View Full Version : Help wanted please "Sea Vixen Crash"

david parry
12th Feb 2010, 16:32
On Wednesday 20 Jan 1960, a Sea Vixen from 766 Sqn (HMS Heron) flown by Lts Kemsley and Munday crashed at Tockenham, Wiltshire killing both men

All help, relevant anecdotes etc muchly appreciated.

Kieron Kirk
12th Feb 2010, 20:34
Try the following link:UK Serials (http://www.ukserials.com/)

Click "losses", then 1960, it appears to have been a Sea Venom.


david parry
13th Feb 2010, 07:43
Thank you for the linky Kieron, much appreciated :ok: I owe you a tot

13th Feb 2010, 09:43
I don't know whether this adds to what's already known, but passed on FWIW.


david parry
13th Feb 2010, 10:03
Many thanks , This info is just what the relation, of one of the aircrew was looking for B/Z

david parry
14th Feb 2010, 07:31
Cheers for that, thats another Tot i owe, B/Z