View Full Version : Ryanair Stansted-Contact Details?

7th Feb 2010, 12:44
Hey everyone,

Could someone please give me details on who to contact at Ryanair Engineering at London Stansted?

The college that I have applied to has mentioned that they work with Ryanair, and i'm intrigued to know more about FR employing apprentices.

Kind Regards,


9th Feb 2010, 11:41
The last time I was at Stansted, they didn't have a very professional set-up, just a small office tucked away off-site. The Line Manager was an example of someone promoted above his position, may be a good engineer but couldn't even tie his own shoe laces, and didn't own a shirt and tie. However, with the failure of SR Tecniks, they may have talked themselves into the offices down by the Diamond Hangar.

As an experienced Engineer, Ryanair is a no-go zone for me, too many short-cuts and penny-pincing by the management. Some of my old work colleagues went there, and were enjoying it when I last spoke to them, but they were young and single, without the pressure of responsibilty of CRS. So as a trainee, go there for a year or two, but have an exit plan so that you can get out into the real world and see life.

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