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Metal Fatigued
3rd Mar 2010, 23:49
A very sad day for aerospace/aviation in NSW with news today that Boeing will close its Milperra operations nad move it to Fishermans Bend in Melbourne.

Boeing cuts 350 jobs in Sydney (http://www.smh.com.au/business/boeing-cuts-350-sydney-jobs-20100304-pjuf.html)

A lot of guys will now face the decision of relocating to Melbourne if they want to save their jobs, or possibly walk away from the aerospace manufacturing industry and close that chapter in their lives. A tough call if you have a young family with mortgage commitments etc etc.

Cynical Pilot
3rd Mar 2010, 23:53
Woah...I know a stack of people who work there.

4th Mar 2010, 00:48
Going Boeing......

4th Mar 2010, 02:02
If there is any relocation assistance going it sounds like a great way of escaping :oh:

4th Mar 2010, 02:49
So who owns the land that the Boeing facility is on now? BAL?


Jethro Gibbs
4th Mar 2010, 04:57
Correct me if I am wrong did not Boeing at fisherman's bend sack some 200 people only around 12 months ago ? :ugh:
Also they are currently trying to get casuals through 3 recruiter type joints Fact.:ok:

sys 4
4th Mar 2010, 09:49
very sad day today in Australian aviation history,Boeing Australia is shutting down at Bankstown after 70 yrs plus,this site has had a great history in manufacturing classic aircraft from WW2 to the present day,from Mosquitos,Vampires,Blackhawks,Piltus PC 9,and the list goes on and on,that also just about finishes up any one wanting to get into an apprentieship in the aviation industry in Sydney.:{:{:{:{

4th Mar 2010, 10:52
My grandfather, an ANZAC survivor, worked on Mosquitos there during WW11 and I did some of my apprenticeship there in the late '60s along with the current CEO of Hawker Pacific.
Sad to see the place's demise, however the history created there can never be denied.
I also feel for the employees - I have been in the world of hurt they now are in! All the best to each and every one of you.

4th Mar 2010, 22:17
Agreed here as well, was a wonderful place to work when I was there in 1982.

I too have been in situations where the company closed its doors and although at the time I thought that the world was ending, many new opportunities very quickly appeared. Hope the same occurs for the workers in this situation. All the best for the future.


crocodile redundee
5th Mar 2010, 00:39
Yet another Nail in the Coffin of Australian Aviation. AND not one word of protest from our Government!!!!!!! (Not that anyone would remotely expect any!!!)

5th Mar 2010, 01:37
Like all businesses and sentiment/history aside, if it is not paying its way then it has to go. But why close Bankstown instead of Melbourne to avoid the duplication? There had to be some carrot dangled in front of Boeing to favour Victoria.

Longer term I cannot see how Melbourne can compete against lower cost bases in Asian countries either, so if I was employed at Bankstown I would not be rushing to relocate there as it will only be a matter of time before this goes as well. But if you really want to be a LAME, then you will relocate to where the work is.

Trust all who loose their jobs will soon find new positions.

5th Mar 2010, 02:17
really simple - Boeing owns the land at Fishermans Bend and leases the land and Bankstown - pretty easy decision I would have thought over which to keep and which to close ...

5th Mar 2010, 02:30
Won't it be interesting to watch BAL turning handstands to get around the listed historical buildings at DeHav's ---- so they will have no impediment "developing" the site.
Tootle pip!!

5th Mar 2010, 05:41
I believe the land and buildings are owned by Macquarie - so I doubt very much that BAL will care about developing historically listed buildings - Macquaire on the other hand .....

Jethro Gibbs
5th Mar 2010, 06:38
what a raft of crap you really think boeing gives a rats about what got built there 60 odd years ago by the way fishermans bend sacked over 200 about a year ago why would anyone move the whole joint could could go under 5 minutes after you moved and they won,t be paying enough to cover anyones costs to move .:ugh:

tail wheel
5th Mar 2010, 08:17
Rollo Kingsford-Smith (http://www.smh.com.au/national/obituaries/loyal-fighter-was-a-republican-20090712-dhbx.html?page=-1) (1919-2009) would turn over in his grave.

5th Mar 2010, 08:56
I don't get it?

Both Avionics and Mechanical trades are listed as critical skills, therefore you can get a 457 visa (if you are qualified), and migrate to Aust from anywhere!

At the same time, our state govt doesn't give a rat's xxx about how many jobs are flooding out of NSW. First it was north, when the QLD govt sponsored many aviation jobs to SE QLD. Now it's to VIC.

When will the glut of unemployed technicians prevail upon the Federal govt to remove the 457 visa avenue? and when will the NSW govt do SOMETHING for our industry (while there still is one)?


5th Mar 2010, 10:29
I always thought it to be 'ironic' in the 60's when I was training at BK.....

Here we have an Aircraft factory building aluminium boats - tinnies,

And a lawnmower company turning out aeroplanes.....


5th Mar 2010, 15:55
Unfortunately business is business - Boeing runs a factory, not a museum.

There have been rumours about the Bankstown site closing for quite a long time (CRC-ACS has been talking about shifting to Brisbane for a little while now).

Boeing has been working on aligning the HdH operation to their own practices since they acquired it... They have shed a lot of smaller 3rd party projects (e.g. Nomad) and consequently run a much tighter ship now. I would say this explains the 200 job losses last year.
The Fisherman's Bend plant has been upgraded in recent years with significant government investment, hence the decision to relocate to Victoria.

Look on the bright side:
Boeing Aerostructres Australia (ex Hdh) is responsible for design/production of most of the wing control surfaces for the 787 at Fisherman's Bend, and since Boeing is shifting to a world-wide manufacturing model with the 787 (a la Airbus), Fisherman's Bend should be safe for the forseeable future - no need for prophecies of doom.

300 out of 350 of the workers in Sydney will be given the option to transfer to Fisherman's Bend. Those that don't are most likely the ancillary staff (security, site admin, canteen workers etc). Personally I'd choose to relocate to Melbourne as insurance - if I were to lose my job, it would be easier to find work in aerospace in Melbourne than in Sydney.

On another note, if you go to the Melbourne Museum, you will see a small 1950's delivery van in the foyer- all sheet-metal and rivets, produced by none other than the CAC.

5th Mar 2010, 16:32
What a load of romantic codswallop!

What about all the history that was lost when CAC went under, and GAF???

What about the shafting of CAC over the Wamira? The RAAF swore blind that they wanted a side by side seating trainer with a PT6 and air conditioning FFS and CAC dutifully designed it in (God knows how).

Then when it gets to "The room" Bomber Beazley is told by the RAAF that their first choice is Wamira, followed by PC7 and they don't want a bar of the PC9. Beazley, to please his Bankstown mates, says "you are getting the PC9" - and that's as told to me by someone who was there. The rest is history. Demise of CAC and demise of RAAF Ab Initio training.

As for Fishermans Bend. I know that One or Two of you will have visited the place and know what goes on there, but do the rest of you have any idea of their expertise with composites? Any idea of the range of components they make? Any idea of the size of a B777 rudder?

Didn't think so.

sys 4
5th Mar 2010, 20:42
i don't think there would of been any mechanical or avionics people at all left there,most on the assembly line would of been seem skilled labour with a few sheeties in the mix to keep the standards UP,still a shame for all involved

5th Mar 2010, 21:24
RIP HdH Bankstown
I worked there for a while in the late 70s and enjoyed my time there.
There was a huge amount of skills and expertise in general there, but in true Oz aviation fashion and well supported by the government of both colours, aviation has been run down.
The very large amount of highly skilled and well regarded Oz expats in all areas of aviation scattered around the world, (myself included), are testament to the lack of high level interest in fostering a viable high skilled core of aviation knowledge in this country, yet a constant reminder of the expertise lost.
I suspect in generations to come there will be well paid Asian expats working in a third world mineral pit called Australia.
Sunfish, thanks for reminding people about the Wamira, a more short sighted decision has yet to be made.
All the de-skilling saddens me.
Sorry.....rant over.

6th Mar 2010, 00:32
Sad to see HDH go. I started there in the late 80's when the company was flat out buidling the PC9, Blackhawk and Seahawk (before it was transferred). The big shed was busy, parts being made for the MD80 line, 747 and Airbu

6th Mar 2010, 04:27
Cirrus 32,

The land in question is on a 99 Commonwealth year lease to BAL-BAC/Devco (have a look at the web site) and the "Millionaire's Factory" is NOT one of the shareholders.

Some of the buildings on the DeH site are listed buildings ---- as I said, it will be interesting to see what sort legal gymnastics BAC/Devco perform to try and get around the listings ---- particularly given recent limitations placed on development approval by the Minister.

Tootle pip!!

6th Mar 2010, 07:42
Sorry, assumed BAL was Boeing Australia Limited - obviously more than one company with that acronym

6th Mar 2010, 08:51
Did my time there too many years ago and had some great times too.I am sure a few here have workd side by side on the trackers caribous black hawks etc or maybe banging in rivets at DC9 md80 etc:)

It is a very sad day.
if one person loses their job it is one too many.moving to melbourne just is not on for many I am sure.

It is hard to believe that sydney is just about rooted when it comes to aviation. Qf has been gutted and train stuff all these days and all they want are ame's. With hdh going what is left but a few GA outfits?

6th Mar 2010, 08:58
Agree 100% Propstop. I still remember the "chicken gun" and the "Barra Tank" at the the bend. I saw the writing on the wall and moved on. I would have loved to have stayed in the industry but it was not to be.

We said (maybe cynically at the time) that the RAAF in part were seduced by the idea of overseas postings when they bought stuff. Buy from Switzerland and you get posted to Zurich/ St Gallen, etc. Buy Australian, you get posted to Port Melbourne. Go figure, but maybe we were just twittered and bisted.

6th Mar 2010, 10:07
I am not at all sure they have had a great time with BAL in the last few years so it will be interesting to see what BAL will do to replace their monthly rent.

We live in interesting times!

6th Mar 2010, 21:18
Well NSW is no longer a place to run a business from, and the trend of companies leaving to go north and south continues very sad as I have relatives that work there. Now that Boeing are moving there might be an opprotunity for an airline maintenance facilite at bankstown in those 3 hangars.

7th Mar 2010, 02:08
Hey Scion....

You're not wrong about BAL...they're in this somewhere, no doubt about it..here's something, the other day I was told that there were only 16 A/C parked out on the GA parking area (and that's counting under HARS, Schofields etc)..on the S/E side of YSBK....16, can you believe it...I remember 20 years ago when there would have been closer to 61 (or more)..out there....

Oh the shame.....