View Full Version : Flying At Fleetwood

23rd Feb 2010, 22:23
Does anyone out there know anything about the aviation scene at or around Fleetwood from 1910 to the thirties. I've just read on a local history forum that in 1911 Rossall School formed the first school aero club in England, and in the thirties there was a private airfield at Larkholm near Fleetwood that had had three Avro Cadets and a five-seater GA Monospar. Can anyone expand on this.

24th Feb 2010, 22:07
Rossall was indeed the first Public School to develop its own aero club, but its function appears to promote an interest in aviation for the students through model glider and kite flying, in fact a flight distance of 58 yds was achieved in 1911 with a glider. I have been unable to locate any info re the airfield at larkholme but the airfield at Cockerham is also called Rossall Field. I will check at Fleetwood Library :confused: