View Full Version : Elvington

4th Feb 2010, 10:22
Trying to find out what Elvington Park Ltd's plans are for Elvington airfield.
Have heard they are trying to get it licensed. Anyone know anything?

4th Feb 2010, 11:28
Only this
PublicAccess v7.4 @<hidden> City Of York Council: Application Details (04/04316/FULM) (http://planning.york.gov.uk/tdc/DcApplication/application_detailview.aspx?keyval=I8EQ15SJO3000&searchtype=PROPERTY&module)=

5th Feb 2010, 12:10
Trying their best then

md 600 driver
6th Feb 2010, 23:04
i had the same case officer 2 years ago for my new house build he was a real pain in the ass he doesnt like anything happening in the green belt

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