View Full Version : How Tiger Airlines treats a 90 year old

1st Mar 2010, 21:10
Last night my father had the gaul to select Tiger Airlines to fly from Adelaide to Sydney. He arrived some 70 minutes before the published departure time, he arrived at the counter having had to line up at 44 minutes prior to departure to be told that the flight had closed and he had missed his flight.

Most people would say bad luck he should have arrived earlier but with only walk on luggage this is a bit rich for Tiger. What makes it even more gaulling is the fact my father was an airline pilot with some 26,000 hours.

He didn't take ity very kindly, told them a few home truths and went across to teh Virgin Counter and bought a ticket and flew out 5 minutes after the Tiger flight.

Moral of the story why bother with a company that treats its client in such an appalling manner.

1st Mar 2010, 21:54
My mum is a nurse - does that mean she should get special treatment at the hospital?

1st Mar 2010, 22:02
Joining the line at 90mins prior to departure should get you checked in without any problem. As they show each week on channel 7 airways, it all closes at 45mins prior.

There's usually several 'final calls' too, asking for anyone still to check in for the soon to be departing flight, to join the express queue on the side.

The poor old (young) check in staff are just following the rules I'm afraid, so the 30 min turn arounds work, and the aircraft can get away on time. Which btw, that Syd flight departed on time, and with a greaser landing at the other end. :)

1st Mar 2010, 22:31
So why did he bother? You get what you pay for.

1st Mar 2010, 22:31
The point was no special treatment was expected but the attitude of the company was amazing. The point I was making is that my dad knew only too well about timings and getting out of the gate on time to achieve on time arrivals - hence he arrived early too no avail.

Our company buys some $400,000 worth of airline fares on the trunk routes each year, and after a number of bad experiences with Tiger we voted with our feet and decided to boycott Tiger for all our companies requirements.

This may not be much but the more they upset customers the more the clients vote with their feet and Tiger suffers even larger losses.

Shame really when a bit of civility could go a long way. An Australia needs the likes of Tiger to keep the big two from reverting back to the good old days of TAA & Ansett duopoly.

1st Mar 2010, 23:11
I think the relevant point here is that presumably on this occasion there were no calls forward for passengers in the queue (or the gentleman in question didn't hear these calls).

I have no sympathy for people who miss the 45min deadline after arriving with a minute or two to spare, but if he did indeed arrive 70mins prior, there really is no excuse on Tiger's part, unless, as I said, this gentleman did not hear or heed to calls forward.

Shot Nancy
2nd Mar 2010, 00:21
If your method of "calling" people forward for an impending departure does not include someone walking around with a sign to that effect and checking with every passenger in the queue then some may say they have discriminated against the hearing impaired.

2nd Mar 2010, 00:37
It's beyond me why anybody would fly with this mob. Time and time again there are well publicised complaints and examples of the way this organisation treats it's clients. You fly tiger,you throw the dice and take your chance, otherwise pay a little extra and go without the hassle.

2nd Mar 2010, 00:49
I've never flown with Tiger but have watched the show on the telly many times.
Now you know that technically Tiger is right every time there's a 'discussion' but the overall picture leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I feel that the show does them no favours whatsoever and I'll stick with other carriers thanks.

Sorry to hear that you father was so poorly treated, DHP.

Bob Morane
2nd Mar 2010, 01:08
If I had a 90 year old dad who might have an hearing impairment ( most likely scenario in this case ) I would make sure that there was someone with him at both Airports of Departure and arrival. Air travel can be challenging for our senior citizens. Lets be objective here, It could have happened with Jetstar, easyjet, Air Berlin, Ryan Air etc etc!

Brian Abraham
2nd Mar 2010, 01:24
It could have happened with Jetstar, easyjet, Air Berlin, Ryan Air etc
You left off QF, in fact all airlines. Public just don't understand why there is a cut off time - perhaps a little education in order? How about a telly show showing the inside workings of all facets of aviation.