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Michael Jetstar
11th Feb 2010, 21:03
www.youtube.com/jetstarairways (http://www.youtube.com/jetstarairways)

Check out the new youtube clip featuring Jetstar CEO Bruce Buchanan talking about Jetstar’s customer service charter.

Jetstar is the first airline in Australiasia that is guaranteeing to deliver on high standards of customer service.

12th Feb 2010, 09:20
You still haven't answered this question !!

Michael, Please explain ?

Hey Michael, could you please explain the following process for me ? -

Scenario: JQ 989 flying Per/Syd.The flight's departure is delayed 'due to unforeseen circumstances' by 4 hours. Now,the flight,albeit late,will eventually depart instead of at the STD of 2250, it will now depart at 0250. So Operations cancell the flight number,but then straight away rename it JQ 7989. There are nil actual changes to the crew, pax count, nothing has changed except it has a new flight number with a STD at 0250.In fact,it ends up departing at 0248,technically early and it doesn't cop a 'delayed penalty' on paper !!

Hey,like magic,the OTP is NOT affected ! Yes, they receive a penalty of a cancelled flight, but the precious OTP remains in tact ( technically ) !!
Whoops, that secret is now 'out of the bag' !

12th Feb 2010, 09:49
For those of you who didn't get the email;

What you can expect from us

The Jetstar 10 point Customer Guarantee is our commitment to you that:

1. Your safety is our highest priority
2. We commit to provide the lowest fares with our 'Price Beat Guarantee'*
3. Our team are always here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
4. We'll let you know your choices if your flight is changed before you travel
5. We'll keep you updated and provide options if things don't go to plan on the day
6. You will get what you paid for
7. You can have confidence in how quickly we will respond to an issue
8. You can have confidence in how quickly we will refund your money#
9. We share your passion for protecting our environment
10. We commit to the privacy of your personal information http://www.jetstar.com/%7E/media/images/jetmail/spacer_10x10.ashx

... I like number 6. :) ---> You will get what you paid for! :E

12th Feb 2010, 10:00
I hear AirAsia X is starting up another low cost carrier that will compete directly with the Jetstar Vietnam...

Must suck for Jetstar to be getting screwed over and competed on routes with someone who is meant to be a partner.

How does it feel now?

12th Feb 2010, 10:07
This thread belongs in the SLF forum. Obviously Michael Jetstar is another one of those Bourke St pilot wannabes.

12th Feb 2010, 10:33
Jetstar is the first airline in Australiasia that is guaranteeing to deliver on high standards of customer service.

Gotta love a service charter which starts out with a lie!!!!

stubby jumbo
12th Feb 2010, 11:29
I have had the unfortunate "pleasure" of flying JQ as a commercial internationally.

The 2 Customer Guarantees :yuk: ....that stick in my craw and the rest of the other unfortunates that flew on "that" night from Phuket are numbers #3 and #7.

Dream on Jetstar.

Now come real close and listen carefully !!!


I feel for all front line staff.......you're going to get nailed by this marketing horse shite.:yuk:

12th Feb 2010, 13:27
The aussie flying public already think they can pay $20 bucks a seat from anywhere to anywhere and if anything goes wrong expect everything from cab vouchers to hotels and reaccomodation on other carriers whether they originally booked TT,JQ,DJ or QF!

This customer gaurentee i can assure you came as a shock to the front line staff who are already up in arms and who were sent a token email at 6pm the night before it was introduced with no prior consultation. One second we are supposed to be low cost the next we are supposed to bend over for the customer with minimal resources and minimal staff.......

Management are scared of all the recent media and this ridiculous gaurentee will be harmful to the already under siege ground staff who have to tell the pax of the frequent 4 to 5 to 6 to 7 hour delays because the airline doesnt want to give revenue to DJ and ferry back when serviceable!

What customer service gaurentee are you talking about when you would prefer to delay your customers 7+ hours than putting them on DJ/QF and making your crew work 14+ hour duties and actually expect them to smile!


12th Feb 2010, 13:32
"I feel for all front line staff.......you're going to get nailed by this marketing horse shite"

Stubby Jumbo could not agree more!!!!!

