire IIa (L.R.) P8439. If so, it seems mighty odd that it was dedicated once before as 'Crosby' ( a township within Liverpool), thus generating two sums of money. Apparently, the usual amount put forward was 5000. The surviving images show no serial number

Many thanks,


8th May 2014, 21:39
Spit' MkV, ER206. Test-flown by Cheif Test Pilot, A.A.D.Henshaw 27/08/42, on a 35min Test-Flight from VACBAF.
There were a lot of 'Presentation Aircraft' around that period. By this time, they were just using a set of simple military stencils about 3" to apply the name to the fuel-tank cover.
ER810, a MkV Trop, was test-flown by A.A.D.H on the 14/10/42 for 40min, and was named 'INCA'.
At this time, a/c were reaching the Flight-Test Dept at VACBAF in a very disjointed sequence of serial-numbers. These MkV's were randomly fitted with both DH and Rotol airscrews.