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Tosh McCaber
11th Feb 2010, 06:56
In my archives, saved over to my new(ish) computer from a very old one, I have a set of .dfx Outlook Express files, which I would like to review. I've been using Outlook for many years now. What's the easiest way to get these .dfx files up and running again?

11th Feb 2010, 07:40
".dfx" or ".dbx" files?
.dfx seem to belong to a graphics software (2D/3D images) called Drafix, purchased by Autodesk. (http://usa.autodesk.com/) Do you have such a program installed?
.dbx files open using Outlook Express, there should be such a program in your new-ish computer, you may need to install it (if not active) using the Add/remove Windows components feature in the control panel. You may be then able to migrate them to MS Outlook. I don't use Outlook (nor OE, much) so I don't know the procedure, sorry.

11th Feb 2010, 07:58
I'd go with that - could have been one of three graphics programmes Google tells me but NOT Outlook Express. If they are 'dbx' files, importing into your Outlook prog is a doddle:ok:.

If they ARE 'dfx' files, what is the name of the folder they are in? Could be some clever person 'rebranded' them to protect them?:)

Tosh McCaber
11th Feb 2010, 08:08
Hmm they are definitely described in Application Data as Outlook Express- they're definitely my own old OE files, and, on looking at a web definition:

".dbx- Outlook Express E-mail Folder- File created by Outlook Express, a Microsoft email program; contains email messages for a specific mailbox; typically saved within the "Documents and Settings" user directory; may be copied to another folder in order to backup e-mail messages.

DBX files have names corresponding to their email mailbox; for example, common names are Inbox.dbx, Sent Items.dbx, Drafts.dbx, and Deleted Items.dbx; Folders.dbx stores the master index for all the mailboxes; if it is missing, Outlook Express will re-index the mailboxes and recreate it. "

So, can I just do a straight import into Outlook? I don't want to mess up my existing Outlook files.

11th Feb 2010, 08:17
Well, being a tad cautious, I would

a) Copy them to a new folder
b) Bulk rename them to 'dbx'
c) Install OE on the new machine
d) Try an import

If successful.........................

Saab Dastard
11th Feb 2010, 11:53
Create a new OE identity and import them into that.

Have a look and if you want them in your main identity import them in there.


11th Feb 2010, 15:55
....he uses Outlook, hence the a-d suggestions?

Tosh McCaber
11th Feb 2010, 20:31
I think that I appear to have recaptured the old emails. In fact, I found that I had Outlook Express on the new computer (part of IE, I believe). I did an import, and, after a couple of gropes in the dark, so to speak, I located the right files and command boxes, and I have the old messages, or most of them.

Thanks for the replies.

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