12th Feb 2010, 15:46
This thread belongs in the SLF forum. Obviously Michael Jetstar is another one of those Bourke St pilot wannabes.

After reading his other post, I strongly suggest that Michael is part of Jetstar PR Dept. Here: http://www.pprune.org/dg-p-reporting-points/398745-jetstar-flight-cancellation-policy-2.html

How long has the Prune been a mouth piece for airline PR deptartments??

You spin me right round baby right round..........

12th Feb 2010, 19:26
Having read the full wording the guarantee seems to have been carefully costed.

The only cash refund to PAX is when a pre-paid in-flight ammentity lie extra leg room is not delivered, and then the refund is only the amount paid. This is nothing generous.

Most compensation is in the form of $A50 or $NZ50 vouchers. These are designed such that J* will not suffer financially and in some situations will come out ahead. Vouchers cost less to deliver than cash handouts.

The voucher must be redeemed within 3 months for travle within 12 months. Hence many will expiry unused and those which are used will often be on standard fare travel as customers can't wait for a big sale.

At $50 the voucher effectively acts as a discount on a regular return ticket. Hence, J* will still get revenue in most cases when it is used. In many cases the revenue will be comparable to their sale prices.

This voucher effect also increases the chance the PAX will fly J* and not the competition next time they fly, hence J* gets some revenue when after annoying the PAX they may have got none. This also gives J* a chance to redeem themselves.

I agree this scheme could end out being hard for customer facing staff as PAX will ask for vouchers when facing the smallest delay etc.

12th Feb 2010, 20:40
How long has the Prune been a mouth piece for airline PR deptartments??
We've had union and airline spin people posting here for years pushing their own wheel barrows.Although this ones about as subtle as a bull in a china shop.

After sampling jetstars idea of customer service and what they expect their groundstaff to do I feel sorry for all Jetstar staff.

This reminds me of those TV ads.

"But wait ..call now and you get..."

Captain Marvel
12th Feb 2010, 20:47
As shown by the following statement from a BB interview, Jetstar management think nothing of front line staff. It's all about management.

What curbs exist on Jetstar's expansion? For the success of this business, are we able to train the next level of managers up, can we get that talent from within? If we can, I think we'll continue to grow. But it requires us to get some tight people plans around development and training.

12th Feb 2010, 21:44
Jetstar is the first airline in Australiasia that is guaranteeing to deliver on high standards of customer service.Hmmm... I wonder how this spin would have gone down with your own CEO, when a few months ago he was seen frantically arranging a rental car in the Byron Bay terminal. On a Sunday evening his flight back to SYD was cancelled by the airline at short notice, so the only solution was a hurried drive to pick up a flight from BNE instead. Would a $50 voucher have placated him at the time?

Thought not.

What The
12th Feb 2010, 21:45
because the airline doesnt want to give revenue to DJ and ferry back when serviceable!

Or, as I've said before, they can flick them across to Qantas and keep the revenue!

Is there any other airline in the world that can:

cancel a flight,
have their disrupted passengers carried by another carrier, and
keep the revenue.No wonder the numbers look so good.:ok:

Mstr Caution
13th Feb 2010, 02:07
4:29 in the video

Congrats on saving billions of litres of water, are you running steam engines or jet engines? :8

13th Feb 2010, 03:50
Words from the HNL Port Manager for a certain airline associated with JQ with reference to the cancellation of JQ services and replacement with QF charters :

"This is the 6th time in 6 weeks!"

He went on to complain that his budget was blown for this quarter already (due to having to call in his own staff on days off to manage the services) and when queried at a higher level, was told to 'drop it'!

So yes, their customer (full) service on certain routes may indeed be fantastic. Im thinking SYD-HNL-SYD 6 times since the start of 2010 in fact!

Now watch this space for QF to announce that HNL is unprofitable and that JQ must take over to keep the dream alive.

The day will come when this false accounting will effect the bottom line, come back and bite the Group on the proverbial. I just hope its not too late!!!

stubby jumbo
13th Feb 2010, 06:53
.....'just thought I'd take a look at the You tube video.

Let me tell you ........its really worth watching. :D

I reckon we'll be seeing it a lot over the next few months.( trotted out on all the bottom feeding news channels such as Ch7 and Ch 9)

If ( oooppss!) WHEN things fall into the vice of the 10 points.......roll tape.

The line about the ....."saving billions of litres of water" is gold.:rolleyes:

Like......hello .....how many litres are there in Warragamba ??????

13th Feb 2010, 22:21
Remember when the cardboard snack boxes were first loaded in Y/C and Geoff Dixon said that they were a great idea but the only problem was that they forgot to put food in them.

Marketing people have a knack for looking at life with rose-colored glasses.

The reality is usually somewhat different and not always good.

Anyone who has watched the movie "Thankyou for smoking" will know what I mean.

14th Feb 2010, 01:09
I reckon anyone with half a grasp of the Engrish language will easily see through this 10 point customer guarantee.

For as long as it contains words like "confidence in", "priority", "choices" and "passion" insead of words like "we shall", "we will", "we will not", "at the customers discretion".....well, you get the idea.

That 10 point list would offer me no confidence at all if I was in the market for an airline ticket. Marketing tosh.

14th Feb 2010, 01:40
1. Your safety is our highest priority

Until it starts costing us money.

14th Feb 2010, 02:57
Currently 1,116,060,000,000 litres.
It is an interesting campaign clearly designed to give pax some comfort when they book. The bad press they get must take its toll.

the 'get what you pay for line' will haunt them.

14th Feb 2010, 03:04
You really need to have a good look at yourself. Thats quite unacceptable sexist nasty stuff.grow up.

The future may well be orange but only cos its a protected species that does not need to truly compete against its dad.
It is part of qantas and forms an important part of the business.

14th Feb 2010, 03:24
The future is Orange ladies and you had better get with the program or get left behind on the scrapheap of outdated, tired, inneficient, expensive last century legacy workpractices

You mean we need to dumb ourselves down, prostitute ourselves, and get paid peanuts?

The fact that you (and others) are proud of it is amazing to say the least.

Yep the future is orange alright, cause it certainly isn't Rosy.

14th Feb 2010, 03:43
When the new, invigorated, growth arm girlies are HOT like this

Whatever floats your boat I guess, but 5 of those HOT girlies are dudes.

Trent 972
14th Feb 2010, 04:29
Jetstarpilot, What is, as you put it, a "cusomer"? and Is it more efficient to spell inefficient with 2 'n's and only 1 'f' as you did with your attempt- "inneficient"?
(Better run back and edit your post before you look silly).
Otherwise, who really cares anyway, because you're the future, cheap and nasty. God help us all.
ps. 5 of those cc don't look girlie to me, but then you might kick the ball with your left foot, and see things differently.

Jetstarpilot, you deleted your contentious post. Why? Embarrassed at your literacy skills. Or have you realised that bragging about your rising star, by criticising mainline terms and conditions, is quite pathetic. We all know what's going on with J* but there is no need for you to be an arsehole about it.

14th Feb 2010, 05:40
The reason they're grinning is that they finally got a job and have their uniforms.
I wonder if they will be still grinning when they find out how little they are paid and how many hours they will be expected to work.

The last flight I had with Jetstar the crew were chewing on chocolates during boarding in the front galley.

As the Jetstar ad goes "You get what you paid for"

The only problem I have is that they impact on mainline flying and on my choice of flights to go home on.

Gas Bags
14th Feb 2010, 07:46
Dont worry there will be room for mainstream and LCC carriers for some time to come. This should give generational change the chance to take effect.


air doris
14th Feb 2010, 11:07
The completely blatent and obvious flaw in this "charter" is NOT guaranteeing what the punters want which is on time flights or a cancelled flight. Most people booking a low cost flight couldn't give a hoot about the rest. They don't book for customer service. No airline in the world can say up front this flight is leaving on time until it actually leaves and thats why they haven't included that, but seriously, when reading through the charter is any of that going to help you if you are delayed/cancelled or now bumped flying Virgin or Qantas. No, you are not getting what you paid for, you are now leaving from a different gate WITH another airline, in 4 hours time, cant take on my 10kg's carry on that was ok with Jetstar, it's now 7kg with the others and my carry on must be checked in. I would call that "not what I paid for" and would be pretty pissed off. I have flown Jetstar in the past and they are a good airline but this is going to dig them deep.

