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20th Feb 2010, 09:52
Does anyone know why the Emirates 777-300ER ECK needed an engine change in BN this weekend?
it's down at the logistics apron next to the 777-200 that brought the new engine.


20th Feb 2010, 18:34
Yep...unacceptable oil consumption rate inbound from SIN. Turns out a bearing was the culprit.
A spare GE90 sent down-under thanks to the 777F.

21st Feb 2010, 02:37
Who carried out the engine change? Was it BNE based Emirates engineers or the they fly engineers in??

21st Feb 2010, 03:37
Thanks for that, was just wondering.

21st Feb 2010, 05:14
That I assume would have been the jet having ground runs at the gate in the very early hours of Thusday morning. I was wondering what that was all about.

21st Feb 2010, 05:59
Question about the transport of the new engine, does the GE90 fit in the upper deck of the 777F? We haul a lot of engines around and the biggest we can squeeze in is a CF6. Just wondering, as the GE90 is a bigun.

Sonny Hammond
21st Feb 2010, 06:42
I vaguely remember being told it can fit if the big fan is removed. Not sure if this is true tho...

clear to land
21st Feb 2010, 08:32
Yes,it fits, has just enough clearance.:ok:

Worrals in the wilds
21st Feb 2010, 21:37
Would a 777 fit in the DJ hangar? Also, wouldn't there be a bit of trouble towing around the tightish turn at the H3/4 intersection with the long wheel base?

It's a pity a hangar wasn't available, I felt sorry for all those poor guys working in the sun and rain all weekend. Maybe Cathay Pacific will see the light and build one, it's the second al fresco engine change they've had to do in Brisbane, and they have a lot of international contracts there.

21st Feb 2010, 21:40
So do Boeing issue cripple 7 operators a freighter to cart spare motors around?:E
The clapped out one made it safely home tonight, despite some extra special vectors by DXB ATC. No doubt the extra long way round taxi route to the hanger improved moral of the crew after landing.
Clear to land did you get a Bris trip??? You lucky lucky [email protected]!!!!

The Don

21st Feb 2010, 22:37
14 enginers went down from DXB, apparently (so they couldn't have all gone on the freighter). And the Aussie system insisted they have visas, applied for via normal channels, with the correct change...right before the weekend...helpful.

21st Feb 2010, 23:40
Don you used to love the Boeing.

Sonny Hammond
22nd Feb 2010, 01:18

The aussie system? Most countries would require visa's like this.
Do you suggest the Australian authorities overlook their usual entry requirements to serve commercial interests?

22nd Feb 2010, 02:25
Sonny, some Aussies will let anyone come in - whether they have coin or just a dilapidated boat..

22nd Feb 2010, 04:04
What was the Emirates A340 doing there earlier in the week????

22nd Feb 2010, 04:43
Just the usual for an A340...went u/s.
Just this time it was joined by it's Boeing buddy, which thankfully is quite a rarity.

22nd Feb 2010, 04:43
Gday Ernie,

Still do mate, but much prefer it from 1A:ok:. Hope all is going well for you mate. In MEL next month if your around.

The Don

crocodile redundee
22nd Feb 2010, 04:44
The old " Overseas Engine Change " gig . I remember a 747 Classic JT-9D E/C many years ago at QF. Flew out of Syd with a crew of Gingerbeers with a JT9-D Vpod strapped under the wing headed for Singapore. As we pushed back from the Hanger side after fitting the spare engine under the wing, one of the guys noticed that all the V-Pod tooling we used to fit the V-pod,was still lying on the tarmac. No worries we said , the spare kit of tooling must be on board, stores never let us down!!! ( hours later in SIN we alight to undo the engine -guess what - no tools!!!!
24 hours later after the biggest party the SIA hanger ever saw- the tools arrived , better late than never........ The good old days - when we paid off our mortgages in record time from the JT9D overtime engine changes.....:p

22nd Feb 2010, 06:04
"Felt sorry for the poor guy's working in the elements"

That's what aeroplane mechanics do, pure and simple and sometimes we even enjoy it.

Crikey when the 747 first arrived at QF we didn't have a hangar. At that time we were doing 7 nights of dog watch straight, so when you arrived for work you were either greeted with an JT9 engine change or a fuel pump change outside in the elements every night 7 in a row, mind you we were pretty good at it by the time reliability arrived.

22nd Feb 2010, 06:23
There's much worse places than BNE to be working in the big blue hangar. :ok:

22nd Feb 2010, 06:30
I prefer any aeroplane sitting in 1A cobber but i don't see it anymore! Haven't got my roster yet but let us know when you're down.

Worrals in the wilds
22nd Feb 2010, 07:21
Fair enough, didn't mean to imply you were wusses or anything!:)

22nd Feb 2010, 07:29
No offence taken, lot's of people work outside and it's a great way to spend your working life. :ok: