View Full Version : KLM Fokker F50 Retires

27th Mar 2010, 13:44
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Today sees the Fokker F50's last commercial flight for KLM, also its last service to LHR today and perhaps the last LHR scheduled turboprop service!

The old girl has given many years faithful service (with AirUK as well as KLMuk KLC etc), i believe most are being sold on to be converted to freighters.

The skys over holland and the uk will be a less colourful place without this bird.

27th Mar 2010, 15:12
perhaps the last LHR scheduled turboprop service!
Not quite, Air France have started scheduling an ATR72 on off-peak Paris flights

Skipness One Echo
27th Mar 2010, 15:58
Wow 1987 born and "old". I am officiallly near death.

27th Mar 2010, 19:29
A great turboprop machine; a sad day for Heathrow, as now its full of boring large superjets. Back in the mid 1990s when I worked there, you could see Dart Heralds flying for Channel Express, Brymons Dash8's Emerald 's Hs. 748s and the ATP for Manx, along with F27s and the KLM F50 Friendships...and the odd BAF Viscount ! good days.

27th Mar 2010, 19:49
There have been a few passing through Norwich lately, arriving as below but leaving with no names or logo's, some still here I think ?