View Full Version : QF returns to Sydney 16.02

16th Feb 2010, 02:25
So apparently a Qantas flight Syd to Mel returned to Sydney half way through the flight this morning because a windscreen was loose.

what next??

Nil defects
16th Feb 2010, 03:04
Ahhh, the old loose windscreen. I hate it when that happens.

16th Feb 2010, 04:54
what next??

Maybe you get a hobby? You only post anti QF tripe. Why?

16th Feb 2010, 05:16
In the overall scheme of things don't all QFs return to Sydney? :}

Where's the news in this?

BH. :8

16th Feb 2010, 05:39
You only post anti QF tripe. Why?You are asking the wrong person. Go start with Geoff Dixon and the beancounters who have all but destroyed a once great airline (where none of this stuff would ever have happened).

the old loose windscreen. I hate it when that happens.

apparently the pilots were getting concerned about the level of wind noise!

16th Feb 2010, 05:42
On a pressurised aircrcraft:

1. Secure windscreen....... seen a few of them.
2. Windscreen missing...... heard of one but never seen one.
3. Loose windscreen.......never heard of one, most likely to be bulls**t!
4. Ah wind noise....... that will be a warn window seal causing cabin air to vent out side the aircraft. It can be very noisy and can damage your hearing, but it is not a loose windscreen!