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DX Wombat
9th Feb 2010, 12:41
I heard the following on the radio:
a greengrocer's shop (note incorrect use of the greengrocers' apostrophe) :E called "Melon-Cauli"

9th Feb 2010, 12:51

El Grifo
9th Feb 2010, 12:51
Not sure about shops, but spotted a small hotel off the strip in Pattaya, Thailand one time called "The Cockwell Inn".

Am I allowed to mention that. It is there in full sight even today.

callsign Metman
9th Feb 2010, 12:58
Walter Wall Carpets in Exeter.

Rather be Gardening
9th Feb 2010, 13:01
Central Eating in London

9th Feb 2010, 13:09
There is or was at least, a Chinese takeaway in Bray called Soon Fatt.

9th Feb 2010, 13:09
My Surname is Lord - I'd like to open a chippy called Lord of the Fries :}

9th Feb 2010, 13:10
Indian restaurant in Shirley, Birmingham - Shirley Temple.

Ditto in Putney - Holy Cow.

Nepalese restaurant in Crystal Palace - Yak & Yeti.

Lon More
9th Feb 2010, 13:10




9th Feb 2010, 13:15

9th Feb 2010, 13:24
We have a late night fast food emporium "Abra Kebabra" near us and also a hair dressers "Curl Up and Dye" (presumably nicked from The Blues Brothers).

9th Feb 2010, 13:24
I always liked "Touching Cloth" in the east end of London, a shop selling ethnic garments.

sea oxen
9th Feb 2010, 13:28

Welcome to Pen Island! The best pens on the internet! (http://www.penisland.net/)

And there's Pork Hunt Earthmoving in Queensland. Not strictly a shop, though.


9th Feb 2010, 13:32
There used to be a second hand bike shop in Edinburgh called Re-Cycle

Kelly Hopper
9th Feb 2010, 14:05
Years ago there was a barber in Plymouth called Herr Kutz.

9th Feb 2010, 14:18
Been good for a snigger for over 35 years:


.....even got a website (http://www.rsoles.com/index.html)

9th Feb 2010, 14:28
Herr Kutz is still there! or at least it was a couple of years ago, when I had the misfortune to be there visiting the in-laws.

Not shops, but Doolittle and Dalley (Wolverhampton estate agents) and my eternal favourite, Wright Hassall & Co (lawyers in Birmingham).

[Edited to add: I should clarify I have nothing against my in-laws. By "misfortune" I meant visiting Plymouth].

9th Feb 2010, 14:29
Not far from R. Soles there used (?) to be a Chinese takeaway called Ho Lee Fook:)

DX Wombat
9th Feb 2010, 14:33
Brilliant! Keep them coming and don't restrict it to shops - hotels, bars etc are all welcome but remember we did cars and other vehicles some time ago.. I had forgotten about this one -
located in ........... Shropshire. :ok:

9th Feb 2010, 14:42
In Jeddah, circa 1983.

Large bisiness sign reading...

AlWassan Establishment, Plumberments and Dentistry.

Upon inquiry, yes indeed, they sold plumbing supplies, and fixed your teeth, all in one place.

This business was right next door to...

Chicken on the Wheels, a take-out chicken restaurant, with a large sign that showed a chicken astride a large spinning wheel.

9th Feb 2010, 14:48
Wish I still had the photo....

Driviing thru Ohio someplace....pulled up to a traffic signal....stopped....and had to take the photo of the signage over the store front.

"Hooker Implements".......a farm tractor implement dealer!

Airborne Aircrew
9th Feb 2010, 14:54
Each morning and evening I drive past a canine grooming emporium appropriately named "Doggy Style"... :}

Eric T Cartman
9th Feb 2010, 14:59
"RootMaster - London's Original Vegan Bustaurant"

An oroiginal London Routemaster bus in use as a restaurant in Shoreditch.

9th Feb 2010, 15:08
A florist close to where I stayed in Germany was called Blumen Eck.

Always made me smile :)


9th Feb 2010, 15:09
There's a bar in Oregon called Wankers Corner. I have the picture somewhere. :ok:

9th Feb 2010, 15:10
Chippie near us called "The Codfather"

9th Feb 2010, 15:20
The Good Fork...


Master Bater's...
Their tagline is even 'We don't jerk you around'.

9th Feb 2010, 15:29
Gasciogne-Pees,chain of estate agents in London and Surrey

9th Feb 2010, 15:30
Hydroponics supply store in Leith - "Sunshine on Leaf"

9th Feb 2010, 15:34

Rob Courtney
9th Feb 2010, 15:45
Sandwich shop Bolton way called "Big Buns nice Baps"

9th Feb 2010, 15:53
Hairdressers called 'Curl up and Dye'.

9th Feb 2010, 15:56
Used to be an Indian takeaway in Shrewsbury called "Balti Towers".

Well, it's still there but called something else now.....

9th Feb 2010, 16:03
My wife's shop (now closed) is in this book:

Shop Horror - Funny Shop Names (http://www.shophorror.co.uk/pages/gallery.html)

Bruce Wayne
9th Feb 2010, 16:05
Walton on Thames - Indian restaurant called Khyber Pass..

Family builders in the Hounslow area.. have written on the back of their van..

Patel and Sons Builders.

"You've tried the cowboys, now try the Indians.."

9th Feb 2010, 16:15



9th Feb 2010, 16:15


9th Feb 2010, 16:18
Many hair salons in the USA call themselves "A Cut Above".

Um... lifting...
9th Feb 2010, 16:20
My b-i-l used to get his hair cut at "Avon Lake Barber Shop & Guns".

9th Feb 2010, 16:21
Censored again! :}

Lon More
9th Feb 2010, 16:29

9th Feb 2010, 16:44
Hmmmmm, so R.Soles has been done, 'Curl up and dye' as well :hmm:

Ok, how about "In and Out Burger" in the western USA (excellent burgers btw), or the English Pub just inland from Cannes, France, named 'The Queen's Legs'. This allowed one to ask "what time does the......" :} Apparently tis illegal in the UK to have a pub of said name.

A used car sales garage in the USA, where the owner (Mr Crook) used to say "With a name like mine you have to be honest"


mister hilter
9th Feb 2010, 16:57
Radar66, in your picture of the back of that van is an email address [email protected]<hidden>

This was put to music by Aussie comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson. Apparently 'dilligaf' is an acronym for 'Do I look like I give a f**k.'

9th Feb 2010, 17:00
That is correct Mister....

Loose rivets
9th Feb 2010, 17:37
"Get Stuffed." Walton on Naze. Essex. Opened by the first man to be allowed to sell fish and chips in genteel Frinton. He likes to cock a snook at convention.

(Frinton had no pub, chip vendors, or icecream sales on the beach etc., until recent years.)

Frinton is con-joined with Walton, but the two populations have eyed each other suspiciously for generations.

Union Jack
9th Feb 2010, 17:48
Nepalese restaurant in Crystal Palace - Yak & Yeti

And in Bath - Yak Yeti Yak .....:\


9th Feb 2010, 18:05
Schluderberg and Kurdle [Baltimore, Maryland]

Not so funny in itself. The name is so terrible that their products (meat, sausages, etc) go under the ESSKAY brand. They were an original sponsor of Jim Henson's Muppets, then on local TV.

9th Feb 2010, 18:12
A bed shop in Maidenhead called 'Beddy Buys'.

Along the lines of the builders van with - "You've tried the cowboys.... etc", I saw a builders van with a neatly signwritten:

"They said it couldn't be done.....
so we didn't do it"

It's been my motto ever since.

9th Feb 2010, 18:20
Old Street, London, EC1V... near Old Street tube station.

A fried-chicken establishment called: FCKF

Devilishly convenient acronym for Fried Chicken, Kebabs and Fish.

Google Streetmap (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=fckf&sll=51.522737,-0.07169&sspn=0.009453,0.027874&ie=UTF8&hq=fckf&hnear=&ll=51.526168,-0.085638&spn=0,359.972126&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.525981,-0.086031&panoid=sLVF_pRLfGn-LWDukcsF2w&cbp=12,327.17,,0,12.48)

9th Feb 2010, 18:47
One time Top End purveyor of organic fertiliser


Jimmy Macintosh
9th Feb 2010, 19:10
Hump It Removals

We'll hump anything.

9th Feb 2010, 19:48
Well hung, painter and decorator specializing in wallpapering. Apparently he was popular with local housewives :)


DX Wombat
9th Feb 2010, 19:54
Just remembered the taxi firm in Troon: In-Come Taxis

Arm out the window
9th Feb 2010, 20:02
Grocer's shop in Lorne, Australia - "Lorne Greens"

9th Feb 2010, 20:09
Chinese Resturant in north of Calexico California; Mah's Kitchen.

Juliet Sierra Papa
9th Feb 2010, 20:12
Light constuction/fencing company here in the Jo'burg area called Springbok Erections:bored:

9th Feb 2010, 20:18
'COBBLERS TO THE POPE' - shoe shop just outside the Vatican.

B Fraser
9th Feb 2010, 20:47


9th Feb 2010, 21:08
Loose Rivets - We also had a 'Get Stuffed' near RAF Coningsby. The owner wanted to set up a steak house in his bungalow but the neighbours objected. When planning permission was eventually given he planted a large name sign facing the objector's home - "Get Stuffed".

Not so far away in Lincoln is a Chinese take away called 'Legal Food'. The owner actually wanted to call it Regal Food but made the mistake of placing the order with the signwriter by phone.

9th Feb 2010, 21:53
The Dynasty Chinese in Chesterfield made the mistake of having its gable-end sign painted in Winter. Come spring ,encroaching foliage transforned it into "nasty Chinese Restaurant"

9th Feb 2010, 22:02
Legal Sea Food is a small chain of better-than-average sea food restaurants, mostly in the Boston area. They have a few restaurants in the New York City area and around Washington, DC. Google for their Web site.

Lon More
9th Feb 2010, 22:09





9th Feb 2010, 22:42
DX, I saw a different shop in Nokin...it was a little bit bigger....:ok:

10th Feb 2010, 00:52
There was once a restaurant somewhere in England, a partnership of
a couple whose surnames were Cohen and Wong. The name they chose
for their enterprise was -


As a google search will confirm there was once in North Hobart a Chinese
laundry -


But an all time favourite has to be a little sign that used to hang above a doorway on the Pacific Highway in North Sydney in the mid fifties reading -


10th Feb 2010, 01:42
This business may have to think a bit before expanding into an English speaking country.:}

10th Feb 2010, 04:18
Local knife sharpening business is Top Edge.

10th Feb 2010, 04:30
In Abu Dhabi,

Butt Sweet Shop
Green Meat and Poultry Company
2 Star Restaurant
Al Muttafuq Restaurant and
Golden Shower Saloon
There are many saloons { salons ] in the UAE.

In Darwin in the 70s and 80s there was a nightclub called Dix and a sandwich shop called Boobies, and another establishment called Fannies. I believe they were all owned by the same person.

10th Feb 2010, 05:50
Just up the road there's a fish and chip shop named "The Cod Almighty" which attracted a lot of attention when it opened because a group of locals with strong religious beliefs deemed the name "blasphemous" :confused::confused:

10th Feb 2010, 07:31
A launderette in London called Wishee Washie Splishee Sploshee Washee Nickee Vellee Quickee.

10th Feb 2010, 07:42
A shop in North Sydney, Australia, selling bed linen

name of shop


(I'm easily amused)


10th Feb 2010, 08:00
Similar name in Balmain, SY - Holy Sheet - bed linen shop.....

Pet shop in Enmore - 'Fish and Cheeps'...


10th Feb 2010, 08:19
In the USA, in Colorado there is the Ski Resort of Beaver Creek.

The Off-licence is called Beaver Liquors, and they sell various mementos which can be found here (http://beaverliquors.com/beaver-apparel-for-men-and-women/apparel.html/)

[Sorry can't manage to post images]

10th Feb 2010, 10:02
In Singapore

The lifting shirt company
Choo poo supermarket
Gin wee cafe
Smile dental company
Moral home for the elderly (genuine actually)

Wong fook hing book store!!! from I know not where


10th Feb 2010, 10:25
There's a little cafe down the road called the 'Via Agra'...

The best one I saw was a Thai restaurant in Sydney called the 'Thai Tanic'!

10th Feb 2010, 10:46
Smile dental company

Then there was the dentist's number plate - UCMEB4DK

10th Feb 2010, 11:24

10th Feb 2010, 11:36
Throughout the 1980's there was a florist and gift shop in Boroko, Port Moresby called the Golden Shower Flower and Gift Shop.

Sadly it had gone by the mid nineties

10th Feb 2010, 11:58

Unfortunate name for a shop selling ladies clothes and 'intimate apparel'.

keyboard flier
10th Feb 2010, 12:32
Many years ago saw a builders van purportedly the firm was called Bodgit & Scarper

10th Feb 2010, 12:48
In the Durham area there is an Asian flooring contractor whose name I have forgotten but is of obvious Indian origin.

His logo on the van is:

"You have tried the cowboys now use the Indian"

Well I thought it was amusing anyway!

10th Feb 2010, 13:30
Around South Australia

Steeplejacks and scaffolders: Erection Services 'We'll Stick It Up Anywhere'

Builder's van: 'Most jobs too large or small'

Plumber: 23 1/2 Hour Service

(which had the effect of making the guy look incredibly dedicated.)

10th Feb 2010, 13:37
Fetish clothing shop in Plymouth....."Westward Bound" ;)

Ten West
10th Feb 2010, 13:41
I've always fancied opening an Irish-Indian restaurant and calling it...

"Bombay Mick's" :ok:

Or how about an Radical Islamic fashion shop?

"Does my bomb look big in this?" :p

10th Feb 2010, 13:48
Telling it like it is, Wolseley, Sth Aust:

"Need a house or shed moved?
Contact Wolseley House And Shed Movers"

Lon More
10th Feb 2010, 14:02
Maybe Clinton shopped here?


Lightning Mate
10th Feb 2010, 15:07
The Scots amongst you might like this one:


10th Feb 2010, 15:33
"How Tai Fook Jewellery"

Buy her an intimate piercing? :E

jez d
10th Feb 2010, 15:51
Not shop names, but advertising slogans I particlularly enjoyed.

Outside a camping shop somewhere in the Midlands:

"This is the winter of our discount tents."

A friend adorned his kebab van with the slogan:

"We're all over the place."

And outside the the Kings Arms pub in north Dorset:

"Customers wanted. No experience required."

10th Feb 2010, 16:04
On Upper Changi Road in Singapore there was a dentists called Fang's Dental Surgery.

10th Feb 2010, 16:37
I'd like to open a take away near Sellafield...

I'd call it 'Fission Chips'

10th Feb 2010, 17:51



10th Feb 2010, 18:02
Walked past one in Stlybridge earlier today;

Witzend art gallery.

10th Feb 2010, 18:53
Brought to you by the law firm of:

Dewey, Cheatum, and How!

10th Feb 2010, 18:54
Found in a nearby town:

Valley Radiator Repair
"Great place to take a leak"

10th Feb 2010, 18:57
Solicitors actual nameplate: Beane, Gawne & Dunnett

henry crun
10th Feb 2010, 21:12
Many years ago there was a postcard in a shop window in Soho that read
"Erection and demolition expert, ring Rosie on...........".

Mike Whiskey Romeo
10th Feb 2010, 21:34
Scaffolders van carrying the slogan "for a quality erection"


10th Feb 2010, 21:35
Two students I knew on an Accountancy course at Uni years ago had amazing names for accountants: Always thought they should have formed a partnership.... Crook & Swindells.

Fittingly perhaps, one is now CEO of Provident Financial - the high-cost, doorstep lending bank!

10th Feb 2010, 21:55
In Sydney in the sixties two prominent players in general aviation and particularly big in helicopters were Bryce Killen and Frank Minjoy.

They toyed with the idea of registering a new business name or company -


11th Feb 2010, 03:26
Not far from here was a Chinese Restaurant on the Hawkesbury river called the .. Pork Hunt....:ok:

Made me smile every time I went past it:}

11th Feb 2010, 04:06
..or.......an combined Asian and Arab Restaurant.

Wok Like and Egyptian

Lon More
11th Feb 2010, 08:51
or a Chinese Restaurant and Dog Walking establishment

"101 ways to wok your dog"

11th Feb 2010, 09:49
Knew a dentist called Paul Nash.

We called him Nash, the teeth.

11th Feb 2010, 10:22
Exclusive shop in Liverpool:


Adam Nams
11th Feb 2010, 11:42
Just back from a visit to Shenzhen I saw "Yuan Wang Car" dealership.

.......... and they have a website (dot com).

11th Feb 2010, 13:27
There is a hairdresser in Stavanger called,

"You're beautiful. But what's with the hair?"

I guess signwriters there don't charge by the letter.

11th Feb 2010, 13:51
I recently visited the new shopping area in Liverpool, called 'Liverpool One'

The 2 Liverpool football clubs have Supporters shops

The Liverpool FC shop has no particular name

However, the Everton shop is called 'Everton Two'

I wondered why for a while, but then realised the address would always be:

Everton Two, Liverpool One !! Typical Scouse humour.

11th Feb 2010, 22:46
Says it all really

11th Feb 2010, 22:57

11th Feb 2010, 23:17
Speaking of chicken wings, I remember a place on the US East Coast called;


11th Feb 2010, 23:29
Food shop/bar just outside the Pearce airbase in Western Australia is named: Do Duck Inn

A A Gruntpuddock
12th Feb 2010, 04:21
Used to be a mobile pet grooming company in our area called 'Doggy Style' ....

12th Feb 2010, 05:23
Mobile catering service in the Blue Mountains (Australia) "Grillers in the Mist".


Back to Post # 1 and deeply into pedant's [pedants'??] corner):

a greengrocer's shop (note incorrect use of the greengrocers' apostrophe) a (singular) greengrocer's (singular) shop. That looks grammatically correct to me.


Driving school in Dubai (still operating); Khar Bash Driving School.

Rhett Oracle
12th Feb 2010, 06:07

Pet shop in Seattle

12th Feb 2010, 07:23
Sandwich shop at busy roundabout in Cardiff:
"Baghetti Junction"

Ascend Charlie
12th Feb 2010, 09:40
An Indonesian noodle shop in Sydney - their word for noodles is Bahkmie and the retaurant has a bucking big sign saying "BUCK ME!"

an Indian restaurant called Geddit India

12th Feb 2010, 12:56
There's a Chinese restaurant in Nottingham called Man Ho.

Wonder if Deuce Bigalow eats there?

DX Wombat
12th Feb 2010, 13:18
That looks grammatically correct to me.MTOW it is correct and that's the whole point. :E Greengrocers are notorious for their incorrect use of the apostrophe (pear's, apple's, carrot's etc) so I was using an incorrect version of the greengrocers' apostrophe. :} Got it? :hmm:

12th Feb 2010, 15:10
Quick thinking there, DX; I'm impressed. ;)

12th Feb 2010, 18:55
Know it well..

Food was cheap, but some of the best chinese food i have tasted by far.:ok:

Dave Clarke Fife
12th Feb 2010, 18:55
It's really Mega Flicks but hey what the heck.................................


and this one is wrong on many levels...............................................


Juliet Sierra Papa
12th Feb 2010, 19:41
I saw this shop in Dar es Salaam



flying lid
12th Feb 2010, 19:57
Not the real names - but at these establishments, in sunny Wigan, their real names are never used.

Local chinese takeaway is known as "effing elsie's", as the chinese lady allways says, when handing over your order, "effing else ?" (anything else).

Also widely known is the Indian restraunt, "Sweaty Betty's" - The cook is Indian, the husband of the delightful 18 stone waiter / bouncer, Betty. Great currys though.

While in Wigan, try the "Boilt ham sandwiches" from the Officers club, or book "2 weeks in Grease, full bored" from Thomas Cooks. (both seen placarded recently !!).


Sir George Cayley
12th Feb 2010, 20:18
Our local window cleaner's van proclaims his proud name...

Seymour Clearly:ok:

When Bill Clinton visited Birmingham UK at the end of his Presidency an hairdresser was forced to cover the shop name...

Swallows :eek: Can't think why.

Sir George Cayley

12th Feb 2010, 22:47
flying lid
Don't forst "Sore finger"...salt and vinegar....:ok:

16th Feb 2010, 08:19





tea & bikkies
16th Feb 2010, 10:26
In Darwhine


16th Feb 2010, 10:40
Those well known solicitors on Tyneside, Hadaway and Shyte.

Think this may be urban myth, but its funny if you speak Geordie.

Seen on a billboard outside a place of worship was a sign saying

'CH CH - Whats missing?'

When I eventually got the message I did concede it was rather clever.


16th Feb 2010, 13:20
On a lorry on the M4 this morning 'Eat Healthy British Chicken'
As if I'd want to eat an unhealthy one! (although it needs to be dead and cooked)

Or the establishment in Geneva 'Sex Club with Live Girls!'
You would be really perverted if you wanted dead ones.

16th Feb 2010, 14:18
Used to be a Hairdresser/Barber shop called Hansel and Gretal (with an A). the owner did good business on [email protected]<hidden> calling in to tell him the spelling was wrong.


16th Feb 2010, 14:23
I dealt with a haulage mob, long gone now, named punctillious pullage. I always thought that was a good one, if aimed slightly over the targets's heads.

16th Feb 2010, 14:38
Addresses in Abu Dhabi are simply the building name and the road name. Some buildings have a front entrance and a back entrance. The Al Mahairy building is one of those. Always wanted to jump into a cab and say, "Al Mahairy backside, please."

Never did, so I said it here.:p

16th Feb 2010, 19:21
The "Copshop" at Sheffield Airport (Police Traffic Dept. and Air Support Unit) was appropriately based on.... LETSBY AVENUE.

18th Feb 2010, 13:14

18th Feb 2010, 13:42
A former police house in Thorney was bought privately and and is now named "The Copse"

Noah Zark.
18th Feb 2010, 16:59
The local purveyor of fish and chips in my locale has two emporiums. One is named "Codraphenia", and the other is "New Cod on the Block".

Whiskey Papa
18th Feb 2010, 19:05
A men's hairdressers in Cradley Heath (the heart of the Black Country, well known for it's incomprehensible dialect) has a sign saying "English spoke"


Runaround Valve
19th Feb 2010, 02:03
The suburb that I live in has on the main street a dry cleaners, a bait and tackle shop and a pet shop. These are adjacent shops.
Some years ago [it is gone now] on the wall in the side street of the dry cleaners was a sign which read,

Drop your pants,
Check your rod,
Pick your bird.

20th Feb 2010, 00:34
The memory as to the precise location escapes me, but I once encountered a shop in a tourist area that had a list of languages 'spoken' each in its own language (such as Ici on parle Francais etc) which included English spoken here and We also understand American . . .

20th Feb 2010, 00:58
Remember reading in the paper a few years ago about an asian chap that was taken to court for trademark infringement (or similar) by a well known chain of Fish and Chip restaurants...

the name of his establishment?

Harry Ramadan's.

IIRC the judge decided there was no case to answer, as noone would confuse Harry Ramsdens with Harry Ramadans. :ok:

20th Feb 2010, 03:01
Certainly when I moved from Alhaurin el Grande in southern Spain there was an Asian run chippie called Ali Rumsdens.

A little further south in Fuengirola there was a supermarket called Spainsburys and a bar called Heatherspoons. The guy bought a bar and named it after his wife Heather and was then sued by Weatherspoons. I never heard the outcome of the court case but I do believe the bar is still trading under that name.

20th Feb 2010, 13:03
Also, there's the various court cases instigated by McDonalds over use of 'their' name.

Never could see why they imagined anyone would want to be mistaken for one of their outlets.

Lon More
20th Feb 2010, 13:43

They even deliver now.

Lon More
24th Feb 2010, 21:30

25th Feb 2010, 02:03
Signs spotted on a motorway



17th Apr 2010, 22:36
Many years ago, in an unnamed South American country, the company I worked for had a plantation manager whose surname was Blight.

17th Apr 2010, 23:40
Our Taipei 'agent' traded under the names 'Genuine' and 'Original' - thus his 'products' were shipped (and sold) as Genuine and Original replacement parts. They were, in fact, what is known as 'pattern' parts (or pirated - ie non-original and not approved by the original manufacturer and therefore not genuine.
We were supplying him with the processed material for brake linings which he was packaging and selling under his own brands (as above).
During my meeting with him he 'offered' to reproduce any manufacturer's packaging precisely such that it would be indistinguishable from the original.

17th Apr 2010, 23:48
Pardon the thread drift:

In my suburb of Washington, DC, we have many Hispanic immigrants and restaurants which serve them. I understand that one such restaurant has a card in the window - "English Spoken".

pilotboy 95
17th Apr 2010, 23:57
on a holiday in fuengirola, Spain. I saw a small food shop

"spainsburys, the English supermarket,"

(with the font written with the union jack colours)

Lon More
18th Apr 2010, 07:49


24th Nov 2010, 12:06
A vegetarian restaurant in Malvern, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia is called:

We Know FOOD Backwards

24th Nov 2010, 16:31

'Boofy's, The Codfather of Sole' chippy on Barry Island.

There used to be a bakery/sandwich shop in Highworth called 'Floury Baps'.

25th Nov 2010, 21:48
Many years ago when mergers were all the rage in the computer industry there was suggestion that Honeywell and Fairchild should combine. Their new name Fairwell Honeychild.

Purveyors of "big iron" were also known as IBM and the Bunch. The "Bunch" being Burroughs, Univac, NCR, Control Data and Honeywell.

Sir George Cayley
25th Nov 2010, 22:36
French airlines Corse Air and Air Inter broke off merger talks when the new name was picked.:ok:

On the back of a fencing companies van "A firm erection guaranteed"

On Clintons trip to the UK his motorcade was due to travel up the A41 to Birmingham Airport where AF 1 awaited. It was just after Lewinskigate.
A local hairdressers shop sign had to be covered up -"Swallows"

Supermarket in Dubai - Jescos


25th Nov 2010, 23:56
Supermarket in Dubai - Jescos

Ditto, a good few years ago, a proposed supermarket on the site of the old Spandau prison in Berlin. With reference to the final occupant, locally known as...


26th Nov 2010, 00:31
Transport Cafe Trailer about a mile away "Big Baps" - Never checked!

On a lamp post on Manchester Road - two signs "Middleton Cemetery" and "No Heavy Loads"

Down Hyde - Dry Cleaners - Limited Time Pensioners' Offer - next door - the undertakers!

All 100% genuine

26th Nov 2010, 03:30
Tibetan restaurant in Anchorage: "Yak And Yeti"

26th Nov 2010, 07:55
Solicitors office nameplate: "Beane, Gawne & Dunnett"

26th Nov 2010, 08:38
Used to be (circa 1990) an estate agents in Redhill "Grabbit & Floggit".
On Lower Marsh outside Waterloo station, Chinese take-away "Wok You Like".
When I lived in Boscombe in the late '60s I used to have my hair cut at "Hairmale".

26th Nov 2010, 09:25

The barber shop outside the main gate at Boscombe Down is now called 'Aircuts'.

Mel Effluent
26th Nov 2010, 09:53
And for Spanish food, I liked the "Cafe Ole!"

cockney steve
26th Nov 2010, 13:03
Union Street, Oldham, SKIDMORE'S cycles has given me a smile for over 35 years.

Effluent Man
26th Nov 2010, 13:11
Junk shop near Diss,Norfolk. "Den of Antiquity"

26th Nov 2010, 13:23
There was one in Tidworth called 'Junk and Disorderly'.

26th Nov 2010, 13:56
Many moons ago there was a dentist in Stalybridge who went by the name of Mr Payne and very appropriately lived at Tooth Acres.

26th Nov 2010, 14:42
I can STILL remember Mr Payne. Nice bloke actually.

26th Nov 2010, 15:56
Pleased to see the Kidderminster estate agents Doolittle and Dalley which I remember from when I was a kid are still trading.

Wonder if they've sold any houses yet?

spInY nORmAn
27th Nov 2010, 00:21
Edinburgh - late 60's

Frank Seymour, Optician


30th Nov 2010, 20:14
In Macclesfield Cheshire is an underwear shop called "Thong in Cheek" and in Withington Manchester there was a butchers shop, the owners name above the shop read " R.SUNTER" he changed it later to "Robert Sunter" another shop with an odd name was in Stroud, Gloucestershire called "The Slippery Nipple" a can't remember what they sold, I can only immagine!

Dave Clarke Fife
30th Nov 2010, 21:34
Solicitors in Leamington Spa.................................Wright Hassell

Wright Hassall Solicitors. Quality legal advice. (http://www.wrighthassall.co.uk/)

30th Nov 2010, 22:15
Years ago came upon a gentleman named “Al” in the boating- marine repair business. His business card read:

“Al’s boatworks
…………………. and yours can too.”

Now that’s clever; sadly he is no longer in business :(

30th Nov 2010, 22:43
An 'assigned' name for the estate agents Bairstow, Eves & Son was Bastards, Thieves & Scum.

Allegedly, it started when a 'happy' customer wrote them a cheque in that name and it went all the way to their bank before being spotted.

1st Dec 2010, 11:33
There Is A Shop In North Sydney Which Specialises In Bed Linen. Name Of Shop Is

Holy Sheet

Always Makes Me Smile :o


Ron Manager
1st Dec 2010, 12:02
A mobile snack wagon in Bath at the height of the Antipodean pop invasion was called "Jason's Donner Van".

Mike X
1st Dec 2010, 15:13
There Is A Shop In North Sydney Which Specialises In Bed Linen. Name Of Shop Is

Holy SheetHere in the good ole RSA it's named Sheet Street.

www.sheetstreet.co.za/ (http://www.pprune.org/www.sheetstreet.co.za/)

1st Dec 2010, 18:47
One of the Chinese takeaway in Antwerp is called the "Foek Mee"........

2nd Dec 2010, 08:48
There was a tanning salon in the sleepy south Lincolnshire town of Bourne which owned by and called...

Tanya Hyde :ugh:

61 Lafite
2nd Dec 2010, 09:02
A door shop in Hertfordshire was (is?) called...

Er In Doors

2nd Dec 2010, 13:12
One with an aviation content:

The purveyor of sandwiches and snacks at the heliport in Great Yarmouth used to be ....................Choppers.

Not sure if it is still there (the heliport won't be for much longer )

Lon More
2nd Dec 2010, 13:38
Saw a sign years ago on a butchers in the Midwest, B. Ture Meats

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