14th Feb 2010, 11:20
The reason they're grinning is that they finally got a job and have their uniforms.

They were all Impulse/QantasLink employees who had their livelihood and pride stripped from them. Only two of them remain - which says it all, really. The pilots were the only ones excited about the change to Jetstar. The cabin crew were far from it, to say the least.

14th Feb 2010, 20:26
Just like any companies 'Mission Statement' words that mean 'jack' by saying the obvious.

I just looked at a package from the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, mission statement starts with, "Dole Food Company, Inc. is committed to supplying the consumer and our customers with the finest, high-quality products and to leading the industry ........" like hello, they wouldn't say that they are not committed to supplying the consumer.... or perhaps low-quality products.

Like an airline saying, safety is our no 1 priority rather than saying safety is not a priority.

Gives the Marketing Department something to work on avery 3 or 4 years and for the LCC's gives the publicity seeking CEO's (it seems as though they all want to be TV stars these days ! ) another opportunity to put their face on the TV again.

Captain Sherm
14th Feb 2010, 21:18
Lets not forget the biggest thing JQ has delivered....affordable air travel to millions and millions who would never have got a look-in under the old regulated regime.

And to mainline people who see it as a threat.....JQ is the best defence you have to keep your jobs because let's face it if Tiger or VB or anyone else was running around with 40 A320s, QF would be burned to the waterline.

14th Feb 2010, 21:39
Geez what a load of crap. Look at ALL the ads on tv, the only reason people fly Jstar is $$$. Eveyone knows the product and service is shite.

This is another attempt at clever marketing, offering something they know can't be delivered at their ticket prices with such a broad network in such a big country.


15th Feb 2010, 01:51
One airline, more frequency, more choice, more backup, less mgt.
No reason budget can't board through the rear doors on a
Qf jet, they could even sit behind another curtain on different seats with no food and pay for everything.
What a load of crap you need another airline to do what
Jetstar or Virgin do. It could be done more effectively with
mainline, whilst also improving both ends of the market for less.
Better working conditions, better customer service and better profits and flexibilty.
Anyone taking up the us vs them is just a stupid pawn in mgt manipulation
and greed.

15th Feb 2010, 02:02
"No reason budget can't board through the rear doors on a
Qf jet, they could even sit behind another curtain on different seats with no food and pay for everything.
What a load of crap you need another airline to do what
Jetstar or Virgin do. It could be done more effectively with
mainline, whilst also improving both ends of the market for less."

Isn't part of the 'economy' package for the company that they pay the crews less than 'mainline', and by so doing, are able to 'lower' the cost to the punters, whilst providing more frequency of acft, flights, and times of departure? In other words, more choice?:)

15th Feb 2010, 02:21
Some sectors for QF have been replaced totally by Onestar. Therefore there is less choice.

Ski Guru
15th Feb 2010, 02:33
Did they find lots of low cost accountants? I'm sure the they also get paid less to allow all those people to fly. Not.

Captain Sherm
15th Feb 2010, 03:55
Rudderless et al,

Your suggestion about embedding a LCC within a Legacy carrier is certainly interesting and has much merit to it except for the major drawback that it won't work.

Certainly major carriers do and always will have discount pax as a significant % of their loads. That is true especially on flights of less than about 2 hours which is say about 85% of Australian passenger boardings each day. True in the US too.

It's just that the flexibility exhibited by LCCs (and yes their employees are usually not as well paid-but there are way more jobs overall) means that the legacy carriers cannot adapt and offer the across the board cost base needed to meet the competition.

Don't you think that if your idea could work then the myriad carriers worldwide being slowly eaten up by LCCs would have done it already? That may one day be the future if JQ and QF finally merge.....but not yet while the market is still really in it's adolescence.

Taking the very high density routes in and out of OOL (MEL and SYD to OOL especially). All but a tiny portion of traffic there is very price senisitive and there'd be no pax "up the front" of a legacy carrier however many there were behind the curtain.

Brand separation is the key to the LCC formula. You can leverage off the parent identity and image (as DFOs do with their full cost parents) but it takes a seperate entity to do it properly.

