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11th Feb 2010, 20:44
Here is a series of photos taken in World War Two taken on Iwo Jima, mostly of aircraft activity. Great pictures, uncensored, be warned.

Due to the graphic nature of some photos this may not be safe for work.

Picasa Web Albums - Mark - Iwo Jima (http://picasaweb.google.com/7thfighter/IwoJima?authkey=Gv1sRgCIW06db_6oth&feat=email#slideshow/5299163150448181842)

Lightning Mate
11th Feb 2010, 21:20
Absolutely unbelievable !!!!

Fantastic. From where did you get them?

11th Feb 2010, 21:44
Fantastic. From where did you get them?

Shamelessly stolen from another pilot website. :(

However, you can Google "Iwo Jima aircraft photos" and find it that way as well.

11th Feb 2010, 23:44
Great photos! Thanks!

Not Iwo Jima, but I thought they may be of some interest. Bougainville and Rabaul, when my father was in the army, somewhere around late 45' early 46' during mopping up operations...

http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/3162/dadjz7.jpg (http://img690.imageshack.us/i/dadjz7.jpg/)

tail wheel
12th Feb 2010, 00:19
Lower left photo is definately Rabaul with the volcano in the back ground.

12th Feb 2010, 12:44

Well found. :ok:

Judging by the composition and lighting of many of the photos I would say that they were taken by some of the professional photographers that the US forces used to record their activities. :D

They are a fantastic record of a deeply unpleasant time that is worth recording for posterity. :sad: