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11th Feb 2010, 09:03
I periodically check this site, previously provided by another PPRuNer

A380 production list - Planes (http://plane.spottingworld.com/A380_production_list)

From memory the QF 13th aircraft is a new entry.

So #7 2010 Q4 (Say October)
#8 2010 Q4 (Say November)
#9 2010 Q4 (Say December)
#10 2011 Q1
#11 2011 Q3
#12 2011 Q3
#13 2011 Q4 (Christmas next year)

The interesting thing on that site is the juggling of MSNs and actual confirmed delivery dates. Seems to confirm that QF has come through this downturn quite well.

Mud Skipper
11th Feb 2010, 09:06
When does the first Jetstar A380 arrive?

stubby jumbo
11th Feb 2010, 10:54
.......yeah that would be aircraft #12 for JQ.


+ the occasional Bledisloe Cup. SYD-AKL-SYD

Its a 721 seat config. No carpet. Sebel plastic seats.

Walk on -roll off-......... hose out


11th Feb 2010, 12:37
Play niceley people.

The public record suggests #13 will have no First Class seating.

It'll still have Business, Flash Economy and Economy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. A380 works in slot constrained ports.(SYD, LAX, LHR.)

Will JQ get 744?

The market will decide.