View Full Version : Strategic to Honiara

27th Feb 2010, 12:38
Heard a rumor that Startegic didn't turn up to HN last week?

True or not...

Can anybody confirm?

28th Feb 2010, 01:53
They operated .They did a extra flight yesterday -mayby one day was cancelled and replaced by yesterday's flight ??

1st Mar 2010, 03:15
More work for Gus.
What's Sumsum doing these days?

1st Mar 2010, 10:55
What's Sumsum doing these days?

These days????? What's he done, ever, that is worthwhile?

1st Mar 2010, 19:37
Worthwhile for him only.. not the country! :*
The One and a Half Million (or more) Dollar Man.

1st Mar 2010, 20:31
He must be doing something right:ok:sol air is still operating:ok:

2nd Mar 2010, 00:33
Are they still operating?
As APNG now have their Otters.
What happened to the RAMSI work?

L1011 Nut
2nd Mar 2010, 02:36
According to another forum, VH-YQA (the perth based A320) operated the flight and flew empty from Perth to Brisbane.