The proof of the pudding is there anyway....passengers now use the internet to "vote with their feet" and for the large % who are price sensitive they're choosing VB, Tiger and JQ.

Jetstar's Charter is out there in public. Doubters now have a great and visible yardstick to measure actual performance against. I think that's a great thing. We will certainly see whether they live up to it. I would find it hard to support the case that the world would be a better place had they considered such a Charter but decided NOT to offer it.

If the varying unions who make up QF's labour cost base feel that they could offer an "LCC friendly" EBA that would offer the cost and flexibility needed to effectively compete against Tiger and VB then I am sure that QF would love to look at it. Hasn't happened yet except as an actof desperation for airlines in Chapter 11 in the US but it could happen.

In the mean time, just ponder for a moment the thought of QF legacy lumbering along with it's $150,000 pa Second Officers at the lower end of their food chain while someone else's LCCs eat into the heartland of their price sensitive traffic.It wouldn't be pretty at all.....JQ may not be perfect....and almost certainly isn't....but it is way better for QF employees that any other option.

15th Feb 2010, 04:06
I think the issue with the whole Jetstar vs QF cost thing is that Jetstar uses alot of QF infrastructure for free and then QF is accused of being 'too expensive'. If Jetstar was a truly separate operation I think you will find their cost structure to be much higher than what it is. The list of 'creative accounting' would go for a few pages I imagine. This is what gets the QF staff irate.

Trent 972
15th Feb 2010, 05:48
Captain Sherm, You offer a good response, except you along with all the other dreamers, seem to think that most QF S/O’s earn $150k/annum. Just because a few of the super senior ‘Pacific S/O Barons’ may get that, in no way means that it is the norm. A midrange seniority S/O’s would need to work 1200 hours a year to make that amount. Second Officers are not present on most airline flight decks and are a cheaper compromise to operating ‘heavy’ (multiples of Capt’s and F/O’s) crews, as most other international carriers do. The only way LCC’s make money is in forward ticket sales. Come the day when that income does not cover operating costs you will be left with no option other than closure.
Unless the LCC achieves a greater prominence in higher yield fares i.e. becomes more like their 'Legacy' parent, they will have no guarantee of a long term future.
J* (in its current guise) along with Tiger, are the beginning of the end of a reliable and trustworthy airline industry, not the future that we should leave for those that follow us.

Captain Sherm
15th Feb 2010, 07:08
GA Trojan et al

The whole point is that the Qantas Group can operate a legacy carrier AND an LCC as a group cheaper than could two other entities separately. That's where it's strengths lie.

JQ actually helps support QF yields by ensuring there's a "home" within the Group for low yield traffic and second, ensures that on routes where there is only low yield traffic there's a lower cost base to ensure the Group's losses are minimized.

I am not necessarily a supporter of everything JQ and QF do and have done....and the future will be as different from today is from the past...but on this one issue, to the benefit of all QF Group employees, they have got it fairly right.

Capt Kremin
15th Feb 2010, 07:13
ga trojan has hit the nail on the head. Has anyone ever seen a independent fully audited break down Jetstar's costs? Has anyone ever seen a Jetstar tug ever pushing back a Jetstar A330? Anyone ever seen a Jetstar A330 Flight Simulator?

I'll make it simple. Even though Jetstar rents those expensive capital items from the parent, has anyone ever seen what Jetstar pays for them compared to what anyone else pays for them?

No, and you never will. Do you know why? Because it would break forever the myth of the cost base differential between QF and J*. It would expose the lie of the constant promotion of Jetstar as the saviour of mainline.

In the real world, Jetstar would pay the same as anyone else does for fuel, maintenance, air navigation charges, aircraft leasing costs, tugs, simulators etc etc with the ONE difference being crewing costs. That is not enough to make the the mythical 30% trumpeted by QF management. That is nowhere near enough.

So can we get real about this please? Some of the Jetstar posters here are suffering from hubris. One day the lie will be exposed. What goes around comes around.

Captain Sherm
15th Feb 2010, 07:21
Kremin.....slogans and slurs are no substance for real analysis. Qantas without Jetstar would be the airline version of the holocaust. Get over it

Capt Kremin
15th Feb 2010, 07:25
Real analysis?? I believe that is what I was asking for. :ugh: