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4th Mar 2010, 04:03
QantasLink announced today it would increase services to Mackay and Rockhampton in Central Queensland from 6 April 2010.
Under the enhanced schedule, the airline will operate:

* 24 weekly return services between Mackay and Brisbane, an increase of eight services per week; and
* 47 weekly return services between Rockhampton and Brisbane, an increase of six services per week.

Alongside changes to Jetstar's operations (see below), QantasLink's new schedule will increase overall Qantas Group capacity across Mackay and Rockhampton by more than 2000 seats each week.

QantasLink Executive Manager, Mr Narendra Kumar, said the airline's enhanced schedule would be operated by new 74-seat Q400 aircraft and particularly benefit business travellers.

"This latest increase in our Queensland regional operations is a further demonstration of our commitment to these communities and to communities across the state," Mr Kumar said.

"All of our new services will be operated by our Q400 premium regional fleet, and these additional QantasLink services from Brisbane into both Mackay and Rockhampton are scheduled to operate at peak travel times.

"The additional Mackay services will include a weekday flight departing Brisbane at 6.35am and departing from Mackay at 8.45am. The additional Rockhampton service will depart Brisbane at 5.30pm and depart from Rockhampton at 7.10pm.

"Increased frequency is always valued by our customers, and our flight times will particularly benefit business travellers wishing to connect to Qantas's broader domestic and international networks in Brisbane and beyond."

QantasLink has invested over $600 million in 21 new Q400s since 2006, with ten aircraft based in Queensland. The airline is Australia's largest regional operator, providing around 1900 flights each week to 54 destinations, including 22 across Queensland.

The increase in QantasLink services will be accompanied by changes to Jetstar's operations in Mackay and Rockhampton. The airline will increase weekly return Mackay-Brisbane services from 21 to 28 from 10 May 2010 and cease Rockhampton-Brisbane services on 9 May. Passengers booked on a Jetstar service from 10 May will be given the option to transfer to a QantasLink service.

A review of the Qantas Group's operations into Rockhampton determined that QantasLink was best placed to grow its operations in this market, with Jetstar to grow its presence in other parts of Queensland.

Qantas/QantasLink seem to be announcing new/increased domestic services every week lately.

Good to see!

Apparently airport charges at ROK is one of the reason for JQ leaving.

4th Mar 2010, 05:37
The northern Queensland population has proven time and time again that they do not like having to fly on Jetstar. As such J* have begun reducing services whilst Q/Qlink increase theirs. When will Qantas wakeup and realise that the public will fight back!

4th Mar 2010, 06:53
It's a shame for Virgin. When I was working there (my bread and butter were ROK overnights) - the 800 would usually leave first in the morning close to full capacity, with a full load of loyal passengers who a few of us ROK regulars got to know. When they operated the AM service as a return out of BNE on the EMB, it all went downhill due to reliability and the later timing of the flight. Perhaps a great opportunity for Virgin to start competing on the ROK route again?

4th Mar 2010, 08:09
When they operated the AM service as a return out of BNE on the EMB, it all went downhill due to reliability and the later timing of the flight. Perhaps a great opportunity for Virgin to start competing on the ROK route again?They already have like 5 BNE-ROK's a day, how much more do they need?

Its always the bloody airport charges with Jetstar isn't it:ugh:

Goat Whisperer
4th Mar 2010, 10:40
Virgin need to remember the policy of timing flights to people, not the other way.

They need to overnight an aircraft at Rocky (and at least 3 in Tassie for the same reason) to allow early morning departures and late evening arrivals in the key regional ports.

4th Mar 2010, 20:38
Looks like Creedy and Sandilands found a very different story in this.

Jetstar threatens route closures over airport fees | The Australian (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/aviation/jetstar-threatens-route-closures-over-airport-fees/story-e6frg95x-1225837108105)


Jetstar threatens to cap or quit services to Darwin and Hobart over airport fees, and pulls out of Rockhampton – Plane Talking (http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2010/03/04/jetstar-threatens-to-cap-or-quit-services-to-darwin-and-hobart-over-airport-fees-and-pulls-out-of-rockhampton/)

The number of new jets for Jetstar makes it sorta clear what the future for QF and DJ is going to be like. Very bloody tough!

5th Mar 2010, 02:53
Oh well at least Rocky is now one place I can go without having to look up and see a JQ bus overhead! :E

9th Mar 2010, 01:24
Good on rocky airport this smacks of jq grandstanding to put pressure on lower airport charges piss off and fly somewhere else if you don't like it

9th Mar 2010, 05:59
Back in the mid 70's when I was based in ROK, both Ansett & T.A.A. used to have 3 daily DC-9 services BNE-ROK-MKY, sometimes 727's for weekend & school holiday traffic.......good to see there has been hardly any progress in aviation in 35 years!

Eastwest Loco
9th Mar 2010, 10:31
I have a good amount of corporate traffic SYD ROK.

They either go QF via BNE for early or late or DJ on the middle clock jungle bunny and have never wanted to go near JQ.

Corporate seems to never take JQ if they can avoid, and this route is no exception.

No amazement they have spat the dummy.

Best all


9th Mar 2010, 12:41
I have a good amount of corporate traffic SYD ROK.

It is a shame you didn't have them when QFLink op'd SYD-ROK 4-5pw in 2002-3, EWL :) Those flights were mostly leisure pax.

10th Mar 2010, 18:52
Any chance of getting the QFLink 717 BN-RK?? or SY RK?? To compete with the E-190/170??

Didn't QFLink have a YBRK (BaE146) base in da past?

The Baron
11th Mar 2010, 21:49
They did have a BAe146 base in Rocky with 4 return services a day. It went downhill quickly when the 717 turned up for 2 reasons. Poor scheduling and no business class. The early flight out and the last flight in were always chockas, but didn't fit the Jetstar policy of no overnights at the time. All corporate clients out of Rocky were paying Y class and getting upgraded to J subject to availability. The locals were not amused. Some of the pilots based there have retired or gone o/s . Most of the ex east coast NJS guys however are flying red jets.

11th Mar 2010, 23:02
Any chance of getting the QFLink 717 BN-RK?? or SY RK?? To compete with the E-190/170??
Looks like somthing Mainline Domestic should pick up.

12th Mar 2010, 03:35
From what I can gather Qantaslink are looking at more Jetstar runs to take on as well.

Who knows Qantaslink might just become the new domestic ops for Qantas, similiar to Jetstar. Both low cost operations, especially now Borghetti is looking to improve Virgins business class.

Qantas will be looking to deliver a business class at a lower cost structure to compete with Virgins product.

You also have the fairly strong rumors of Qantaslink looking at the new Bombardier C series coming onto the market.

Interesting times.:ok: