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25th Feb 2010, 09:17
Qantas today announced it would increase capacity to Japan from July 2010.

Qantas Chief Executive Officer, Mr Alan Joyce, said the airline would deploy a two-class Boeing 747-400 aircraft on selected flights between Sydney and Tokyo Narita to meet increased demand and complement the Qantas Group's two brand strategy in the Japan market.

"Qantas currently operates a daily service between Sydney and Tokyo using two-class Airbus A330-300s," Mr Joyce said.

From 5 July, six of these services will be operated by two-class Boeing 747-400 aircraft and the remaining one using an A330-200 aircraft.

"This will increase capacity by 115 seats per flight - of which 26 seats will be Business Class - and on a weekly basis, Qantas will add 1,256 seats on the route."

Mr Joyce said the increased demand for travel to Japan remains buoyant for leisure travel and is supported by a forecast for recovery in the business travel market.

"The growth comes on the back of increased travel to Japan by Australians, particularly in the leisure and VFR (visiting family and friends) markets," Mr Joyce said.

"Japan is also a key gateway for North East Asia traffic, particularly Korea, so this additional capacity will allow Qantas to grow this market."

Qantas has also announced a range of sales fares to support the increased capacity on the route. Until 16 March Qantas customers can enjoy a return fare from Sydney to Tokyo for AUD$1,128 inclusive of all taxes for travel between 1 June and 18 September 2010.

Qantas operates 10 flights a week between two Australian cities - Sydney and Perth - and Tokyo. Qantas also has daily codeshares with oneworld partner Japan Airlines (JAL) between Brisbane and Tokyo and between Singapore and Japan.

25th Feb 2010, 09:23
This will release an A330 from 6 services.
Wonder where it will go ?
Too much to expect it to go to HNL

ditch handle
25th Feb 2010, 09:48

Can't have a decent aircraft competing against Jetstar to HNL can we Geoff , ah,....... sorry, Alan.

The Green Goblin
25th Feb 2010, 09:48
This will release an A330 from 6 services.
Wonder where it will go ?
Too much to expect it to go to HNL

Jetstar :ok:

They'll put the shabbiest 747s in the fleet on the run, piss the punters off with poor reliability, loose the market share and send the repainted Jetstar A330 into save the day citing the QF cost model is uncompetitive.

QF management 101

Capt Fathom
25th Feb 2010, 09:51

You haven't been paying attention have you!

The Green Goblin
25th Feb 2010, 09:57

You haven't been paying attention have you!

In regards to QF coming in to save jetstar who were pissing off the punters?

Glad the rat is back, but it will be short lived :ugh:

25th Feb 2010, 09:58
Yeah, it's LOSE.........!!!!!!

25th Feb 2010, 09:59
spot on ditch

A330 will be running AKL-LAX-JFK a few times a week.

ditch handle
25th Feb 2010, 10:00
Speaking of the A330.

I heard a little rumour that the two A332 aircraft coming mid year may come fitted with an underfloor CC rest.

Are they for QF or Jetstar's rumoured expansion into Southern Europe?????

25th Feb 2010, 10:11
Latest indications are that an A330 will go to J*NZ. Perhips they will do the pucufic run......

25th Feb 2010, 10:54
wether it be qantas or jetstar it doesnt really matter, the fact is joyce and the rabbit eared goon have found a way to get around the qantas sale act, JQ aircraft will be soon operating out of SIN with foreign crew to Europe with the travelling public duped into thinking that this is an aus airline. NZ operation to WC USA is a fait accompli its just a matter of when the aircraft arrive. QF long haul and even JQ aus is finished while the qf group is allowed to expand outside of the sale act using foreign labor and aocs.

We are in the midst of a revolution with all of us standing around with our hands in our pockets unable or unwilling to do anything. Too many true believers are willing to fall over themselves to accept a few overnights and a hire car to help the airline out in the belief that what they do wont change anything. Well it will and you are screwing us all but we are not surprised considering your background.

Stop accepting short term transfers to NZ and helping the company out at every opportunity and maybe the country's aviation industry has a chance but until that happens, its finished.

25th Feb 2010, 17:10
Would make sense for the rumour of A330's doing SYD-HNL-SFO or the lesser one of SYD-AKL-SFO.

In the system it still shows the 107/108 JFK flights as a 744 right through till Oct 2010 - daily.

Time will tell!

Transition Layer
25th Feb 2010, 19:40
The A330s that go to NRT are the -300s, although -200s are occasionally used.

However only the -200s can be used over the Pacific, which means the -300s might take over some -200 routes (like Shanghai?) or more likely the excess capacity might end up going to Manila (or even Honolulu) to replace the 767.

Perth-Tokyo is still a 767 so could also be a potential recipient of the extra A330 capacity.

Capt Kremin
25th Feb 2010, 21:07
The A332's arriving this year, (EBN which should have arrived yesterday, and EBO) are both in the new domestic config with the IFE.

EBN is an addition to the mainline fleet. When EBO arrives a current mainline 332, I think it is EBJ, will go to J*.

AKL-LAX-JFK is still on the cards. There are rumors of the A330 taking over all the 767 international flying but that is not set in concrete yet. I can't see the A330 doing both the 767 flying and the JFK flying due to airframe numbers not being sufficient to do that.

I like the way the QF spin machine works.

"Increase in Capacity to Tokyo!!!!.......... lets not mention the downgrade in seat numbers to LAX and JFK.."