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27th Mar 2010, 19:25
Hi guys!

New poster here, I hold a PPL and live near Staverton airfield, U.K..

Anyway, Im curious about the Vickers 800 series Viscount thats for sale in Lanseria currently; its airworthy--perhaps the last one. Does anyone have any further news on it? has it been bought? Im sure its ex- G-APEY ( which I flew on several times), which flew for BEA, British Airways and British Air Ferries until 1996/7? Any news gratefully recieved!

27th Mar 2010, 23:16
Hi radioian and welcome to the forum. The only help I can give is the latest update from 'viscounts.net' which states .. as of 02 03 08 for sale at N'djili, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the colours of 'Global Airways' registered 9Q-CON and aledgedly in supurb condition ????


28th Mar 2010, 20:15
Thanks, Keith...wish I had the funds to bring her back here to Staverton!

28th Mar 2010, 21:19
Looks like she's been scrapped.:sad:

Vickers Viscount V806 G-APEY (http://website.lineone.net/~biggles200/G_APEY.htm)

Just found the relevant log book. I flew her for the first time in February 1975 and for the last time in January 1981 so I reckon that must have been just before she went to BAF.