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Tony H
2nd Mar 2010, 12:58
This is a repeat a message posted late last year

Exercise Halifax Shadow - a 78 Sqn RAF Memorial Weekend is being held 4-7th June 2010 in the York Area

The event is open to ALL former members of 78 Sqn RAF be they air or ground crew and from any era of our operational past; 1st Nov 1916 to date (with the odd "enforced break" here and there) We also welcome the families/relatives of the 979 aircrew KIA/MIA during WWII and of those 30+ personnel lost in flying accidents since 1945.

So if anyone who has a connection to 78 Sqn RAF is interested in attending Exercise Halifax Shadow please contact me for further info.


Tony H

[email protected]

6th Mar 2010, 22:06
Just to get this one near the top again. Moderator, can it be a sticky for a couple of weeks? Tony, I'll post a link on the "where are they now?" page as well.

PPRuNe Pop
6th Mar 2010, 22:13
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