View Full Version : GPS with integral PCAS?

8th Feb 2010, 23:56
Do any of the plethora of portable GPS units on the market today have it's own inbuilt PCAS for collision avoidance?

I know some GPS units can be connected to a PCAS unit to display this, but an all-in-one unit would be ideal.

If not yet, I bet this is the next development.

9th Feb 2010, 08:53
I don't know of any.

If would create interesting dilema's of where to position it. Best view of outside is best for the pcas, but probably places the gps screen in the most possible sunlight and further away from your eyes making it harder to see and read.

A bit like a tv/vcr combo I suppose. Trouble is most people prefered to buy seperate ones of those, and it never really caught on.

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