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14th Feb 2010, 15:20
...making civil operations in the EU with a BAC 1-11 now impossible, apart from the wellknown noise restrictions... :cry:
The consequences can be read down below this PDF-document, published on the 12th of February 2010:
For operators outside the EU, operators need to contact their own state of registry for a decision on the continuing validity of any certificates that they have issued.So outside the EU civil operations are still possible in theory...
BAC 1-11s used for military and scientific purposes are probably (hopefully :confused: ) not too much affected by this withdrawal.

15th Feb 2010, 20:41
Didn't the Empire Test School have one flying at Boscombe Down?

15th Feb 2010, 23:06
Doesn't Westinghouse Air Arm at Friendship Airport have two or three as radar test beds? [Company name now Northrup Grumman Electronic Systems, airport now called KBWI Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport]

16th Feb 2010, 02:19
I would have loved to have seen that aircraft equipped with Tays. :{

16th Feb 2010, 03:43
Rumour is that the NG airplanes will be replaced by much-modified CRJs in a year or two. Kind of ironic as the original Challenger was developed with a lot of engineers who'd originally worked on the 1-11.

Once talked to one of the FTEs on the Dee Howard team that did the one-off Tay conversion. He said the problem was that BAe wouldn't (or couldn't) release the original engine data for the Spey. He also showed me a home video that had significantly lower cabin noise than a Spey-powered 1-11 even though most of the interior had been removed.

16th Feb 2010, 05:21
:ok: Saw the Dee Howard Tay powered 1-11 at the Farnborough Air Show,a beauty and very quiet ,as far as i remember KIWI airlines in the U.S.A had ordered 6-10 Dee Howard versions of the 1-11 at that time and Dee Howard also had more LOI from other airlines:sad:

16th Feb 2010, 17:38
What a strange document.
The document issue date is 7th August 2007 but quotes COA regulations dated 2008 !

16th Feb 2010, 19:17
ICT and irish, another reason I heard why Howard scrapped the idea was because Paulson at Gulfstream wasn't too pleased either. The availability of excellent airframes at a good price would have played hell with sales of the G3 and G4.

16th Feb 2010, 20:42
What a strange document.
The document issue date is 7th August 2007 but quotes COA regulations dated 2008 !
The date mentioned is the issue date for the certificate being revoked. Seeing as the BAC 1-11 has been flying for a lot longer than 2 and a bit years this will have been a re-issue.

17th Feb 2010, 06:58
Further to pigboat's Paulson point, Aeritalia took equity (1989)/control (1991) of Dee Howard. AIT made great chunks of MD80/90; BAe. was peddling Avro RJ; RR had Tay nicely on Fokker 70/100. The (few) hush/re-engine programmes that succeeded at market (Tay/727-100F/UPS, DC-8-70, Stage III/707-300B/C) had Original Equipment Manufacturer support, however modest; Tay/1-11 was orphaned.

17th Feb 2010, 18:40
That's the end of that, then.
For me it started in 1968.
RIP the first 2-pilot jet.

17th Feb 2010, 20:07
How did Airbus end up with the TC?

17th Feb 2010, 20:56
BAe got the wings, Airbus got the TC, politicking?:confused:

18th Feb 2010, 04:23
I can beat you by a year (just) entered BAC Hurn's Apprentice School in 1967. Learnt all the basics on the 1-11 thanks mainly to two ex-brats, Ivor Pullen & George Monk.

David Eyre
18th Feb 2010, 08:05
Active BAC One Eleven fleet as at 15 Feb 2010 (courtesy of HOME OF THE BAC 1-11 ON THE WEB (http://www.bac1-11jet.co.uk) ):
Business Jet Access N999BW - Remains active at Dallas Love Field.
There are no immediate plans to retire this airframe.

Northrop Grumman N161NG, N162W, N164W - All remain current at
Baltimore Washington with no plans to retire the fleet.

QinetiQ ZE432, ZH763 - Both remain current at Boscombe Down. They are
due to remain in service for the next couple of years at least.

Royal Air Force of Oman 553 - Remains in service and very busy. It is
due to be retired by the end of July 2010.

Tombouctou Aviation TZ-BSA, TZ-BSB, TZ-BSC - Reportedly still active
at Tripoli Mitiga although TZ-BSB may have been retired.

Trast Aero EX-086, EX103 - Both seen parked at Ras Al Khaimah in
January 2010 but there have been some interesting developments which
remain a mystery at present. EX-086 has been receiving some
maintenance and may fly again while it appears that EX-103 has been re-
registered as 4L-BAS. No further details are currently available.

20th Feb 2010, 03:04
Sadly have to differ with your first paragraph - see my previous post. Seems Bombardier did too well with a little NG-West program called BACN (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlefield_Airborne_Communications_Node_(BACN)) & that set NG-East thinking....

20th Feb 2010, 04:40
Tombouctou Aviation TZ-BSA, TZ-BSB, TZ-BSC - Reportedly still active

Haven't flown in months, flat tyres on two.