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3rd Feb 2010, 08:05
Anyone know where I can download a diagram of the wing refuel panel for a B747-400, plus a brief description of how to set the panel up ?


3rd Feb 2010, 10:16
Maintenace Manual Servicing chapter. (Looking for the same thing for MD-11 ...no joy up to now. Seems to be the best kept secret in the world.)

3rd Feb 2010, 13:18
A basic description is given in the Maintenance Manual Ch 28-21-00, but why on earth would you want this information if you weren't a refueller or engineer (who should already have access to this information)?

The easiest way to fuel a 744 is to do it automatically. i.e. Make sure that all the manual refuel valve switches are in the CLOSED position, then dial in the required fuel load (total) using the thumbwheels, then push the Preselect Switch upwards for a second or two (ensuring the required total fuel value is transferred to the Preselect Window (digital display), then select the ALL VALVES control switch to "OPEN". Then wait for the aircraft to do its job (but monitor the tank quantity displays for excessive imbalances).

Sorry, all the diagrams I have are copyrighted.

3rd Feb 2010, 14:39

As far as I am and the MD-11 (or any other aircraft ) is concerned: Because it is part of the fuel sytem, because it is a panel on my airplane with controls/indicators what is nice to now ( at least at basic level), because sometime somwhere at a remote airport I will have to assist with refueling, ... etc.
This kind of thinking was adopted when Boeing and MD compiled their 737/MD-80 manuals with a short description/drawing of the refueling panel.

5th Feb 2010, 02:36
My apologies. I assumed there would be something in the flight manuals about this.. and similar requests often come from Flight Simulator enthusiasts ; )

I don't know about the MD11 panel, but I can't imagine anyone running a 747-400 panel without hands-on training.... There are simply too many system quirks and things which can go wrong. Even people who have been trained will need refresher courses if they haven't been exposed to this on a regular basis.

You should probably consult your training department or, failing that, allow yourself some extra time during the walkaround to climb up on the refuelling truck with a trained operator.