View Full Version : RAF Dominie / Rapide in Uruguay 1944/7

18th Feb 2010, 13:51
Having found the following photos among assorted aviation memorabilia, and done a bit of research on the subjects, I thought they might be worth sharing as a record of one of the more obscure RAF deployments.

They show DH Dominie NR673 which was apparently converted back to Rapide standard and shipped by sea to Montevideo, Uruguay in Oct 1944 for use by the British Embassy. Shown at Uruguay Air Force Base No.1 at Montevedeo with a RAF Officer and various local Air Force personnel, it carried the name "Condor de los Andes" and apparently, no national marks. It is recorded as having served there until 1947. The photos carry the stamp of a local photographer


18th Feb 2010, 14:18
Nice find! The c/n was 6772 and the a/c was SOC 25/6/47.