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The Guvnor
14th Jul 2001, 19:58
Air travellers fall foul of banned list

JUST who the traveller was whose love life was in such urgent need of perking up that he flew to Holland and bought a pickled cobra as an aphrodisiac, we shall probably never know.

And he, or possibly she, is equally unlikely to find out whether it works as the alcohol soaked snake was just one of the items confiscated from passengers returning to Glasgow airport in the last week.

Originally from Vietnam, the cobra, a protected species, was seized after being carried off a plane from Amsterdam.

As the holiday season gets under way the Customs and Excise officers are facing a huge influx of banned goods.

Among those picked up at Glasgow airport last week were Egyptian coral and a clutch of flick knives.

The seizures were disclosed as Customs Minister Paul Boateng yesterday warned holidaymakers not to bring back souvenirs that could cost more than they bargained for.

"Every year, millions of tourists flock to Europe and faraway destinations and bring back gifts and mementoes that look innocent but can in fact be illegal," said the minister.

Weapon seizures in Scotland included gas canisters, pepper sprays, nine samurai swords, 107 flick knives, and five knuckle-dusters.

One unusual seizure was three suitcases of caviar taken from a passenger who arrived at
Heathrow from Russia.

The legal limit for caviar is 250 grams, and the seizure weighted 92kg.

Jeanette Oldham
Saturday, 14th July 2001
The Scotsman